Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 442

Kogoro Mouri knocked Yuanzi's head lightly, and said, "You girl, what nonsense are you talking about again."

If you let your baby girl know, the picture will feel terrible even after thinking about it.

Although just when he was stroking the absolute realm of the garden, Kogoro Mouri was a little moved.

But in the face of the girl's confession, Kogoro Mori still refused.

At least, it's not the time yet, and now the mother and daughter are flying, maybe the harem hasn't opened yet.

It's a pity that the garden is full of the girl's unique vitality. Faced with rejection, she was not discouraged, but vowed to speak: "One day, I will let Uncle Maori be my boyfriend obediently."

This was only exchanged for Moori Kogoro's finger collapse.

At this moment, Xiaolan and Conan finally arrived. Conan just made a mistake and took Xiaolan to the place where he sold pets on the second floor, so that he came now.

Yuanzi's face changed immediately upon seeing this, and he dared not to pester Kogoro Moori any more, and immediately rushed towards Xiaolan with a frightened expression.

Sure enough, women are born acting!

The two women hugged each other tightly, and Xiaolan said with concern: "Yuanzi, are you injured? Are you injured seriously?"

Yuanzi shook his head and cried: "Xiao Lan, I really almost missed you. Fortunately, Uncle Maori saved me. Otherwise, I would die in the hands of that perverted man!"

Conan ran up to observe the man lying on the glass cabinet groaning constantly. The man wearing the windbreaker was really a security uniform, which was really hit by Uncle Maori.

Soon, Matsumoto watched, Officer Megumi and others led the team and rushed over.

Kogoro Mouri said about the situation here. Police Matsumoto couldn't help but wipe the sweat from his forehead and whispered: "Detective Moori, I really want to thank you this time, otherwise the Suzuki family's youngest daughter will die here. , Then Tokyo will be shaken three times."

Mouri Kogoro smiled: "This is what I should do. Yuanzi is also my niece, this is nothing!"

Police watcher Matsumoto turned his head and looked at Officer Mugure: "Mgure, take care of the matter here, and I will deal with reporters outside first!"

"Hi!" Police Officer Megumi nodded, and Police Officer Matsumoto turned and walked outside.

As soon as Matsumoto Jingshi left, Officer Mumu relaxed, and said with a smile: "You really have you, brother Maori, come to my house tonight, if you don't get drunk and don't return!"

Hearing this Xiaolan turned around and looked at Officer Mumu, "Officer Mumu, is my father going to be a guest at your house tonight? Can I go too?"

Mikako Sato also opened his mouth and said: "Detective Megume, you are too stingy, just ask Kogoro alone, I am your subordinate, but I have never visited your house once!"

Xiaolan frowned when she heard Sato Miwako calling her father so intimately.

Officer Mumu touched his head and said with a smile: "Of course it's okay, welcome!"

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Yuanzi raised her little hand and said, "I want to go too."

Xiao Lan opened the mouth and said, "Yuanzi, you are hurt so badly. It is important to go home and rest."

Hearing this, Yuanzi looked at her frustration and nodded.

Officer Megome took Officer Sato to carry out the aftermath at the scene, while Moori Kogoro and others left.

When they walked out of the gate on the first floor of the Peihu Shopping Mall, the spotlight was immediately lit, and reporters' inquiries continued to sound.

"Detective Maori, I heard that you broke the murder case again. Can you tell me the details?"

"Maori detective, what does the gangster look like? I heard you subdued it yourself."

"Excuse me, what do you want to say about getting the title of God of Reasoning?"


Mouri Kogoro reacted extremely quickly, and he immediately hugged Xiao Lan in his arms. He didn't want Xiao Lan's face to be exposed to criminals.

As for Conan, he ran around with his head for fear of being photographed.

The garden was taken back by the Suzuki housekeeper a long time ago.

The Maori group quickly escaped from the reporter's siege under the cover of police officers.

Wrapped for a while, the three of them walked on the next block. Xiaolan in her arms couldn't help but speak with a little red face: "Dad, you're going to be on TV newspaper again."

Maori Kogoro scraped Xiaolan's Qiong nose, and said with a smile: "The most important thing to be a detective is to keep a low profile. These useless nicknames will only be favored by little kids."

Hearing this, Conan walking in front was full of black lines on his forehead, always feeling that he was talking about himself.

But when Conan thought that he hadn't appeared in newspapers for almost half a year, Tokyo almost forgot that there was a high school student detective Shinichi Kudo.

Thinking of this Conan's face could not help but a faint sadness appeared.

"Let's go, it's a rare leisurely weekend. Today, Dad will go shopping with you, Xiaolan, don't hesitate to say what you want to buy, and then we will visit Police Officer Mumu's house together."


Xiaolan's eyes lit up when Conan didn't pay attention, and kissed Kogoro Moori's face, and Qiao's face immediately showed a satisfied smile.

She hugged Moori Kogoro's body closer and closer, and everyone else would think it was a couple, not a father and daughter.


Happy times always go by quickly, Moyo Kogoro Mouri received a call from Officer Megome at about four in the afternoon.

He has finished his get off work and is on his way home with Officer Sato.

Unless there is a case on weekends, the police usually do not go to work, but obviously in this criminal Tokyo, working overtime is the norm.

Officer Mumu and they are also busy.

Mouri Kogoro drove Xiaolan and Conan in the car, and according to the address given by Officer Megume, he soon arrived at a high-end residential area in Sanmachi, Mihua City.

He originally wanted to send Conan back, but the kid was so stubborn that he couldn't get out of the car. In desperation, Mouri Kogoro could only take him to the banquet.

I just hope that Conan will not stimulate his calamity attribute this time.

As soon as Kogoro Moori rang the doorbell, Officer Megome opened the door, and he walked in to welcome the crowd with a smile on his face.

As soon as he entered the living room, Kogoro Mouri saw the short-haired and beautiful milf Mumeruzu who met at Sayuri's wedding last time.

At this moment, she and Miwako are sitting on the tatami in the living room, and they are talking enthusiastically, completely losing their arrogance last time.

Mumu Green was wearing home clothes, a red shirt, and yellow pants, and his naturally reddish face showed the charm of a mature woman.

She put her little hand on Miwako's shoulder, as if she was joking with Miwako, and Miwako showed an uncharacteristically restrained look.

Even if it was the second time, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help being a little surprised, how could such a young woman marry Police Officer Megumi.