Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 444

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "Mikako's wishful thinking is wrong. I want to drink too. Don't you dare to say that you want to drive drunk in front of you policemen."

"At that time, let Xiaolan drive. Fortunately, Xiaolan has already passed the driver's license test."

Everyone sat down while they were talking, with mats on the tatami.

But this low table is not big and can only sit two people on one side.

As soon as Mouri Kogoro sat down, Oran sat beside him.

And Mikako immediately chose to sit down on the other side of Kogoro Mouri, and Meguro sat beside Mikako with a smile on his face.

She glanced at Mumu Shisan who was still standing, and quickly said, "I'm not pouring wine yet."

Officer Mumu hurriedly took a cup to pour a good drink for Mumulu, this scene made everyone laugh secretly.

Conan, who had nowhere to go, could only sit next to Officer Mumu, with his eyes wide open, observing Officer Mumu and his wife secretly.

Mumu Green turned his head and looked at Sato Mikako, and said, "Mikako, it’s really rare for a beautiful woman like you to be a policeman. Later, you have to tell me about the interesting case you knocked down when you were a policeman. I am I am most interested."

Officer Mumu couldn't help but narrowed his mouth when he heard this. He was interested in the case that the police knocked down. What kind of joke, isn't it the most annoying case?

Meguro Green's body gently leaned toward Sato Mikako, aggressively, while Sato Mikako's body retreated towards Moori Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but twitch his eyes, always feeling like his woman was being molested.

This Mumu Green is really a lesbian, so why marrying Officer Mumu, don't understand!

Everyone was seated and the drinks were filled.

Sato Mikako couldn't help but said, "Detective Megume, have you been wearing a hat when you come home? Why don't you take it off after eating."

Upon hearing this, Officer Megome took off the khaki hat from his head.

Mouri Kogoro was surprised to find that there were no scars on the forehead of Officer Megumi, but the hair volume was a little scarce. It seemed that he was wearing a hat to cover up this.

He also noticed that Mu Mulu on the side also had no scars on his forehead.

In other words, neither of them suffered any head injuries, nor did they encounter the consecutive collisions of female high school students 20 years ago.

It's really messy!

However, Kogoro Mouri didn't think about the matter of Police Officer Megumi and his wife anymore, after all, he was almost out of protection.

Meihezi's body kept leaning toward her, and the cold light in Xiaolan's eyes shone more and more.

At this time, Mouri Kogoro's big hand directly grasped Koran's smooth jig under the table.

Xiao Lan couldn't help panicking, the coldness in her eyes immediately disappeared, her small face turned reddish, she looked at everyone on the table in panic, her head lowered.

Item 0150

Mouri Kogoro only felt the smoothness and softness of his hands, and he could not help but touch it gently.

None of the people here noticed.

Officer Mumu even repeatedly invited: "Brother Maori, thank you so much for this while, come, let's have a drink."

Mouri Kogoro then withdrew his big hand and raised his glass.

Mumulu on the side said, "Oh, let you men drink, where do you put me and Miwako."

Officer Mumu immediately smiled and said, "Yes, yes, everyone has a toast, Conan and Xiaolan, you guys drink juice!"

Everyone lifted the cups and clinked glasses!

The dinner officially began, and the atmosphere in the room continued to rise.

Officer Megome took a sip of the wine and looked contented, and Kogoro Mouri nodded as well. This wine was considered very good to Kogoro Mouri.

In Japan, where sake or rice wine of 20 to 30 degrees is generally consumed, the degree of this foreign liquor of Police Officer Megume should be more than 40 degrees.

Miwako immediately blushed after drinking a cup, and she was so beautiful.

The amount of Mumu Green wine on the side was obviously better than the others, and after drinking, his face was not red and breathless.

According to Kogoro Mori, Meguro's alcohol volume was the best among the other three drinking.

Seeing Miwako's blushing face, Mumulu quickly reached out to stroke Miwako's back, and said, "Don't drink so quickly! It's all up."

Mouri Kogoro suddenly felt a little upset, no matter how he felt like he was taking advantage of Mi Kazuko.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but whispered to Xiao Lan, "Xiao Lan, Mrs. Mumu didn't do anything to you in the kitchen just now, right?"

After listening, Xiaolan shook her head, looking confused.

Mouri Kogoro felt relieved when he heard that there was no.

And the police officer on the opposite side called Mumu again, and the two drank again.


After three rounds of wine, I have to say that Mumulu's cooking skills are indeed excellent. According to the system's classification, there should be a Consummation level, and everyone is satisfied.

However, it is obvious that both Officer Megume and Mikako Sato are drunk, their faces are full of intoxication.

The drunk Miwa is very courageous, with a smile on her pretty face, her jade arms resting on the edge of the table, her delicate face facing Kogoro Mori, her purple eyes staring at his face tightly, and she keeps muttering Muttered: "I am so happy! I am so happy!"

"Kogoro, do you know why I am happy?"

Maori Kogoro's heartbeat speeded up immediately, and he knew that Xiaolan next to him was staring at him without looking back.

Soon, pain came from his waist, and Xiaolan, who had practiced the guidance technique, was obviously able to pinch Moori Kogoro.

The cold sweat fell on Kogoro Mouri's forehead, and he said with trembling lips, "Because of what?"

Mikako Sato smiled sweetly, lowered her head like a little girl and said shyly: "I won't tell you!"

Oh my little heart!You were almost scared to death by Miwako!Miwako, you are so naughty!

Mouri Kogoro reluctantly breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly picked up a glass of wine and drank it in shock.

Miwako looked up again, her purple eyes shining brightly: "Kogoro, you must really want to know, right?"

Mouri Kogoro's heart suddenly raised, he really wanted to answer and didn't want to know.

At this moment, Mumu Green put his arms around Miwako's shoulders, pulled her over, and said, "Miwako, you didn't tell me anything interesting happened during the case?"

After this interruption, Miwako forgot about Kogoro Mouri, and instead began a enthusiastic conversation with Meguro.