Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 447

Although the two of them were tyrannical, their stomachs were so big. After drinking six bottles of one, Kogoro Mouri gradually felt the urge to urinate.

He looked at Mumulu, and saw Mumulu as well.

Mumulu's small face is red, his brows are furrowed, his legs are clamped, and his hands are rubbing his abdomen.

Mouri Kogoro smiled and said, "Mrs. Mugure, you can go to the toilet if you can't bear it!"

Mumulu gave a cold snort, picked up the bottle again, and took a provocative sip.

There are unwritten rules on the wine table. If both parties are not drunk, then it depends on who goes to the bathroom first, and whoever fails first.

Therefore, the extremely high-spirited Mumu Green couldn't give in.

Mouri Kogoro also picked up the 500ml white wine bottle, drank it all in one sip, and then turned the bottle mouth down. He smiled disdainfully at Mumu Green.

The martial arts master's Kogoro Moori has excellent control over his body, and every muscle in his body is under his control, but he shakes his body slightly to make room for it.

Mumulu bit her teeth, then picked up the same five hundred milliliters of liquor, frowned and poured it all into her mouth.

She drank the liquor with difficulty, and was about to mock Moori Kogoro for a few words, but she couldn't help but stare at the past.

At this time, Kogoro Mori had already picked up another foreign wine and drank it.

Mumu green pupils kept shrinking, secretly crying.

Kogoro Mouri finished drinking the wine and flicked the empty bottle with a crisp sound.

As if he couldn't control himself, Kogoro Mouri burped a drink on Mumulu's small face, his face showed a mean smile: "Madam, it's your turn!"

Mumu Green glared at Mouri Kogoro, and then took out the same amount of foreign wine from the table.

Xiaolan couldn't bear to see this scene. She approached Kogoro Mouri's ears and whispered: "Dad, why don't we just stop here? This is the wife of Officer Mumu. Officer Mumu is so drunk, you are like this. it's not good!"

But Kogoro Mouri has always been adhering to the concept of cutting the grass and rooting out, and rushing to the end.

Especially this Mumu Green still has unruly intentions towards Miwako, so how can he not give a lesson.

Therefore, he didn't put Xiaolan's words in his eyes at all, watching Mumu Green drinking hard, Mouri Kogoro opened his mouth instead: "Shhhhhhhhhh..."

A melodious Japanese toast tune came out of his mouth.

Mumulu's eyes widened immediately, a sip of wine came out, and he cursed fiercely: "Despicable!"

After that, she immediately got up, clutched her belly, and rushed towards the toilet.

With Maori Kogoro's sharp eyesight, she instantly saw a splash of water under her yellow pants.

The extremely strong Meguro green peeed his pants under the attack of Mouri Kogoro's magic sound.

Seeing Mumu Green entered the toilet and closed the door, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help it anymore, clutching his stomach and laughed, he smiled and fell on Xiaolan's soft and awkwardness.

And Xiaolan also clearly noticed the water stains, her face was slightly red, and she stretched out her hand to pat Moori Kogoro's arm: "Dad, you are really necrotic!"

Xiao Lan couldn't help but laugh.

Soon, Moori Kogoro also felt that his bladder could not bear it, so he got up from Xiaolanda, and followed to another toilet.

After solving his personal problems, Kogoro Mouri felt refreshed and returned to the living room.

Mumulu in the living room had already sat back in his original position, with a calm and composed appearance.

Her trousers have also been changed to a pair of yellow trousers of the same style. She thought that Mouri Kogoro and others would not find it.

As soon as Mouri Kogoro appeared, Mumu Green's eyes flashed cold, and he stared at Mouri Kogoro: "Detective Moori you really opened my eyes today!"

The accent in the voice seemed to eat Kogoro Mouri.

Maori Kogoro chuckled softly: "Mother each other, my wife is also an eye-opener for me. The wife's drinker is the strongest I have ever seen in my life. When I saw my wife, I realized that there are really a thousand people who are not drunk.

Mumu Green sneered, "Don't the Maori detectives do the same?"

Hearing this Maori Kogoro nodded and shook his head again.

Without the practice guidance technique, Mouri Kogoro would definitely not win this time.

He returned to his seat, put on his suit jacket, and said, "Thank you for the hospitality, Madam today, and we should go back."

Kogoro Mouri picked up Conan in Officer Mumu's arms, and then said to Xiaolan: "Xiaolan, you support Officer Sato, we are going back."

Meguro did not respond, and watched Mouri Kogoro and his party leave.

Item 0153

When everyone walked out of the apartment, the night breeze blew, and Conan, who was held in his hand by Kogoro Mouri, opened his eyes, drunk and blurred.

However, after sleeping for a month, it seems that he has recovered a bit of sanity.

And Xiao Lan hugged Meihezi down, looking very relaxed.

Kogoro Mori threw Conan into the passenger seat and then sat in the driver's seat.

Xiao Lan said: "Dad, do you need me to drive?"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "I'm not drunk with this little wine."

Xiaolan looked disappointed when she heard that, she helped Meihezi into the back seat, and then sat in too.

The car started and drove out of this high-end apartment, towards Meihezi's home.

Xiao Lan said: "When I saw Mrs. Mumu today, I always felt that she was weird, as if she didn't go well with Officer Mumu!"

Before Kogoro Mori spoke, Conan, who had just woke up, held his chin and couldn't wait to speak.

"It's really weird. The first is the age of the two. The difference is almost twenty years old."

"In addition, Xiaolan wonders if you have discovered that Officer Mumu is older than Uncle Maori, and he has no children. According to Officer Mumu's age, his children should be very old. This is incredible. Got it!"

Conan, who was still drunk, directly called Xiaolan's name, without adding the word elder sister, and soon he suffered.

Xiao Lan's righteous fist made a big red envelope pop out of his head.

"Mr Conan, you have to be polite and call sister Xiaolan. How many times have I taught you!"

Conan couldn't help but mumbled twice, and then continued to speak: "And I didn't see the wedding photo in Officer Mumu's room. I also found that the two of them were still sleeping in separate rooms."

"This can all explain the problem. In addition, there are suitcases in Mrs. Mumu's room, and I feel that Mrs. Mumu has not lived here for a long time."