Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 451

A look of panic flashed across Qingzi's face, but she soon calmed down and counterattacked: "I just think the two rehearsal love scenes in knight costumes feel weird, and Yuanzi likes to play random scenes. Obviously, she added it without the kiss scene. It really made her play with Uncle Maori. I am afraid that it might be added to the sex scene."

Yuanzi's small face flushed immediately upon hearing this: "Qingzi, nonsense, watch me tear your mouth."

She was rolling up the script and was about to play Qingzi, and the two women suddenly fought together on the sofa.

When Mouri Kogoro saw this, he laughed lightly. It was a lively scene. Looking at the three young and lively girls, Moori Kogoro's mood improved a lot.

The afternoon passed by in the living room rehearsal on the third floor, and the three girls became more proficient in the play.


It was just after five o'clock in the evening that Yuanzi and Qingzi reluctantly said goodbye to Kogoro Maori.

At the time of parting, Yuanzi also said to Xiaolan: "Xiaolan, we will go back first, don't forget our agreement tomorrow."

"You won't forget, be careful on the way, we will see you tomorrow."

Xiaolan waved goodbye to the two of them, closed the door, Yuanzi and Qingzi went down the stairs.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but asked in confusion: "Tomorrow's agreement? Xiaolan, what are you going to do?"

"Oh, it was Conan and Huibara who entrusted Yuanzi and I to help them perform music practice for the juvenile detective team. Not only did our high school have a campus festival, but their elementary school also had a campus festival. Conan and Huibara were going to sing the school song of Didan Elementary School together. "

Xiaolan turned her head to look at Kogoro Mouri, and said, "Dad, you are really handsome in a knight costume. If you are not too old, you can help you play the knight!"

Hearing the complaints from his daughter, the blue veins on Maori Kogoro's head jumped, and he couldn't help but reach out and pat Xiaolan's hip.

"Okay, you dare to dislike your father's old age and beg!"

Xiao Lan immediately turned around flexibly and ran away with a smile, her black robe dancing constantly.

Maori Kogoro hurriedly chased after him. He quickly grabbed Xiao Lan on the sofa in a burst of speed. He pressed Xiao Lan on the sofa, scratching the itchy flesh of Xiao Lan's waist with both hands.

Xiaolan on the sofa immediately laughed and tears came down.

"Haha... Dad, let me go quickly, no, you can spare me, you are the youngest..."

While Moori Kogoro relaxed the offensive, Xiaolan immediately grabbed Moori Kogoro's hands, smiled and said with tears: "No matter how old your father is, you are my favorite person, father."

Hearing this Maori Kogoro felt satisfied.

Xiaolan then said: "Dad, let's continue rehearsing, I still feel a little unskilled."

Since it was his daughter's request, Kogoro Mouri would naturally not refuse, so he put on the mask again.

The rehearsal plot begins after the knight rescues the witch.


Xiaolan stretched out her hand and made a petition: "It's you who have helped me in succession recently. Where are you? The nameless knight wrapped in black clothes. If you are willing to fulfill my humble wish, please take it. Put down the mask that is as dark as night, and treat me with true colors!"

Kogoro Mouri said, "If this is your wish, I would like to show this face with ugly scars in front of you under the bright moonlight, I hope it won't scare you!"

After saying this, he took off the mask and looked at Xiaolan softly.

Xiao Lan, wearing a witch costume, did not go on to say any lines about recognizing the identity of the knight, but instead stared at the knight in front of him.

The two of them faced each other, their faces got closer and closer, and the two embraced each other tightly, and finally kissed each other.

Outside the script, the knight and the witch kissed tightly.

Item 0157

Moori Kogoro pressed the girl on the sofa, and he kissed the girl's pink lips. The sweet smell made people fascinated.

And his big hand wandered on the black robe of the witch, and the palm of his hand touched it with a silky touch that made people reluctant to let go.

Soon, his right hand plunged into the black robe and touched a pair of slender and smooth thighs, while his left hand climbed to the soft spot.

Because of the contrast of the black robes, the girl's skin is even more white than snow. The girl's small face is full of blush, her curved eyelashes are shaking uncontrollably, and her mouth is breathing heavily.

Kogoro Moori plucked the black robe of the witch, and a flawless carcass was revealed in front of him, like the most perfect artwork of the event.

The girl's naked carcass gave Moori Kogoro the extreme stimulation. His heart beat faster and his face flushed.

Originally, these Maori Kogoro would have a nosebleed when he thought of it.

It really becomes a reality!You can really do whatever you want with little angels!

This kind of excitement simply made Mouri Kogoro unable to resist.

But Kogoro Mouri recalled what her little angel had done to herself before, and every time she took the initiative to speak.

You can't just care about your own enjoyment and abandon the little angel. In this regard, he has never been selfish.

So this time Kogoro Mouri took the lead.

Mouri Kogoro's head set off from the girl's mouth, kissing his chin and neck, along the collarbone, and across the black robe, all the way to scare the kiss.

...... Five hundred words are omitted here......

At six o'clock in the evening, during dinner time, Conan sitting next to Kogoro Moori kept talking at the dining table that their juvenile detective team broke another case today.

It was a case where I accidentally broke into someone's home while playing football and found the body in the bathtub. After that, the body disappeared and was disguised as my brother in the study.

Conan pretended to be calm and breezy, but in fact he was quite contented in secret.

After all, he hasn't solved the case for a long time by Moori Kogoro's side.

So today I can't help but want to show off, but unfortunately, everyone at the dinner table has been ignored.

The opposite Xiaolan looked at Moori Kogoro with a smile, and kept adding vegetables, leeks, seaweed, shrimp, and various shellfish to Moori Kogoro's bowl, for fear that Moori Kogoro would not eat it.

Seeing this, Huibara on the side unwillingly picked up a variety of delicacies and stacked them in Kogoro Moori's bowl, causing Kogoro Moori's bowl to fill up.

No one at the table cared what Conan said.

When Conan saw this, his face gradually became ugly.

Maori Kogoro smiled and touched Conan's dog's head, and said: "Conan, kids still have to focus on their studies and solve crimes. Such a dangerous thing is not something you kids can do. Leave it to great talents."

"You, just study hard. It's not good to be so naughty every day. Otherwise, you won't be able to study well in the future, you can't go to university, you can't find a good job, and you won't even be able to marry a wife."

At this moment, Kogoro Mori seems to be in a very good mood, and the preaching is not accompanied by the bursting chestnut that often occurs.

But there seemed to be a bit of deep malice in his smile.