Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 457

She was about to drink the drink from the water bottle specially used to protect her throat, and when she opened the bottle, she attracted Yuanta's attention.

Yuan Tai spoke greedyly: "What is that? Can you drink it? Can you give me a drink."

Qiu Ting pity frowned, and flatly refused, and closed the bottle cap again.

Bumei on the side said, "Is it possible to sing well if I drink this, so I want to drink it too, so that we can win first place in the campus festival of Didan Elementary School."

At this moment, Mitsuhiko suddenly remembered something and said seriously to Qiu Ting's face: "Could you please help us train the school song of Didan Elementary School."

Yuantai's eyes lit up: "Yes, sister Xiaolan has promised to help us with piano accompaniment, but the person who taught us singing seems to be unreliable, so can you please!"

"Please!" Bumei folded his hands together in a prayer.

"You little ghosts, who are saying that is not reliable!" Yuanzi, who just heard Yuanta's words, looked upset, and pulled Yuanta's ears when she walked over.

"It hurts!" Yuan Tai couldn't help but began to struggle.

"It's hard to bring you in to meet the world, and even say that behind me."

Xiaolan stepped forward to stop Yuanzi's atrocities.

Hearing the name of Didan Elementary School, Qiu Ting Lianzi showed a touch of remembrance on his face, looking at the little face of Bumei who was eager to forget.

Qiu Ting Lianzi spoke proudly: "Well, I promise to teach you, who made me a graduate of Didan Primary School!"

"Hurray!" The three children suddenly jumped and jumped happily.

Xiaolan said with joy: "Really? Miss Qiuting, how about tomorrow? It just so happens that these children have a music class tomorrow, and the music teacher asked me to take it. How will you come?"

"Well, I will be free tomorrow, I will go to Didan Primary School to find you."

"Now, please trouble Xiaolan, you take these children out, don't delay our rehearsal."

Qiu Ting Lianzi's aura was full, and all the young people immediately walked out obediently, and Xiaolan and Yuanzi also walked out of the concert hall.

Item 0163

As the children walked out, the whole concert hall became a little quieter.

Officer Mumu and the others also went out. They didn't ask for any useful information, so naturally they wouldn't waste any more time.

Miwako Sato waved goodbye to Kogoro Mouri reluctantly.

Qiu Ting Reiko, who was looking down at the music score, picked up the bottle, but when he was about to drink, he felt that the seat beside him was heavy.

She turned her small face, and saw Mouri Kogoro sitting down.

Kogoro Mouri smiled at him, then grabbed the bottle in his hand, opened the cap directly, and drank it in one gulp.

It is refreshing and cool, with mint flavor and mulberry leaf flavor. It is a good throat protection drink.

Reiko Qiu Ting gave a dull look at Mouri Kogoro, and he was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to him, but Reiko Qiu Ting realized something and his face suddenly became cold.

"I said Maori detectives, shouldn't you be like those policemen, you want to know from me what the message sent by Zouzi means, so you agreed to my invitation to come to the college today?"

Reiko Qiu Ting was afraid that everything that happened in the practice room of the teaching building was disguised by Kogoro Moori deliberately approaching him, and his mood suddenly fell.

Maori Kogoro chuckled and grabbed Qiu Ting's little hand, and gently stroked his mouth and said: "Ms. Pity, you guessed wrong, I'm here for you today. The investigation is just an incidental thing. , I am mainly afraid that you will be involved in the whirlpool, otherwise I won’t bother to come to this conservatory."

When Moori Kogoro said this, Qiu Ting's scarlet eyes softened immediately.

"Shnen, das ist dein Freund? (Pity, is this your boyfriend?)"

The German tuner could not help asking when seeing the two of them so close.

Domoto, with long curly hair on the side, was also about to translate.

Kogoro Mouri said: "Noch nicht, ich bin auf dersuche nach ihr (not yet, I am pursuing her.)"

Hearing this story, Hans and Hans couldn’t help being surprised. Kogoro Moori’s German is too authentic.

Qiu Ting pity also raised his eyebrows in surprise and asked: "What are you talking about?"

Mouri Kogoro smiled: "A topic among men."

Domoto Xian also looked at Qiu Ting Lizi and said: "Reiko, you are all holding hands, don't you introduce your boyfriend to me? His German is much better than mine!"

This time, Qiu Ting Reiko realized that Kogoro Mori hadn't let go of his hand, and his small face immediately turned red, and he broke free, then began to introduce.

"This is a Maori detective, the best detective in Tokyo. He is not my boyfriend, we are just ordinary friends."

"He sings very well, and like me, he also has an absolute sense of sound. I invited him to come to the rehearsal this time, just to let the Maori detective help me find out where I can improve."

Domoto Xian on the side also translated in real time, and Hans next to him heard the words Absolute Voice and couldn't help asking if it was true.

After getting a positive answer from Mouri Kogoro, he immediately shook hands with Moori Kogoro in good faith.

Domoto Xuan also said: "So you are a Maori detective, disrespectful and disrespectful. I heard your name for a long time. I didn't expect you to have such a deep knowledge of music. I wonder what you think of the Maori detective during the rehearsal just now?"

Maori Kogoro looked at Qiu Ting Reiko and smiled: "Reiko is still too modest. I have just listened to it for a long time and found that you didn't sing it wrong, so how can you come up with suggestions."

Hearing a smile at the corner of Qiu Ting's mouth, he looked at Mouri Kogoro with soft eyes.

Hans and Domoto on the side only felt that they were stuffed with dog food. They looked at each other and said: "Lass Uns Nicht, hierzu storen. (We still don't disturb them here.)"

After that, the two turned around and went in the direction of the others.

Qiu Ting's pity frowned and said, "Why did they leave all of a sudden?"

"This is not right." Mouri Kogoro grabbed Qiu Ting Reiko's little hand again and started playing with it.


After a while, Domoto reappeared on the stage with a wave, and Mouri Kogoro spoke to Qiu Ting Reiko.

"Rehearsal, please rehearse, I will leave first, but in the last few days, you have to pay more attention, especially your own safety. Call me directly if you encounter any problems."

Mouri Kogoro still felt uneasy, and released an Ant-Man robot from the system space, ordering it to protect Qiu Ting Reiko.

Qiu Ting Reiko nodded and said: "Maori detective, the official concert is held on Saturday, you must come!"

Kogoro Mori naturally agreed with a smile...


Thursday the next day, at ten o'clock in the morning.