Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 465

Mouri Kogoro also said, "Maybe a student who came earlier accidentally knocked over his water bottle, and he would create this scene."

Hearing this garden, he immediately laughed awkwardly.

It is indeed very far-fetched to think it is a ghost because of a pool of water here!

Xiaolan quickly figured it out, and chuckled lightly: "It seems to be like this. I don't think it's terrible anymore."

At this moment, Xiaolan, who was facing the playground, saw things appearing in the mud in the atrium, her pupils constantly shrinking.

"Look, there is a desk there, but there was no one just now. Why did it suddenly appear with a piece of paper pressed on it."

Seeing that desk, Xiao Lan instantly thought of the Baoban Yingzhang desk in the warehouse, her face suddenly became terrified.

Yuanzi looked at the venue carefully, and said in surprise: "And there are no footprints near the venue. How could it be possible? Could it be that the ghost moved the desk over?"

Yuanzi suddenly felt terrified, and an atmosphere of fear lingered between the two women.

Xiaolan immediately threw himself into Maori Kogoro's arms and squeezed his waist, her face was full of panic: "Dad, I'm afraid!"

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Kogoro Mouri said indifferently, "What are you afraid of? It's very simple. Just because the rain was so heavy, the footprints were washed away, so this scene was created. Well, don't scare yourself."

Hearing Moori Kogoro say this, the slightly nervous atmosphere just disappeared instantly, Xiaolan and Yuanzi looked at each other and immediately laughed.

At this moment, the door of the art room on the side was opened, and a student wearing glasses and apron opened his mouth and said, "Is the Baoban Yingzhang you talking about the person who fell here two years ago?"

Yuanzi asked, "Why, do you know him?"

This classmate of the Art Department named Yasen Mobu said, "Well, he and I were in the same art group before. He was beside me when he fell to death. What are you doing? Investigate him. The cause of death is..."

Xiaolan replied: "There have been many supernatural incidents related to Baoban students in the school in recent days. We are investigating who did these incidents."

Mouri Kogoro said with a calm face: "Well, this incident is very simple, I already know who did it."

Yuanzi immediately opened his eyes and asked, "Uncle Maori, do you really know?"

This incident is exactly the same as the animation in the memory of previous lives, and Kogoro Mouri didn't want to waste time here. Anyway, it is not a case.

So Kogoro Mori opened his mouth and said: "Let's go, let's go to the first floor, and first see if the table is a table with a guarantee of protection."

Mobu Yasen also said, "Although it's a bit presumptuous, I also want to know who is doing these things behind the scenes, and can you let me take a look."

Kogoro Mori naturally nodded.

The group of people walked down the stairs on the fourth floor and just knocked down Sumitumi Tsukamoto who was coming up.

Xiaolan immediately said: "Sister Shushushu, come with us. Dad already knows who is making the rumors."

Tsukamoto Sumi followed along, and everyone came to the corridor.

Mouri Kogoro asked them to stand where they were waiting, and he walked quickly to the table in the atrium, his feet covered with mud.

He saw the same signature on the table as he had seen before, and nodded.

As for the piece of paper on the table that was pressed by the stone: "I haven't gotten revenge yet!"

He ignored these words directly, and he pulled the paper back.

Moori Kogoro, who ran back to the corridor, led everyone to the health room.

Lying on the bed in the health care room was the classmate I just met.

Seeing the people coming in, Shigu Guofan couldn't help but get up in a panic. He opened his mouth to Tsukamoto Sumi: "Tsukamoto-san, what are you bringing them for?"

Sumitumi Tsukamoto did not speak, but looked at Kogoro Mouri instead.

Mouri Kogoro glanced at the things in the room, and then directly said: "This classmate, you placed this piece of paper and the table in the atrium!"

A look of panic flashed in Shi Gu Guofan's eyes, and he waved his hand quickly: "What are you talking about, I don't know how, please don't disturb me to rest."

After that, he lay on the hospital bed again, acting as if he was walking away.

Kogoro Mouri said, "You were the one who cried in the warehouse before. When I saw my good friend's desk was placed in the warehouse, I thought that Yingzhang Baoban was bullied by the campus, and he couldn't even be in class. In the class, you can only sit alone in the warehouse and wait alone."

"And you also misunderstood that your friend died because of being bullied. That's why you did so many things. You messed up books in the library and made water on the stairs, just to find out what you imagined. Murderer."

Segu Guofan was pierced in his mind, and instantly seemed to be irritated, and said: "Uncle, who are you! Inexplicably, I don't know what you are talking about?"

"A man has to be daring to do things. Look at your shoes. You have already betrayed you. If you didn't go to the atrium, where did the yellow mud on your shoes come from?"

When Shi Gu Guofan looked down, he seemed to be choked for an instant, his eyes widened, and he couldn't say anything.

His carefully prepared techniques:

Put ice cubes behind the fire bottle groove at the stairway to create a pool of water stains.

Tie the umbrella with a thin thread and place it on the table, and then draw the umbrella back, creating a dry table and dry bloody paper that suddenly appeared like a ghost shelter after heavy rain.

The tactics of thinking and meditation didn't even have the slightest effect. Others didn't pay attention to it. They found themselves only by the yellow mud on the shoes.

Segu Guofan couldn't help sighing deeply, and said, "Yes, uncle, I did all this."

Immediately afterwards, Segu Guofan's expression became excited: "Uncle, you are so smart, then you can help me, help me find the murderer who bullied Yingzhang, I didn't believe Yingzhang died so easily. ."

When Sumitsu Tsukamoto heard this, she understood it completely, and said directly, "Seigu-san, I think you have misunderstood it. We moved this table into the warehouse."

"Student Baoban is a member of our class. After his accident, people in the class opened his picture album and found that he had painted images for all of us."

"The people in the class decided to let the Baoban classmate graduate with us when we graduate, let him always be a part of us, and never abandon him."

"That's why we moved his desk to the warehouse and raised money to buy a new desk. We just wanted to save his desk. When we graduated from high school, we moved back and graduated together. Unexpectedly, this made you misunderstood. "

Segu Guofan's expression was stunned for an instant, and he said, "Is what you said is true?"

Tsukamoto nodded, "Of course, you can ask other people in my class about this. Everyone knows it."

Mobu Yasen on the side said with a guilty expression: "I was there when the student Baoban died. That day, because we had to move the teacher’s plaster statue, the student Baoban slipped a foot while climbing the stairs. , And then fell down the stairs and died. It's all because I didn't hold him at the time."

Shi Gu Guofan turned his head and looked at Mobu Yasen, his eyes flushed immediately: "Really? That means Yingzhang was not bullied and died."

He immediately got out of bed and bowed deeply to everyone, and said, "Thank you for telling me the truth. I'm really sorry for causing you trouble."

After that, he immediately put on his shoes, rushed towards the atrium, and moved the desks in the atrium back to the warehouse.

After listening to Moori Kogoro's reasoning, and knowing that Segu Guofan did these things because of a misunderstanding, everyone stopped blaming him, and Xiaolan was no longer afraid.