Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 470

The basement is fully equipped, and the space is larger than the house above. It is divided into many rooms, but it is very dim.

But Belmore didn't feel any discomfort, and darkness could give her a sense of security.

Soon she walked into the only bathroom with plenty of light, which was full of bright lights.

As soon as Belmore walked in, he took off his vest and panties, and his graceful carcass was revealed in the light.

Seen from the back, it is full of beauty, just looking at it, but from the front, this beauty is destroyed by a few terrible scars.

Belmod stood in front of the mirror and looked at his body quietly.

Four whip scars, four scars given to her by Maori Kogoro, entangled her like a poisonous snake!

No matter how many secret drugs in the organization are used, they cannot be eliminated.

One is from the neck to the chest, one is across the abdomen, the other is diagonal to the waist, and the other is drawn from the left breast to the abdomen.

The four scars are extremely hideous, and they seem to be constantly twisting, shining with dark red light.

Belmore's index finger gently stroked the scar from her left breast to her abdomen, and she instantly recalled the terrifying basement like a nightmare.

The dust in the sky, the black iron cage, the piercing gaze, the blood-stained belt, and the terror-like figure like a tyrant.

That wise man who can dominate his life at will-Kogoro Moori.

Belmod's body trembled involuntarily. That man, the most terrifying existence Belmod had encountered in this life, was that the BOSS had never put such pressure on her.

In how many nights, Belmod has awakened from nightmares how many times, in the dream, Kogoro Maori holds a belt or holds a golden desert eagle.

The pictures are so terrifying that she is sweating profusely every time she wakes up!

For the first time, she felt that it was a demon, an unmatched existence, an insurmountable peak.

If someone else made her suffer such a big loss, Belmore would definitely find ways to get back with revenge.

But for Moori Kogoro, Belmod didn't even dare to raise any thoughts of revenge in her heart. Even collecting information ordered her subordinates to do it. She herself did not dare to meet Moori Kogoro, and carefully avoided Moori Kogoro. .

She worked hard to study the disguise technique, constantly improving and diligently, and finally disguising her into a new one, and Belmod just dared to contact Xiaolan.

Every time I see Xiaolan's face, Belmod can't help but sigh: "The devil actually gave birth to an angel!"

And today's encounter with Kogoro Moori again, no one else knows how much pressure Belmod feels.

I don't know how much sweat oozes from the head under the mask. The black vest has long been wet, and it has always been uncomfortable, but Belmod has been enduring it.

She was afraid that her disguise skills would be seen through by Moori Kogoro again, and facing Moori Kogoro's request, she had no idea of ​​rejection at all.

Otherwise, how could she follow Xiaolan to investigate high school supernatural events.

Moreover, after Moori Kogoro left, seeing the three women arguing because of Moori Kogoro, Belmore subconsciously stepped forward to persuade them.

At that time, she just thought of calming down the three-person room, and Mouri Kogoro should be happy!

Adhering to the idea of ​​making Maori Kogoro happy, Bell Mod did not hesitate to act!

Now Belmod was standing in front of the mirror, thinking back to what he had done today, and suddenly felt a little weird, but at the same time he felt extremely at ease.

After a long time, Belmore's trembling body stopped, she breathed a long breath, and then stepped her legs to stand under the shower head.

The switch was turned on, and the hot water tilted down, hitting the fair skin and the dark red scars.

Chapter 0177 Xiaogoro, you really understand me

The next morning, Kogoro Moori drove to the high-end villa area of ​​Mihua 2-chome. He pressed the doorbell and the door opened soon.

Qiu Ting Reiko is wearing a casual sportswear, black pants, a gray shirt, long black hair scattered on both sides, looks very gentle.

Sure enough, Qiu Ting Lianzi was born beautiful, no matter what the dress is very beautiful.

Seeing Maori Kogoro, Qiu Ting Reiko's scarlet eyes flashed with joy: "Kogoro, you are here!"

"How was it last night? Nothing happened!"

When Mouri Kogoro walked into the villa, he immediately heard a strange ceremony playing inside the villa.

"It's okay, it was very quiet last night." Qiu Ting Reiko walked towards the refrigerator, "Kogoro, what would you like to drink?"

"Green tea will do."

Mouri Kogoro entered the villa and began to wander around, and soon he saw Qiu Ting's bedroom.

It was the stereo in the bedroom that played this strange ceremony. This is the song Qiu Ting Lizi will perform tomorrow.

However, apart from a few pieces of underwear scattered on the table on the side, it was really big, and there was a D cup.

But there is nothing else above, there is no picture of flute and Soma Hikaru.

This is not right. According to the news that Akemi investigated yesterday, Reiko Akiu and Hikaru Soma were indeed engaged.


The door was pulled up instantly, Qiu Ting Liaozi's face blushed, proudly humming: "Kogoro, it is very rude to spy on someone else's bedroom."

"The green tea is gone, there is only orange juice at home, do you want?"

Mouri Kogoro took the orange juice in one hand, took Qiu Ting's little soft hand back to the sofa, and asked: "Reiko, let me ask you something! Do you know Soma Hikaru?"

Qiu Ting's pity immediately frowned, but his face was flat and he said, "Well, I know, I was engaged to me in name three years ago, but then it seemed to be drunk and fell off the cliff to death."

This reaction is too calm!

"Were engaged in name?"

Reiko Qiu Ting glared at Mouri Kogoro dumbly, holding his chest with both hands, and then he explained.

"Yeah, my mother and Soma Hikari's mother are girlfriends. Three years ago, my mother had terminal cancer and wanted to see my hometown before she died, so she tried to match me and Soma Hikari."

"In order to fulfill my mother's last wish, I secretly discussed with Soma Hikaru, first falsely be engaged, and then cancel the engagement, Soma Hikaru also agreed to cooperate."

"But then when that guy went on a trip with others, he fell off the cliff and died after being drunk. After that, my mother died with regret!"

This is no wonder Qiu Ting's attitude was so cold when she mentioned Soma Guang. It turned out that the two really had nothing to do with him. She still had a bit of resentment towards Soma Guang.

In other words, Qiu Ting Reiko did not pay attention to the identities of the people drinking with Soma Guang at that time.

He didn't even know that Soma Hikaru's biological father was Huo Tsang.