Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 478

Chapter 0185 Concert Hall Play2

In the concert hall, Qiu Ting Lizi couldn't help but sing loudly, with a unique rhythm in the oriole-like voice.

The huge concert hall is extremely empty, but the soprano singer's reputation is not imaginary, and it resounds throughout the concert hall in an instant.

Her voice was sad and moving, and it made people feel ecstasy.

Qiu Ting Laizi had long been lost in the gorgeous music that came from the phone, and her soul had long been missing.

A pair of bare hands tightly held the wooden frame on the left and right of the organ, and she knelt on the organ, her body trembling constantly.

She only wore white high heels on her jade feet, a white headband on her black hair, and white elbow gloves on her arms. There were no strands elsewhere.

The pity of the autumn court at this moment is like a sacrifice, like some kind of evil ritual, located on the central axis of this concert hall, at the highest point of this stage, and can't stop singing.

Bright lights shone on her body, covering her body with a warm color.

Qiu Ting's scarlet eyes have long lost their usual calmness, her eyes are full of blurry colors, and her face is flushed like never seen in this life. Ruyu-like body pores keep expanding, and she sees crystal clear sweat beads. , Sweat beads hang on his chest with gravity, dripping slowly from the top.

Along with sweat beads and blood ticking down, dripping on the piano cover.

The white hair band suddenly loosened, and her black waist-length hair curled wantonly, covering most of the white beauty.

But soon the black hair was stained with sweat from his body and pressed tightly to Qiu Ting's body.

The oriole-like singing has never stopped, resounding throughout the concert hall.

If the audience at noon today knows that the goddess Qiu Ting pity is singing like this at the top of the stage, they will surely be surprised.

It's not bad, but it's the most beautiful song in the world.

The sacrifice seemed to have stopped, Qiu Ting Lizi got a chance to breathe, and the singing stopped. She finally got a chance to get off the organ stage, her legs in high heels were a little unsteady.

Qiu Ting Lizi stood on the high platform, facing the auditorium, holding onto the fence of the high platform with bare hands.

At this moment, Qiu Ting's pity was like a queen, with her white belly bulging, and she sang loudly again.

The music in the concert hall, singing for a full four hours, this concert finally came to an end.


At more than eight o'clock in the evening, Lexus was driving on the road, and the neon lights on the left and right sides were constantly passing by. The face of Qiu Ting Lizi, who fell on the passenger seat, was light and dark, and his face was stained with a different luster.

Reiko Qiu Ting was asleep in the passenger seat. As the only audience in the special concert just now, Kogoro Moori knew how much energy and physical strength Qiu Ting Reiko had consumed.

His big hand gently stroked Qiuting Lizi's black hair, and the car was driving very smoothly.

Soon, Lexus drove into the villa area, and the car stopped at the door of Qiuting Lizi's villa.

Mouri Kogoro got out of the car and took Qiu Ting Reiko in the passenger seat into the house.

Qiu Ting Reiko slept very hard, it was Moori Kogoro who took her to the bathroom, took a bath for her, cleans her body... Putting on her nightdress, Qiu Ting Reiko did not wake up after the whole process.

Looking at Qiu Ting Reiko who was still sleeping on the bed, Mouri Kogoro gently kissed his white forehead.

Then he exchanged a sweet dream, and put a peach blossom branch in Pity's hand.

An instant pink light flashed from the peach blossom branches, and the illusion flowed, covering the pity of Qiu Ting. This sweet dream was set by Kogoro Maori for twelve hours.

By eight o'clock tomorrow morning, Qiu Ting Lizi will fully recover and then wake up.

Sweet Dreams cost Mori Kogoro 5,000 points, but it is nothing compared to the proceeds of this case. After the completion of the theater version of the case, the system rewarded Mori Kogoro with 50,000 points and one time. Opportunity to draw.

Mouri Kogoro's points once again rushed to 100,000, reaching as many as 125,642, and the chance to draw the lottery was also accumulated twice.

The case this time is very simple. Kogoro Mori originally thought he would not get so many points, but he did not expect the harvest to be so rich. It seems that the theater version of the case is the place to really harvest points!

Looking at Qiu Ting Renzi lying on the bed, a smile appeared on Jumei's little face, as if she had entered a dream, so Kogoro Mouri didn't bother.

He turned off the lights in the room, then went out, got in the car and drove towards his home.


Soon, Kogoro Moori returned home. After he opened the door with the key, he saw the faces of Xiaolan and Huiyuan in the living room with surprises.

However, the color of surprise on the faces of the two women faded away.

Hui Yuan turned his head to look at the TV, and said with a cold expression: "I still know that you are coming back. I thought you were fascinated by that Miss Qiu Ting and forgot where your home is. Are you planning to live with her tonight ?"

This feeling, how can there be a sense of being interrogated by his wife.

Kogoro Mouri quickly explained: "How could it be possible that I said it was a busy case when I wasn't at home last night. Protect Miss Qiuting. Don't you know that there were three groups of killers at Miss Qiuting's house last night, but they were all subdued by me."

Because today Haibara also heard that Kogoro Moori asked Officer Sato to nod, and agreed with this statement.

"Furthermore, tomorrow morning will be your singing competition, Xiaolan, and Xiaolan will rehearse the drama in the afternoon. How could I be absent."

Xiaolan on the side smiled gently, pretending to be carefree: "Dad, how come your suit turned black? I clearly remember that you didn't wear this one when you went out yesterday. How about your previous suit? "

Kogoro Mouri responded easily: "Yesterday's suit was accidentally broken when he uniformed the killers. I couldn't wear it to the concert. I had to buy a set midway this morning. No, the label has not been removed. Yeah!"

Xiao Lan walked over and saw the label hanging on the side of the lining, and nodded, accepting this statement.

Feeling no doubt, the two women looked at each other and their expressions became more relaxed.

Mouri Kogoro immediately noticed the two people's gazes, my dear, they were united!

Fortunately, I am a veteran driver, driving is stable!

Kogoro Mouri was free now, and slightly comforted his frightened heart.

Item 0186

Mouri Kogoro sat between the two beauties, the big and small, his big hands stroking the silky backs of the two women, his expression a little sad.

Now it seems that these two women have formed a strategic alliance because of the appearance of Qiu Ting's pity.

This is too bad, it was originally two terrible juicers.

There will be fewer happy days like this.

Mouri Kogoro's mind fell into his mind: "Little V, what can you do?"

Little V’s female voice said, "Oh, I’m so stupid."

"Trash little V, what use do you want to ruin my youth?"