Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 481

"Our action has reached this point, and I have also requested reinforcements from the United States. This action cannot be missed, so there is no need to take the risk and tell the Maori detectives."

Judy said angrily: "James, you should trust my judgment. I want to hold that woman more than anyone else. I can't be fooled. The Maori detective is a trustworthy person."

"Have you forgotten? We all judged that the woman kidnapped the Maori detective's wife and son in the two previous live explosions. We still can't believe the enemy Maori detective, so who else can we believe!"

James Black said: "Show one."

Judy stopped talking when she heard the name.

"This reinforcement is for Xiuyi, Judy, don't make any extravagances, everything is for stability, believe me, we FBI can bring the target to justice without anyone's help."

"Maybe the Maori detective is really the power to help, but there is Shuichi, I believe this time it must be stable. He is called the silver bullet of that organization, ha ha ha!"

When Judy hung up, sitting on the bed, a man with curly hair in a knitted hat appeared in her mind.

But inexplicably, Judy suddenly remembered the three kisses of Kogoro Mouri.

There was a smirk Moori Kogoro in his mind. Judy suddenly felt a little upset and sat on the bed with his legs in a long loss.


Judy and James Brad’s power-on Moori Kogoro listened to all of them, and even Judy’s surveillance pictures these days, he looked through his mind every night before going to bed.

I have to say that Judy is very cautious in life. Except for the FBI's dedicated mobile phone to make direct calls without defense, all other information is encrypted.

But Kogoro Mouri, who was completely monitoring Judy, naturally deciphered all of them. He knew a lot about the FBI, and he also knew when Akai Shuichi would come to Japan.

Although every time when Judy took a bath, the monitoring screen would be deliberately slowed down by Mouri Kogoro.

Just to prevent her from passing on information while taking a bath, Kogoro Mouri always looked over and over again at the monitor with a scrutinizing gaze, um, yes, that's right!

The lordosis, the breasts and the fat buttocks, are in full compliance with Kogoro Moori's imagination of the Great Yangma. Although Haibara became bigger and became Shiho Miyano, who was also a Japanese-British beauty, her breasts were not as hot as Judy.

Hui Yuan follows a refined route, intellectual and calm, and the two have completely different styles.


Kogoro Mori said, "That's a shame, but Judy, what I have said has always been valid. If you really want me to help, call me."

A smile appeared on Judy's face, and he nodded and stood up, moving his legs to the side.

Huihara originally wanted to ask Moori Kogoro what they were talking about, but suddenly, she felt like she smelled a scent, her heart was chilling, she couldn't help lowering her head and shaking her whole body.

This feeling, this feeling, is the people in the organization...

Mouri Kogoro immediately sensed the abnormality of Huihara's body, put his arms around Huihara, lowered his head, and leaned his head on Huihara's shoulders, and asked with concern, "Sai, what's wrong with you?"

Hearing Moori Kogoro's voice, smelling a familiar and reassuring breath, and gradually a sense of security wrapped himself again.

Although the cold gaze was still there and the back was still chilling, Hui Yuan's body gradually warmed up and no longer trembled.

"Uncle, hold me tight." Hui Yuan's small face was full of imploring expressions, and his face was aggrieved, like a little girl being bullied looking for a parent.

Mouri Kogoro felt sorry for him, and immediately turned Huihara's body around, letting him lie on his body, and then hugged Huihara's small soft back tightly with both hands.

Huihara buried his head in Moori Kogoro's arms, listening to the majestic heartbeat, smelling the reassuring breath, the fear in his heart dissipated, and his stability gradually recovered.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori's face gradually grew cold, his eyes narrowed slightly, and a dangerous light emanated from his eyes, and he began to patrol the audience. He was looking for the figure of Chiaki Shinichi.

This kind of reaction of Hui Yuan was naturally the reaction of the people who blocked it. In Didan High School, there was only Xinde Zhiming from Belmod.

At this moment, in the shadow of the corner of the auditorium, Belle Mori, who was wise and bright, saw the expression of Kogoro Mouri.

Like a mouse seeing a cat, the body under the mask was trembling slightly, cold sweat came out, her face was extremely ugly, and her heart was choked, which was worse than the frightened Huiyuan.

It is this feeling again, powerful, violent, and invincible.

Only Belmod who has really experienced it can truly perceive it.

She quickly shifted her gaze and did not dare to peek anymore. She just glanced curiously at the brown-haired girl in the arms of Kogoro Mouri. How did she know that Kogoro Moori would react so much, like being Enraged like a lion.

At this moment, a bare hand patted Mouri Kogoro's shoulder, and Fei Hideri's voice came over: "What is this expression, Kogoro, are you going to eat people?"

"Yes, almost scared me." Fujimine Yukiko's playful voice also sounded.

Item 0189

It is a purple suit skirt, black stockings, foot high heels Queen Yingli full of air.

And wearing a brown flat hat and dressed like a gentleman from England, Fujimine Yukiko.

Hearing the voices of the two women, Kogoro Mori immediately dissipated his aura, and said in a pleasant surprise, "Why are you here?"

Fei Hideri and Fujimine Yukiko were seated on the left and right sides of Kogoro Mouri. Fei Hideri had a pair of beautiful legs stacked on top of each other and said, "This is a drama performed by Xiaolan. Isn't it normal for me to come here? But Xiaolan I have been invited many times. As for You Xizi, it's too boring, so let's come and have a look."

And Yukiko touched Huihara's little head, and said softly, "Kogoro, who is this? He looks so cute!"

Yukiko's temperament is very bright, people can't help but want to get close, and it makes Huihara feel very comfortable, so he didn't resist Yukiko's touch.

Maori Kogoro said, "This is the little girl who lives in my house, named Huiyuanai, Xiaoai, and I greet Aunt Yuxizi."

Yu Xizi keenly noticed that Hui Yuan's face was pale, and then gently comforted: "Why is Xiao Ai uncomfortable? His face is so ugly, so take care of your body."

Hui Yuan nodded obediently, and met Fujimine Yukiko for the first time, and Hui Yuan rarely liked him.

And Fei Yingli on the side put her arms around her chest, and said, "If I didn't come today, I wouldn't have seen the great Maori detective and a blond foreign woman having a very happy conversation."

This vinegar smell is almost breaking through the sky.

When Fujimine Yukiko heard this, he snorted and said, "Kogoro, what is your relationship with that woman?"

Huihara raised her head slightly. She felt a little weird when she heard Fujimine Yukiko's tone. This Kudo Shinichi's mother is too close to her Maori uncle!

"If you don't say it clearly, then you won't want to sleep in my bed next time!"

Instantly explode!!!

The naughty Yukiko gave explosive information as soon as she spoke. She thought that Huihara was a child and didn't understand anything, so she spoke without scruples.

Mouri Kogoro only felt his scalp numb and his pupils contracted. He stretched out his hand to cover Huihara's ears.

His subconscious reaction at this moment was to exchange psychedelic charms and tamper with Hui Yuan's memory.

However, when Hui Yuan heard this, his pupils shrank, and there was no response.

Fei Yingli frowned and said, "You Xizi, the child is still here, don't talk about these things."

Mouri Kogoro immediately smiled bitterly, this is not a kid!