Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 490

Officer Takagi nodded immediately and operated on the phone. The picture of this video was played instantly, exactly the same as the plot of a Japanese adult action movie.


First, a good-looking female patient came to see the doctor. She was stunned by Urada Kopei, and she slapped her on the bed. After two minutes, a female nurse walked in from the door.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the female nurse. They quickly turned their heads to look at Noda Luomei, and then at the female nurse in the video. This is the same person!

Noda Luo Mei had already lowered her head, covering her face with her hands, she did not dare to face everyone's eyes.

After the female nurse Noda Rami entered, Urada Kohei first handed her the charge for the wind from the cabinet, and she squatted down to help Dr. Urada regain the power, and then the two started to snap again.

The two of them talked while doing errands. This was the first target. The words were filthy and the content was extremely sinister.

The two are embarrassed and their ugly faces are exposed!

In the last segment of the video, the door of the consulting room was pushed open, and it was Caiko Ninagawa, the daughter of the president who had the key to the consulting room.

Ninagawa Caiko saw the scene of her fiance being engaged with a female nurse, and there was a dizzy naked woman beside her, and she couldn't help being surprised.

Ninagawa Caiko had an expression in the video, which was a little different from the usual calm look at the moment.

This wonderful video ended in the fight between Ninagawa Caiko and Noda Rami.


After watching this video, everyone looked at Noda Luomei, who was squatting on the ground, with contemptuous eyes. Noda Luomei wanted to hide behind Mitani Yotai, but was pushed away by Mitani Yotao.

Yota Mitani looked angry: "I originally wanted to pursue you. I didn't expect you to be such a slut. I blamed me for being blind and falling in love with you. And this Urada Kopei, it is really cheap for him to die today. ."

"Detective Maori, I apologize for what I just said. Kohei Urada, like this slut, is a scum."

The portrait of Hongshang Wuyi was greatly impacted, and he was still confused and did not recover.

Police Officer Megumi was also trembling with anger by the video, and shouted at Noda Rami: "Miss Noda, it has been proved from these videos that Kohei Urada has committed extremely bad rape crimes. You are the same. Accomplices in rape..."

Kogoro Mouri said indifferently, "Who just said that it was his own problem to dissolve the marriage contract? Who said Kohei Urada was a good person?"

"The video is here, I want to ask, is this guy a good person?"

"Scum! Scum!" "Scum! Scum!" "Scum! Scum!"

The students underneath scolded again, and almost smashed the corpse and Noda Rami with bottles and cans.

Kogoro Mouri didn't speak either, just stretched out his tail finger and gently pulled out his ears.

The high school students present saw this gesture of Kogoro Mori, and raised their index fingers in front of their mouths, whispering!

The scream disappeared in an instant, and the whole auditorium became silent again.

There was a bright light in Fujimine Yukiko's eyes: Again, just a single action suffocated the audience, it was so handsome.

She bumped Concubine Yingli on the shoulder and whispered: "Look at this guy, he has been away from Didan High School for so long, but as soon as he appears, he becomes a man of the world, as if he has returned to the past, so handsome. "

Fei Yingli put on a satisfied smile on her face, pretending to be disdainful, and said: "That's the case with the man who proposed to me!"

Hearing these words, Fujimine Yukiko and Haibara in his arms both showed a grieving expression.

Xiaolan and Qingzi had the same expressions, and their angelic faces looked at Kogoro Mouri with admiration.

At this time, Ninagawa Caiko's face was slightly lowered, and a cold light flashed in her glasses, and she said: "Detective Maori, I admit that I just lied. I know that Dr. Urada and Nurse Noda have done bad things, but he is the one I like after all. "

"It is said that people die like a lamp. Although Dr. Urada has done a lot of evil things, he can no longer atone for his sins after he dies. I still hope that he can have a good reputation, so I want to lie. I am really sorry. Maori detective." Ninagawa Caiko bowed to Maori Kogoro.

After listening to Ninagawa Caiko’s words, all the high school students present seemed to understand her. Japan takes death very seriously. In addition, she is a student of the school, so the eyes of all the students looking at Ninagawa Caiko changed. Softened.

Conan frowned when he looked at Ninagawa Caiko, so he retreated for a long time. What a great character!

But Kogoro Maori sneered in his heart: stubborn.

Item 0199

Ninagawa Caiko is really a tough guy. What she is most powerful is that she can draw a group of people to stand with her with a few light words.

Just a few words let the other suspects attack Kogoro Mori together, and now a few words draw all the high school students in the same school.

Especially at this moment, wearing school uniforms, his face is immature, adding a bit of weakness.

Confronting Moori Kogoro will inevitably make people feel that Moori Kogoro is bullying the small.

However, Kogoro Mori would not be used to her, and directly exposed her weak disguise: "Miss Ninagawa, I asked Officer Takagi to play the video just to provide evidence for my reasoning just now."

"Urata Kohei is not a good person, and you already know it. He has your handle and threatening you is a fact. You moved to kill the mind and killed him because of this. It is the truth today..."

"But when I asked, in front of the police, you said that Kohei Urada was a good person. You intended to tell us that you had no motive to kill, creating the illusion that it was impossible to kill. You also secretly signaled Noda Rami to help you do perjury."

"This kind of behavior of you is completely an act of perjury to exonerate yourself, and the sentence will be a plus."

"Why do you pretend to say that you are thinking of Urada Kohei's reputation, and that you are just thinking about yourself."

Kogoro Mouri pointed directly at the core.

The high school students present suddenly realized that if Caiko Ninagawa was not a criminal, she could still explain it with a white lie.

But if she is a criminal, she must be perjury, and she wants to use it as an excuse to escape crime.

"Joke, Maori detective, you are so funny. You keep saying that Kohei Urada has my handle and threatened me. Have you seen it with your own eyes or heard of it with your own ears? I remember that we are just today. See you for the first time."

Ninagawa Caiko didn't believe that in such a short time, Kogoro Mouri could find Kopei Urada to copy the video from his computer.

So she didn't have the slightest fear on her face, competing with Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mouri said with a serious face, "Does Ninagawa really want me to show the evidence? In this case, the reputation of your Ninagawa family will be completely ruined? Do you really want to bear a tainted identity, other strangers? Has your eyes gone for the rest of your life?"

"Wouldn't your dean's father be very disappointed with you? He will definitely regret how he didn't teach you well in the first place, and let you embark on the path of no return."

Hearing these words, Ninagawa Caiko could no longer hold her composure. For the first time, a strange expression appeared on her face. She said with a grumpy face: "Enough, you don't say any more."

Only when she talked about her father she had this gesture, Mouri Kogoro instantly understood.

The videos just shown are the video of Kohei Urada and Rami Noda assaulting a female patient. It is a strong evidence of the crimes of the two. In order to make Noda Rami confess the crime and expose the true face of Kohei Urada, Kogoro Mouri had to show it to Officer Takagi. of.

And Ninagawa Caiko's video is a picture taken by you for self-entertainment.

Although the scenes of compensating for those balding big fat guys seem a bit harsh, it can't be considered illegal after all.

Although it sounds bad, it is already a normal thing in Japan.

In addition, Mouri Kogoro, like Fei Hideri, also appreciates this extremely calm and perverted girl a little bit, so he didn't want to let her fall into a situation where it was never recovered.