Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 504

Hearing this, Kogoro Mouri nodded: "Don't worry, Mr. Kenzaki."

Everyone quickly took the elevator to the fourth floor, and Moori Kogoro at the front rang the doorbell, but no one inside opened the door.

"Are you out?"

Mouri Kogoro found that the door was not closed, so he gently opened the door and walked in.

The sound of breaking wind suddenly sounded, and a tennis racket was thrown off.

Kogoro Mouri grabbed the tennis racket subconsciously.

The woman holding the tennis racket used too much force and fell into the arms of Kogoro Mouri. Kogoro Moori reached out to hold it, and instantly pinched a mass of things.

Item 0213

Mouri Kogoro subconsciously rubbed it, and was a little disappointed. I'm sorry for A.

The short-haired woman broke free from Kogoro Mori's arms in a panic. Everyone walked in. Yoko Okino frowned and complained: "Xiao Kaoru, did you just greet us like this?"

Kaoru Kusano immediately apologized after seeing everyone: "Sorry, there have been too many voyeurs recently!"

This is the heroine tonight-Kaoru Kusano. She is very young, but only twenty years old. She is the smallest member of the Earth Ladies team.

Although young, his appearance is not as beautiful as Yoko, but his acting skills are well received by the audience.

Because Mouri Kogoro was in the forefront, his movements were not seen just now. Xiaolan saw Kaoru Kusano who was flushed, and thought she blushed because of the wrong person.

Xiaolan asked, "What voyeur?"

Kenzaki Shuo on the side said, "Recently, there are people around Xiao Kaoru's house, ringing the doorbell and running away immediately. It is the kind of guy who likes pranks, which makes Xiao Kaoru very scared."

Kaoru Kusano once again apologized: "That's why I came out with a tennis racket when I heard the doorbell. I'm sorry, Maori Detective, you almost got beaten by me when you came to my engagement party today."

Kogoro Mouri waved his hand and said, "It's okay, you didn't hit me!"

Yoko immediately chuckled, and came to Kaoru Kusano with his hands on her shoulders: "Since it’s okay, don’t worry about it. Let me introduce this. This is the heroine of the engagement party tonight, the youngest in the team. The member is the first to marry, Kaoru Kusano."

Kaoru Kusano waved his hand and smiled: "I'm embarrassed to say it, I just think it's a cool thing to get married at the age of twenty, just like my idol Fujimine Yukiko."

Hearing Fujimine Yukiko's name, Huihara couldn't help but sneered: Poor guy, didn't know that the truth was completely different from outside rumors. Yukiko is still unmarried, and her marriage is completely misunderstood by a paparazzi.

Kaoru Kusano came to Jianzaki Shou, put his arm around him, and smiled happily: "I and Ashiu are going to get married next spring, but this matter has not been notified to the media. It will be held today. It’s just an engagement ceremony."

Jianzaki's body became stiff at first, then he relaxed and smiled.

Kogoro Mori raised his brows slightly when he saw this scene, and his face appeared with a smile.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Lan couldn't help but her eyes brightened: This fake drama is real, and the love story of the two continues from the scene to the outside. The full pink makes Xiao Lan couldn't help but envy.

"It's great, I remember that Miss Kusano also appeared in "Detective Zuo Wenyu", and now it's great to be able to cultivate the fruit."

At this time, a female voice sounded at the door: "Yes, it's great to be able to cultivate into a positive fruit!"

Yue Yexue walked in with her long legs. She carried a bag in her hand, and her hair dyed brown naturally fell down. She wore white trousers to reveal her extremely long legs, and her upper body was dressed in purple gauze. The little face is full of femininity, very elegant.

Seeing the conspicuous red manicure on his fingertips, Jianzaki Xiu couldn't help but chuckle and said, "Axue, why did you put on such a cool manicure."

Yue Yexue smiled: "Put this nail on, it feels pretty good."

Jianzaki Xiu said, "It's a pity, Yoko, Kaoru, and Axue, the three have arrived. If Terumi also comes, they will all be there."

"Who is talking about me?" The door opened, and a cool girl stood at the door, it was Hoshino Terumi.

Her black hair was tied up, with a cigarette in her mouth, her brows and her eyes seemed to care nothing.

Wearing gray trousers, a blue top, and a black jacket, carrying a bag in his hand, his face was indifferent and full of coolness.

However, Hoshino Terumi saw a person present, her eyes instantly changed color, she immediately extinguished the lady's cigarette in her mouth, and then stood up straight.

"It's Sister Teru!" Kaoru Kusano said in a very cold tone, and his expression seemed to be particularly unwelcoming Hoshino Terumi.

Hoshino Terumi raised her eyes, "Yoko called me. I have to come anyway. If I don't welcome it, I'll go first."

Yoko Okino immediately rushed up, took Hoshino Terumi's arm, and pulled him in: "How could it be unwelcome, everyone is waiting for you, so that our Earth Ladies team will be all here." "

Although the Earth Ladies team disbanded not long after their debut, everyone in the group is developing very well.

Kaoru Kusano is mainly active in the TV circle, specializing in various TV dramas, and the TV dramas he participated in can sell well.

And Yue Yexue is an internationally well-known model, in addition to big catwalk endorsements, sometimes dabbled in various TV series.

Yoko Okino rejoins the women's group, focusing on singing, and is known as a girl singer.

She is the best-developed among the four, with the highest national recognition, and the hottest one. Therefore, she has capital to venture into other fields, whether it is making movies, making TV series, making records, holding concerts, hosting shows, participating in variety shows, Reality shows have achieved impressive achievements, which can be called full bloom.

As for Hoshino Terumi, she focuses on the host. She has programs on TV TOKYO, Nikkei TV, and Suzuki TV. The talk show on TV TOKYO is a trump card. She knows many politicians, upper-class figures and international figures, and she has a very wide network of contacts.

Therefore, Hoshino Terumi, a cool woman, has an intellectual temperament in her eyes.

It's just that the one she saw today is quite inconsistent with the one on TV, it seems that she is less calm and calm.

Hoshino Terumi could not help but ask Yoko Okino in a low voice: "Yoko, why did you invite him?"


"Maori detective!" Hoshino Terumi's words were panicked.

Yoko Okino smiled and said, "Xiao Kaoru said that her idol is a Maori detective, and I and Maori detective are friends again, so he entrusted me to invite him over. What's wrong, do you know him?"

"No, I don't know." Hoshino Terumi was secretly annoyed by why he smoked when he entered the door, and how he didn't dress up before he came. The first time I met, it left a bad impression and it was really uncomfortable.

Yue Yexue looked at the other three and smiled: "Wow, it seems to have been counted since Xiaoxun and Hui sister quarreled. Today is the first time the four of us got together."

Okino Yoko smiled: "So today is a memorable day!"

Chapter 0214: Hoshino Terumi's Panic

The tall Yue Yexue said, "I thought Sister Hui was the fastest to get married among the four of us. I didn't expect to be overtaken by the youngest."

Yoko Okino also smiled and joked: "Sister Hui already has a sweetheart. I read that little book every day and don't let us know, tusk tusk!"

"What's the matter!" Hoshino Terumi, who was originally full sister Fan, was quite panicked, his face flushed.

Maori Kogoro even noticed that she glanced at herself, and could not help but raised her eyebrows, faintly speculating in her heart:

Could it be that Hoshino Terumi is a fan of her own, too charming and troublesome!