Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 513

Item 0223

Kogoro Mori was waiting in the parking lot under the Fujiwara office, and soon he saw Takenoyuki coming out of the elevator.

It seems that because of the beginning of personnel, there is more amorous feelings in his body. Today's Yue Yexue is more than three points more beautiful than last night, and the aura has completely exploded, and the beauty is pressing.

Her long brown hair was tied up and her delicate face was revealed. She wore a leopard sweater with jade arms on her upper body, and a pair of black hot pants on her lower body. However, the most conspicuous was a pair of long legs in black stockings. The black silk is too bad.

Even if it is not a man with foot control, he will feel very beautiful when he sees these straight long legs.

The devil's figure firmly attracted the eyes of Kogoro Mouri.

Yue Yexue stepped on black high-heeled shoes, her little head turned around looking for Mouri Kogoro's car, but she really couldn't recognize it.

When Moori Kogoro pressed the horn, Yue Yexue looked over and saw Moori Kogoro in the driver's seat with a smile on his small face, and quickly walked over and took the passenger seat.

Once Yue Yexue sat down, Mouri Kogoro drove directly in one direction.

Yue Yexue looked at Maori Kogoro's profile with curiosity in her eyes: "Maori-kun, how did you do it yesterday? I didn't even see you hypnotized. Xiaoxun's memory is completely different."

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Want to know? I'll tell you as soon as I kiss me."

Yue Yexue turned her head proudly: "Hmph, don't think I'm that kind of casual woman. Yesterday I thought I was about to die to make you cheaper. Now that I'm recovering, you'd better treat me I forgot everything that happened in the kitchen yesterday."

While Yue Yexue said this, a pair of beautiful eyes also turned from time to time to look at Mouri Kogoro's reaction, looking like he was worried about gains and losses.

Seeing through Yue Yexue's expression, and taking another look at the system's achievement in the system, the great beauty model's opinion of herself has soared to 88, which is much higher than the average boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

Kogoro Moori smiled inwardly, saw through but didn't say anything, and followed her words: "Of course I know Koyuki, you are not a casual woman. You can still remain pure in such a complicated entertainment circle, and naturally you are as pure as the snow on Mount Fuji. "

Hearing the praise, Yue Yexue smiled on her face: "It's fine if you know, but well, something like that happened to us all last night, um..."

Yue Yexue's acting skills exploded, pretending to ponder for a moment, and then put on a reluctant expression: "Well, Mao Lijun, I will give you a chance for you to pursue me, maybe I will promise to be your girlfriend!"

Competing acting skills, Kogoro Moori is naturally not inferior, he immediately made a surprise expression: "Really? Koyuki, then I'm so happy."

Yue Yexue was very satisfied with Kogoro Mouri's reaction, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised.

However, she soon noticed the abnormality. This road, the road the car was driving on, was very familiar to her.

"Mao Lijun, where are you taking me?"

But Kogoro Mouri did not answer directly: "You will know when you arrive."

Soon, the Xigu district, which Yue Yexue is very familiar with, arrived. This is the place where she lived for more than 20 years. Yue Yexue had guesses, and her heartbeat gradually accelerated: it is impossible!

Mouri Kogoro parked the car underneath, and took Yue Yexue to the three buildings where she used to live, and then the two took the elevator to Room 1204 on the twelfth floor.

Seeing that the house in front of him was really the house where he had lived for more than 20 years, water mist came out of Yue Yexue's eyes.

Because of her father's serious illness, she not only borrowed a large sum of money from Hoshino Terumi, but also sold the house she had lived in since childhood at a low price.

Therefore, at this moment, although Yue Yexue looks glamorous, he is actually living in an extremely embarrassing situation. He lives in a low-priced rental house that Yoko helped find, and owes Hoshino Terumi a large sum of money.

Because of this, Yue Yexue, who had finished taking care of his father's funeral, was desperate and wanted to take revenge on Kusano before committing suicide.

At this moment, after meeting Mouri Kogoro, everything is different.

Looking at Yue Yexue, who was holding back tears, Maori Kogoro looked at her softly and took out a key in his hand: "Xiaoxue, the second gift, open it!"

Yue Yexue took the key and opened the door with a trembling body. Seeing the scene inside, she stood at the door, tears streaming down instantly.

Maori Kogoro pulled Yue Yexue into the house and closed the door easily.

"I asked Yoko before. She sent me a photo of your house. I followed the layout of the photo. Although it can’t be exactly the same as before, it’s still similar. Xiaoxue, does it feel very similar? Familiar?"

Looking at this bright and warm living room, the beige walls, mahogany cabinets, brown Turkish carpets, black leather sofas, two pink lazy seats, exactly the same as in the memory, Yue Yexue's tearful eyes were very moved.

Moori Kogoro put his arms around Yue Yexue’s thin waist, took out a document from behind, and said: “This is the certificate of real estate ownership of this house, with your name written on it. From now on, this will be your home. Retreat from the place where you are, and move back to live here."

Yue Yexue couldn't control herself anymore. She threw herself into the arms of Kogoro Maori, sobbing, her body halted and she was still asking: "Maori, why are you so good to me? We only just yesterday Just know it."

Maori Kogoro gently stroked Yue Yexue's hair, and said domineeringly: "Fool, are you my woman, shouldn't I be nice to you?"

Hearing this, Yue Yexue stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears, raised his little head, and kissed Kogoro Moori's mouth with red lips, launching an offensive enthusiastically.

With her bare hands, she pushed Moori Kogoro back and pushed him to lie down on the sofa. Then she sat on Moori Kogoro, rubbing her chest and abdomen with small hands.

Looking at the small face close at hand, the soft brown eyes full of affection and heat, Mouri Kogoro instantly reacted: Is this trying to push himself?

Unreasonably, how could the old driver be pushed back by the fledgling little rookie!

Mouri Kogoro immediately hugged Yue Yexue's thin waist, lifted his body completely, and then turned it over.

Offense and defense reversed immediately!

Without hesitation, the big fiery hand stroked the long-coveted black stockings, enjoying the smoothness.

Yue Yexue's small face quickly turned flush, and she hugged Moori Kogoro tightly with her hands, letting him cling to her body.

She completely forgot what she said in the car. At this moment, she just longed to be closer to and closer to her sweetheart!

Item 0224

The morning sun shines through the window on a tall and graceful female body in the living room.

The tall Yue Yexue was half naked, her hands propped on the edge of the window, her dim eyes looked at the orchid swaying in the wind on the window sill, sweat was constantly coming out of her red face.

The original leopard print shirt was taken off long ago, and was thrown on the sofa together with the underwear. The brown hair was scattered, covering his white back.

Her lower body was wrapped in a layer of tattered silk stockings, and a broken sense of beauty circulated on her body.In contrast to the damaged black stockings, the skin of his legs seemed extremely white and translucent.

The body seemed to be covered with a layer of fluorescence in the sun, and the sweat from the pores on the body became more and more crystal clear.

Because he had learned yoga before, Yue Yexue's flexibility was excellent.

At this moment, she was bathing in the sun, posing extremely difficult yoga movements.

The slender right leg was taut, and the right foot with high heels was struggling to find a support point.

But his left leg is raised high, forming an amazing standing horse with his right leg.

Yue Yexue's body was bent forward, her hands pressed on the window sill, and her long legs against the sky were fully opened, forming a two-meter-high horse in the air, forming a non-shaped shape, like a bow shooting a big eagle. People are amazed by its flexibility.

It seemed that this action pulled the ligaments of the legs tightly, and a tearing sensation continued from between the legs.

Yue Yexue gritted her teeth and supported it bitterly, her nose became extremely heavy, her body was trembling constantly, and the sweat came out and she persisted.