Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 514

The sweat soon wetted his hair, dripping together on the floor.

After a while, Yue Yexue still couldn't hold up this shooting style, her body weakly limp on the ground, her chest was constantly undulating, and it was obvious that her physical strength was extremely exhausted.

Obviously, these difficult yoga movements are still a bit difficult for Yue Yexue.

But soon, Yue Yexue's legs lying on the floor closed together, and then gradually raised.

The legs were raised from the floor, at right angles to the upper body, and then continued to press the force toward the abdomen, turning to the three-point direction, forming an acute angle with the body, and the broken stockings on the legs seemed to exude a different luster in the sun.

Yue Yexue supported her with both hands, and Li Shi was instantly supported.

With enough waist and abdomen strength, Yue Yexue could support this movement for a long time. She insisted on this yoga movement in the morning under the morning sun, and endured hard.

This yoga play lasted a full morning, nearly four hours.

Yue Yexue opened a horse on the sofa, made an arch bridge on the lazy sofa, and made a double angle on the carpet...

It wasn't until noon that she stopped exhausted and slept on the bed in her room.


In the afternoon between classes, in Didan Elementary School, Conan looked at the empty location next to Hui Yuan and couldn't help but feel a little worried: "I didn't expect that Step Mei was just throat irritation yesterday, and I can't come to school today."

Yuanta spoke carelessly: "In this situation, eating eel rice can quickly recover, otherwise eating the magical candy like Uncle Maori gave me last time, and I will recover quickly."

Mitsuhiko on the side rolled his eyes: "Eat, eat, you think everyone is like you, can you recover quickly if you eat?"

Although Huihara didn't speak, her frowning brows also showed that she was very worried about Ayumi's condition.

At this time, Mitsuhiko approached Conan and said, "Conan, have you ever heard of the robber murder in Beito City the day before yesterday."

Conan rolled his eyes. Yesterday, he was almost taken as a prisoner by Takagi Shibuya. He was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department to record a statement. So he has been focusing on finding the dwarf murderer who attacked Kaoru Kusano, washing his innocence, and where there is time to care about any robbers. murdering case.

Conan didn't know, but Genta next to him knew, and immediately said: "Mitsubishi, are you talking about the case of breaking through the door, robbery and murder?"

"Yes, that's the case of robbery and murder. The gangster thought that there was no one in the room, so he boldly opened the lock and broke in. Then he saw the sick woman inside, and the gangster tied the sick woman with a rope. After that, I was forced to ask where the money is.

"After asking, he brutally killed the woman and dissected the body, and then escaped. Now the police are looking for the murderer."

When Conan heard about this for the first time, he couldn't help but frowned: "It's possible that the woman was killed when she saw the murderer's face, but this method was too cruel."

Xiaopang Dunyuan sighed too much: "Such cases are not as useful as our young detective team."

At this moment, Kobayashi Chengzi walked over from the side: "What detective team, what brave place, you guys, be honest with me."

"Huihara, the teacher tells you to take a good look at these naughty ghosts. The teacher is not here in the afternoon, and you will all be honest with me."

Huihara responded softly, "Hi!"

At this time, Mitsuhiko asked, "Teacher, where are you going this afternoon? Why are you not in school?"

Sumiko Kobayashi said: "When Ayumi fell ill yesterday, her mother came to pick her up. She walked too quickly and dropped the medicine. Today, she asked for leave and couldn't give her the medicine."

"It just so happened that the teacher was also quite worried about her, anyway, there was no class in the afternoon, so I went to give her medicine, and take a look at Bumei's situation."

"Okay, okay, all of you sit back in your seats, and you're going to class, remember, don't be naughty."

The children returned to their original positions and sat down.

Sumiko Kobayashi turned and left, returned to the office and carried her handbag, then walked out of the school gate and headed towards Ayumi Yoshizawa's house.


In Yoshizawa Ayumi's home, Xiao Ayumi was lying on the pink bed with a weak face, covered with a quilt.

A gentle female voice sounded: "Bumei, drink this glass of water, and then take a good rest. When I sleep, I wake up and nothing will happen."

Bumei nodded obediently, got up and drank the warm water, then fell back on the bed.

"Take a good rest, Bu Mei, mom is going out, and mom will be back in the evening."

Knowing that her mother worked very hard, Bu Mei didn't say much, a smile appeared on her little face, and she waved goodbye to her mother.

The door to the room was closed. Step Mei glanced at the clock, then closed her eyes and started to sleep.

Item 0225

At this moment, Kogoro Moori was driving on the highway, with a satisfied smile on his face, recalling the pair of big black silk legs this morning, he couldn't help but smash his mouth, it seemed like an endless aftertaste.

Recalling that he was holding Yue Yexue's raised left leg, like a large human-shaped bow, there was really a lot of pride in bending the bow to shoot the big eagle, and indeed, the woman practicing yoga was really a treasure.

Had it not been for Akemi Miyano to call, Kogoro Mouri wouldn't want to leave Yue Yexue so quickly!

At this moment, he was rushing to where Miyano Akemi was.


And under Ayumi Yoshida's apartment, standing next to the motorcycle was a man wearing a blue assault suit, pigtails and a helmet.

The man looked at the high apartment floor with a sneer on his face.

He walked to the phone booth and started making calls.

Bumei’s phone rang, but Bumei was still asleep at the moment without noticing it.

The call is not connected, go to the message mailbox.

"Hello, this is Yoshida's house. I'm sorry I can't talk to you now. If there is anything important, please leave a message after the beep..."

The man hung up the phone, picked up a package on the back of the motorcycle, and walked towards the apartment.

Soon, the man pretending to be a delivery courier entered the apartment, got on the elevator, and the elevator stopped on the first floor of Bumei's house.

Ding Dong!Ding Dong!

The doorbell of Bumei's house rang, and Bumei, who was lying on the bed, opened his big, bewildered eyes, and a smile immediately appeared on his small face: Is it my mother?

Little Lori quickly lifted the quilt and ran towards the door, but she soon reacted: Isn't this mother?Mom always uses the key to open the door directly when going home, where is the doorbell!

After being with the juvenile detectives for a long time, Ayumi became very smart. She approached the door, pushed the stool next to the door, and climbed up to look at the cat's eye.

A completely strange man appeared in Bumei's sight. Hearing that man was prying the door with a tool, Bumei's small face was suddenly full of panic.

The robber who broke through the door!

In the morning, Bumei also watched the morning news and saw a murder case through an empty door. The prisoner is still at large and is wanted by the police.

Bu Mei connected the two instantly, her pupils kept shrinking, and she looked terrified.