Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 527

At this time, Miwako Sato's cell phone rang again, and she connected the phone.

"Police Officer Mumu, what are you talking about? A dozen fake bombs were found in Nanbeihu Station, all of which are deceptive."

"Sergeant Mumu, you hurry up and send a bomb disposal team to Tokyo Tower. According to Maori detectives, the criminals are likely to hide the bomb here!"

Boom boom boom!!


"No, it's not possible. It's right here. I witnessed an explosion in Tokyo Tower. Officer Mumu, I can't continue to report, I must go and support it!"

Speaking of this, Miwako Sato hung up the phone, then quickly got off the car, followed the pace of Kogoro Mouri and Sumiko Kobayashi, and rushed to Tokyo Tower.

The three were extremely conspicuous. The people in the Tokyo Tower kept rushing out, while the three kept rushing in.


In the Nanbeihu Station, Takagi found a fake bomb again, and the ribbon splashed all over him. He couldn't help feeling depressed. It arrived soon at 12 noon, and the real bomb had not been found.

Of course, Conan and the others couldn't get into the blocked Nanbeihu Station, so they could only wait anxiously in the car outside.

Takagi received a call from Officer Megome: "Officer Takagi, you are mistaken. There was an explosion on Officer Sato's side. The location is Tokyo Tower. Please go over and reinforce."

After the phone call, he hung up immediately, and Takagi was frustrated. After working hard for a long time, he finally found the wrong one.

However, he quickly cheered up, ran out of the Nanbeihu Station, got on the bus and drove towards the Tokyo Tower.

Conan couldn't help but wondered: "Officer Takagi, haven't you found a bomb inside?"

Takagi stubbornly said, "I found it wrong, it's all fake. The real bomb is on the Tokyo Tower side. I am really too. Why was it fooled by your children."

The three in the back seat immediately laughed awkwardly, but Conan held his jaw and started thinking, and soon exclaimed: "By the way, the color of Tokyo Tower is red, and the whole tower is made of steel. Climb up that sentence, unfortunately, I think I'm one step away."

Takagi rolled his eyes sharply: "Hey, as a hindsight, the Maori detectives have already been there."

Hearing this, Conan couldn't help his face twitching.


Outside the Tokyo Tower, a camera team was filming the smoke billowing above, while the male host anxiously said, "Did you see Miss Mizuno?"

The photographer replied from the side: "No, I didn't see Miss Mizumi after searching all over the place. I don't know where she went!"

The assistant in daily work clothes ran over and began to report on what he had discovered. After listening to the situation, the male host changed his face and immediately ordered: "Don't worry about Ms. Mizuno, I'll do it, and the camera is on. Live broadcast immediately."

The camera turned on, and the male host spoke: "Dear viewers, the film crew originally wanted to use the Tokyo mascot to record a special program, but an accident happened and the program was temporarily changed to live broadcast."

"There has been an explosion on the Tokyo Tower. We can see thick smoke billowing. According to the investigation of the staff, the bomb exploded on the elevator of the Tokyo Tower. Therefore, half of the elevator failed and was suspended in the air. Six or seven people were trapped in the elevator in a critical situation."

But the photographer was halfway through the recording, but moved the camera to the direction of the three people who ran in and shouted: "Who did you see who went in!"

The male host frowned, his gaze followed the camera, he recognized it, and couldn't help shouting excitedly: "You can see that the man among the three people who just ran by is the pride of our Tokyo, golden glitter The brain, the savior of the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department, Kogoro Mouri."

"It seems that a crime has really happened, and our Maori detective has also started to act. I believe that with him, this crime will definitely be prevented!"

When the male host called out the name of Kogoro Mouri, the ratings of Nikkei TV soared.

Originally, the audience had no reaction to the explosion of the Tokyo Tower, but Kogoro Moori's figure flashed past. Countless people gathered around and watched with concern how the great detective turned the crisis into nothingness.

Item 0239

Tourists in the Tokyo Tower kept walking down the stairs. Although only one of the four elevators in the tower exploded, no one dared to take the other elevators.

The total height of the Tokyo Tower is 332.6 meters. There are two observation decks inside, one is a large observation deck at a height of 150 meters, and the other is a special observation deck at about 250 meters.

And the trapped elevator came down from the top of the tower, stopped because of the explosion, and was at the top of the two hundred and fifty-meter-high special observation deck.

Standing at the elevator entrance at the special observation deck, only the calves of the trapped crowd can be seen at the elevator entrance.


In the stairwell, Mikako Sato kept shouting in front: "I am a policeman, please let me!"

The tourists who climbed down kept giving way to the road. The three of them followed the instructions of the staff in the tower and rushed along the stairs to a special observation deck at a height of 250 meters.

There was a group of staff in the tower, and the supervisor was asking anxiously: "Hurry up and let the maintenance worker come over, if it falls, you don't want to do it one by one."

The subordinate on the side hurriedly said, "If he can't get through, that guy must be drunk again."

The three of Kogoro Mori rushed over, and Mikako Sato immediately showed her ID: "I am a policeman from the Metropolitan Police Department. Is anyone trapped in this elevator?"

"Yes, there are a total of six people trapped in it, police officer, think of a solution."

Just as everyone was frowning, Mouri Kogoro was already close to this bridge.

The weight of this elevator is about 1.3 kilos. With six people, the total weight is about two kilos.

Even if Kogoro Mori has five times the physique of a human being, it would be extremely difficult to pull two kilograms of bridges, but he has helpers.

A few Ant-Man robots flew into the elevator shaft where Miwako and Sumiko could not see them, helping out in the dark.


Moori Kogoro pulled the elevator bridge with both hands, exerting tremendous force, his muscles bulged in an instant, and his gray suit almost burst, his face flushed.

The horrible picture appeared. He was like a humanoid tyrannosaurus, pulling down the two thousand catties of the elevator bridge.

Seeing this scene, Mikako Sato and Sumiko Kobayashi's eyes widened and couldn't believe it.

And the staff on the side looked like hell, no one could use their strength to hold the elevator.

The six people in the elevator couldn't help being shocked, exclaiming continuously.

But soon they felt that the rate of decline was uniform and slow, and their faces showed joy.

Among the six, Mizumi, who was isolated in the corner, stared at the blue cat eyes at Kogoro Mouri's flushed face, full of shock: Is this guy still a human?

Seeing that the elevator car has dropped by half, and there is enough area to squat and jump down, Mouri Kogoro immediately shouted: "Get me down quickly, I can't hold it for long."

A few people in the bridge chased me and jumped from the half-open elevator entrance.

But in the end, there was a woman in the elevator who didn't understand the mosquito. She was wearing a water blue suit and skirt with blue cat eyes looking at Maori Kogoro. The hair on her head was curled, and it was Mizuno.

She also held a box-like thing in her hand.

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyes and said, "Miss Mizumu, why are you here? Don't come down quickly!"

Shui Wu Rennai smiled bitterly: "Maori detective, I can't move around. I have a bomb in my hand. The screen of my phone shows that if I make any changes, he will directly detonate the bomb. I can only hold it all the time. what."