Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 533

"Quickly let me down, I can climb down by myself."

After saying that, Shui Wu Ren twisted his body and hands, trying to grasp the railroad track on the side, but his right hand accidentally knocked down the wound of Kogoro Mori.


"Don't move, fool!"

Hearing the violent drink, Mizumi quickly retracted his hand into the distance and hugged Mouri Kogoro's waist again.

Maori Kogoro couldn't help taking a breath, his face twitched, and he was extremely annoyed. Why didn't he just show his domineering body, otherwise he wouldn't suffer such a serious injury.

A layer of flesh and blood was directly scraped off the shoulder blades on his back. The pain was almost as painful as skinning cramps. He subconsciously wanted to perform a treatment on himself.

But soon he realized that the female agent in front of him was a member of the dark organization and the CIA, a double-faced female agent.

If it is discovered that the treatment is performed in front of him, it is very likely to be exposed to the dark organization and people in the CIA, then the gain is not worth the loss!

Maori Kogoro couldn't believe her yet, and it would be a tragedy if something messed up.

The hole cards can't be exposed, so you can only endure for a while, and then he can treat after sending away Shui Wu Ren.

Kogoro Mouri hurriedly called his Ant-Man robot out, which is the blame for his miscalculation.

Except for the three Ant-Man robots who were asked to help lift the elevator bridge at the beginning, no other Ant-Man robots were asked to help.

He got on the elevator himself, and the remaining three Ant-Man robots could not withstand the weight of the elevator.

Fortunately, these three robots escaped directly from the gap on the side, otherwise they might be crushed by the impact of the falling bridge.

Following the command of Kogoro Mouri, under his shoes, two Ant-Man robots grew to a height of ten centimeters.

The robotic arm held Kogoro Moori's shoes, and the robotic foot stepped on the rail, instantly transforming into a walking aid.

He also commanded another robot, pushed a force on its arm, and took the dislocated right hand back.

After recovering his right hand, Kogoro Mouri let out a long sigh of relief.

Maori Kogoro sighed, "You woman, don't make trouble for me. If you fall down to a height of tens of meters, you will definitely become a pool of mud, and no one will recognize you."

"If you want to die, I don't want to die. Don't move your hands anymore and just put your arms around my waist."

"But I can..." Shui Wulian wanted to say that he could climb down by himself.

"No, but, I said in the elevator that I would take you out safely, and I did what I said!"

In pain, sweat oozes from Mouri Kogoro's face, dripping onto Mizumi's pretty face.

Hearing these words and perceiving the sweat on his face, Shui Wu Nai's expression was obviously stunned.

For the first time, she knocked down a man for the first time, hurting herself so badly, and insisting on her promise.

Even desperately for myself!

Mizumi looked at the outline of Mouri Kogoro's face, and a blur of blue cat eyes flashed.

She began to understand why the two stupid women didn't want to leave even if they wanted to die with the big pervert.

Mouri Kogoro started to move. With his left arm around Mizumi's soft waist, he used his right hand and feet to climb down under the Ant-Man robot version of the walker.

He crawled on the walls of this elevator shaft, walking like flying.

Had it not been for fear of causing Mizuno Rena's suspicion, Mouri Kogoro's speed could have become even greater.

Mizuno Reina's blue cat's eyes were round, and it was hard to believe that the injured Kogoro Moori could climb so fast in this elevator shaft with him, it was nothing like a human being.


Mikako Sato, who was on the large observatory, had not been able to get through Kogoro Moori's cell phone, and a look of despair flashed in her purple eyes.

Her head was dizzy, and her body couldn't help shaking.

At this time, Sumiko Kobayashi hurriedly shouted: "Sato, Officer Sato, the elevator is coming."

Upon seeing this, Miwako Sato immediately took the elevator to the first floor with Sumiko Kobayashi.

This short distance of one hundred meters, this minute of riding time, for the two women, every second is suffering.

The two women hugged each other tightly, constantly comforting each other.

"Kogoro will be fine, right?"

"He is so powerful, I can't beat him, how can I not escape."

"We both forgave him, how could he be willing to leave us behind."

"There will be nothing wrong with him, nothing will happen..."


In the dark elevator shaft, every step of the downward climb was torment for Kogoro Moori.

The wound on his back kept tearing, and the palm of his right hand was bloody and he insisted on holding the railroad track. All of this was caused by Shui Wuren's big ass.

If it weren't for the ass to be too big to get out of the gap, it wouldn't be enough to turn around and hurt his back.

The pain was almost unbearable, and Kogoro Mouri broke out in a cold sweat, and the veins kept jumping up.

After suffering, he suddenly remembered a movie "Domestic Lingling Paint" he had watched in his previous life. There was a story of watching pornography and taking bullets. The protagonist took out all the bullets by diverting his attention.

Mouri Kogoro instantly realized the essence of it, and his left hand, which was originally holding Mizumi's soft waist, frightened and grabbed her buttocks.

Sure enough, his attention was immediately shifted, and Mouri Kogoro felt that the pain in his back was not obvious.

"Detective Maori, what are you doing?" Mizumi Reina's face was full of shame. She was so moved by Maori Kogoro's desperation in her heart, but she didn't expect to be attacked instantly.

At this juncture of life and death, it is enough for this big detective to do such a thing!

The daring is not enough to describe him.

Kogoro Mouri spoke righteously: "I'm afraid you will fall from me. I have to hold a position where I can bear the force."

Shui Wu Rina couldn't help rolling his eyes: "Then I really want to thank you, can that position be strong?"

Item 0246

Mouri Kogoro felt his five fingers sink completely in, and couldn't help but knead it. The elasticity was very good, and he couldn't help but smile, "That's quite strong!"