Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 539

Seeing this, the two women shunned each other and started to shake the pot.

Kogoro Mouri raised his husband, with great momentum, and said: "It seems that the lessons that I taught you two yesterday are not enough. There is no way, I can only work harder."

After that, he lifted the two women out of the bathtub slowly along the steps of the love bathtub.

When the two women saw things that surfaced, their purple and blue eyes shrank for a while, and they looked at each other, their faces were pale, and they quickly asked for mercy.

"Kogoro, you got it wrong, Miwako and I said we were going to have a breakfast for you. We were just joking."

"Kogoro, really don't come, I really can't do it anymore, you can find Chengzi!"

"Miwako, you... Kogoro, I will have to go to class later, I can't do it, please let me go!"


Listening to the two women's constant begging for mercy, the horror on their faces was also real, and Kogoro Moori couldn't help laughing smugly.

How invincible is, how lonely!

Kogoro Mori is naturally a person who loves and cherishes jade. Seeing that the two girls are really powerless to fight again, and after a night, they still haven't recovered, so he didn't think that he really wanted to raise his gun and start the second round of war...

But it is impossible for him to let the two women off so easily.

"Since you begged for mercy like this, I will let you go for your husband, but..."

When Moori Kogoro said this, the faces of the two women were bleeding red.

But subject to others, and hanging in mid-air at the moment, what else can be done, in the end I can only agree.

Hearing that the two women had agreed to their request, a touch of joy appeared on Kogoro Mouri's face, and his body gradually squatted down, gently placing the two women lifted back on the ground.


Mouri Kogoro immediately slashed and sat on the love bathtub, while on the soft cushion, Sumiko Kobayashi and Mikako Sato knelt in front of him, their faces blushing.

The two women looked exactly the same, except that their eyes were different in color, one blue and the other purple, which made Kogoro Mouri excited.

Amidst Kogoro Moori's urging, the two women looked at each other hesitantly, and then opened their mouths obediently, and leaned their heads together.


...... Five hundred words are omitted here......

Half an hour later, the three of them were eating breakfast prepared by the robot on the sofa in the living room. The two women had already put on clothes bought by the robot.

Mikako Sato is a white lady's suit and skirt, heroic and neat;

On the other hand, Sumiko Kobayashi is a set of blue casual clothes, graceful, gentle and generous;

After yesterday's battle, the two women's faces both had a touching amorous feeling, which was so beautiful.

Both women gnawed on a piece of bread, replenishing the strength they lost yesterday.

For the two cups of milk on the coffee table, the two women didn't want to drink it, but Sumiko Kobayashi didn't even want to eat the ham.

And Mikako Sato picked up the fork and skewered the ham, with purple eyes glaring at Kogoro Mori, opened her mouth, bit down hard, and a smug expression immediately appeared on Qiao's face.

Sitting opposite, Mouri Kogoro rolled up his sleeves and made a gesture to stand up.

Meihezi immediately acknowledged her counsel, and quickly threw away the remaining ham, seeing the other two laugh secretly.

Item 0252

Moori Kogoro stood up, Sato Mikako's expression was quite panic, and immediately said: "Kogoro, what else do you want to do, I have already thrown it away, don't overdo it!"

With a smile on his face, Kogoro Mori quickly approached the two women, stood in the middle of the sofa, and sat in. He put his arms around the waists of the two women: "This is the right way to eat, Miwako, what are you thinking about!" "

The sofa was just a two-seater, and the three of them sat down and huddled together.

Mouri Kogoro opened her mouth and gestured, and Sumiko Kobayashi quickly understood his request and gently fed Kogoro Mouri to dinner.

Miwako was originally unwilling, but she quickly succumbed under the slapping of Kogoro Mouri.

Mouri Kogoro released his hands, pinched left and right, and opened his mouth to eat something. This breakfast took another twenty minutes.

After breakfast, Chengko Kobayashi looked at the time and quickly said, "No, Kogoro, if I don't leave, I will definitely be late today."

At this moment, Miwako Sato’s cell phone rang. The cell phone rang several times yesterday. Kogoro Mouri thought it was too annoying, so he muted it.

Only then did Miwako open it, and she saw countless missed calls inside, all of them were from Miyamoto Yumi: Why is Yumi making so many calls to me?

The phone was switched on, and Mikako and Yumi started talking.

Mouri Kogoro faintly noticed something was wrong, so he tiptoed up and headed towards the door.

"Yumi-chan, why are you calling so many calls to me? Is something urgent?"

Yumi Miyamoto on the other side of the phone was almost mad, and she was crying: "Mikako, you finally answered the phone. Didn't you tell me that Kogoro was seriously injured at the Mihua Central Hospital yesterday? Last night until now, I Didn't find him in the hospital, he was not in an accident, right?"

"He's okay. The serious injury has been healed long ago. This guy is alive and well. You don't know, this guy is very capable!"

Upon hearing this, Yumi Miyamoto's heart fell at the Mihua Central Hospital, and she let out a long sigh of relief.

Yesterday, Mikako Sato told only her good friend Yumi Miyamoto about the injury of Kogoro Mori, and made Miyamoto Yumi worry all night.

But Mikako Sato reacted. This good sister of her was looking for her sweetheart in the hospital all night. This was strange enough, and she had been hiding from herself a while ago.

Women’s sensitivity in such matters is not inferior to that of the big detective. Mikako Sato immediately asked: "No, Yumi, you care about what Kogoro is doing so much, and you keep calling me all night without sleeping. This is not a fan at all. The feelings of idols."

The light of wisdom flashed in Sato Miwako's eyes: "Yumi, honestly confess, did you and Kogoro do something sorry for me with their backs to me?"

Miyamoto Yumi heard the compelling question, her pupils kept shrinking, her face panicked to the utmost, and she couldn't speak smoothly.

"Why, how is it possible? Me, Kogoro and I, how could we work in the car, do it in the car, no, nothing happened to us! Miwako, you think too much, ah! Yes, yes, I want to go Patrol, let's talk back, talk back!"

Miyamoto Yumi talked more and more chaotically, pressing down the call button on the phone in a hurry, and then weakly fell on the wall and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Ah! I was scared to death, what should I do!" Yumi Miyamoto's face changed while holding the phone.

And in the room, Mikako Sato, who heard that her phone was hung up, turned around and immediately saw Kogoro Moori who was sneaking away at the door, and quickly shouted: "Kogoro, tell me you and Yumi are again what happened?"

Seeing Mikako, who looked like a female leopard behind him, Kogoro Mouri opened the door subconsciously, pretending that he didn't hear a violent shout: "Oh, Mikako, Sumiko, I remember that there was an urgent order before I got it, so I just left."

After that, Kogoro Mori slipped out of the room, bursting into speed, disappearing without a trace in an instant.

Mikako Sato rushed out immediately, but he didn't even see the shadow of Kogoro Mouri, and his chest was constantly rising and falling.