Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 550

After taking a bath, Bochi Jinghua wore a gray bathrobe, her hair was tied up again, her face was already calm.

She walked out of the bathroom, wearing wooden clogs and walking along the wooden corridor, and soon saw Hattori Heiji who was still practicing kendo under the stars.

In the courtyard, Hattori Heiji was sweating profusely, holding a wooden sword and was constantly cutting.

He is preparing for the kendo contest this weekend.

Jinghua Haochi sighed. After talking with Kogoro Mouri, Jinghua Haochi understood that the emotional matter was barely possible after all.

Heiji and Yejian's affairs are ultimately left to them to solve.

She shook her head and left the courtyard. After instructing the housekeeper to prepare hot soup for Hattori Heiji, she went to her room.

When passing a dark room, a strong male voice rang: "Back!"

Bochi Jinghua paused, her pretty face stunned: "Well, I'm back!"

In the dark room, you can see the outline of a majestic man, kneeling on the futon, holding a long sword in both hands, his eyes closed.

Hearing Bochi Jinghua's voice, her left eye suddenly lifted, extremely slender, it was a fox eye, with inexplicable power!

As soon as his left eye opened and closed, the man continued to speak: "When you come back, rest early!"


Bo Chi Jinghua paused briefly, her face calm, and Lianbu moved lightly, and he passed the dark room to the next room.

Bochi Jinghua entered the next room and pushed the sliding door.

It seems that there is a partition like a moat in these two rooms!!!

The backyard of the Osaka Prefectural Police House returned to calm.


But at this moment Kogoro Moori is a bit tragic, he has become a prisoner.

Originally, after he got home, he planned to lie down on the sofa after dinner, holding Huihara and teasing the little loli, or enjoying the massage of sweetheart's daughter.

But all this was interrupted by a phone call from Yumi.

Yumi on the phone said that she had been accused of being a murderer in an unexpected case, and the situation was extremely urgent.

Kogoro Mouri went out without hesitation and drove to the location Yumi said.

But I didn't expect a red Mazda near the destination.

Miwako's proud smile was seen in the driver's seat.

Mouri Kogoro instantly realized that he was calculated by his own women, but Lexus was blocked by Miwako's red Mazda from behind, and there was no way to escape.

In desperation, the ambushed Kogoro Mori could only be entered into an apartment under the escort of Miwako, which was Yumi's home.

Unexpectedly, Yumi is really a big fan of her own. Not only did he put a poster of Kogoro Mori on the wall, but he also bought a lot of peripheral products of his support club.

For example, beard pendants, human-shaped dolls, the same coat worn by Kogoro Moori, and a large pillow with a photo of Kogoro Moori...

I was amazed by Moori Kogoro, he didn't know that his fans had made so many things.

Yumi Miyamoto, who was originally in the living room, was sitting on the sofa in her pink pajamas, happily eating an apple with her pillow, and laughed from time to time watching TV shows.

However, as soon as she saw the two of them coming in, she immediately threw the apple away, pretending to be well-behaved.

Miwako escorted Moori Kogoro and pushed him onto the sofa.

Kogoro Moori's hands are behind the handcuffs, which are the handcuffs of Miwako's father.

Got it!Knowing that he could break away the handcuffs, he used the relic handcuffs to torture himself.

Kogoro Mori really didn't dare to break free.

On the side, Yumi looked at Miwako with a pleased look, and stretched out her hand to help her massage, but was knocked off by Sato.

Miwako showed off against the unsuspecting Yumi, and instantly subdued her, pulled her into handcuffs, and threw them on the sofa together.

The two lie on the same sofa on their sides.

At this moment, Meihezi's purple eyes flashed with pride, and he pulled out a police swing stick from the waist of the white suit and shouted to the two of them: "Say, how long have you two been together with me behind your back?"

Miwako's right foot stepped on high heels instantly stepped on the position between Mouri Kogoro's legs, and the baton pointed at Yumi.

Mouri Kogoro and Miyamoto Yumi shook suddenly.

Miyamoto Yumi hurriedly begged for mercy: "Mikako, didn't you say that I lied to Kogoro and you let me go? How could you be like this, without words!"

Meihezi sneered and said, "Hmph, we are sisters for more than ten years, and even eat my man, who is not moral."

Yumei glanced at Kogoro Mori: "I obviously liked Kogoro first. I have always been a fan of him. It's not always certain which one of us comes first. Maybe you are the third party!"

"I have already been handcuffed and dare to speak hard, see how I teach you!"

Miyamoto Yumi instantly recognized her counsel, and her body shrank into a ball.

Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Mikako, all mistakes are my fault. Punish me whatever you want. Yumi is innocent. Don't hurt her!"

A touch of emotion appeared in Yumi's eyes and looked at Kogoro Mouri with affection.

Miwako couldn't help but feel anxious when she heard this, and her feelings turned into a villain in an instant.

"Kogoro, you silence me, I didn't care about Chengko."

Miyamoto Yumi's face changed in an instant, and he looked at Mouri Kogoro suspiciously: "Who is Chengko?"

Mikako Sato immediately told Yumi Miyamoto about Sumiko Kobayashi!

Yumi, who was originally tender and moved, became furious in an instant, and shouted: "Mikako, let me go, I also have to teach this flower-hearted ghost!"

In an instant, the two women united the front, and their guns were aimed at Kogoro Mouri, and the cold sweat of Kogoro Mouri fell instantly.

Seeing Mikako Sato really want to take the key to unlock Yumi Miyamoto, Kogoro Moori suddenly violent.

Although a little time was wasted, the unlocking skills that I regretted to redeem were still used at this moment.

After he unfastened the handcuffs, he turned his body over and instantly restrained Mikako Sato.

Moori Kogoro took the handcuffs and handcuffed Miwako's hands and threw it on the sofa.

The situation reversed in an instant, and Kogoro Mouri looked at the two beautiful police flowers on the sofa, with a smile of an old driver on his face.