Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 553

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After a while, Xiaolan's cell phone rang. It was a call with Ye. She immediately picked up the phone and chatted with Ye.

At the end of the call, Xiaolan said, "Tell Ye her that she is already waiting for us at the gate of the station. Let us leave the station and head towards the east gate."

Hui Yuan frowned and said, "We have more than an hour to arrive, and she came too early. She must wait a long time at the station!"

Mouri Kogoro knew that Kazuya was eager to see him, and he was quite moved.

Conan rubbed the big red envelope on his head and interrupted: "It's also really strange. Today is the Kendo match of Brother Heiji, why doesn't she go to watch it?"

Xiaolan immediately said, "Conan, what your little child doesn't understand is that it has nothing to do with Ye Hepingci. Naturally, I won't go to watch him play specifically. I just told her that we will arrive at 12 noon and we will go there later. Watching Hattori Heiji's kendo finals, Kazuha is still a little unhappy!"

Kogoro Mori looked at Conan with a weird look: "I said you little devil, he was hostile last time when you sent him away. Why do you care about them so much now, you have become too fast!"

Conan suddenly looked excited: "That's because he invited me to the party for the establishment of the 3K restaurant tomorrow. At that time, Mr. Ray Cuttis, who is known as the European football fortress, will appear, so I will reluctantly forgive him."

When Conan talked about football, he looked as excited as when he encountered a case.

Seeing Conan's expression, Mouri Kogoro was a bit cold: This is really a bit angry that his girlfriend has been coaxed by her boyfriend and has a good sense of sight!

Xiao Lan couldn't help but chuckle: "Conan, you and Hattori are really a happy couple!"

"Ha ha."

Hearing this, Conan's face immediately showed a smile of MMP.


At this moment, a murder case occurred in the Langhua Central Stadium, and the competition in the stadium is in full swing.

And in the locker room next to the swimming pool, there was a college student contestant who died in the shower room.

Hattori Heiji, who knocked down the case, looked excited. He ran back and forth between the annex and the shower room, looking for clues to solve the case.

But Chi Bo Jinghua came out from the stadium’s auditorium to look for it. He intercepted Hattori Heiji in the playground and couldn’t help complaining: “Heiji, you ran in a panic. You didn’t play in the morning and didn’t eat at noon. Team competition, but you can't give this game to your teammates!"

Hattori Heiji looked impatient: "Mom, there have been cases in the gymnasium, Dalong police officers are here, how could I leave it alone, the game is a trivial matter, besides, as long as it is settled before two o'clock in the afternoon, then enter the finals. Isn't it all right?"

"Don't worry, mom!"

Chi Bo Jinghua shook her head and said: "No, since the Dalong police officer is here, then leave this to him to deal with, you will let me go back to prepare for the battle, I have already lost to others last time, don't you want to practice hard for a year? Revenge?"

"Hey, auntie, I didn’t lose to that guy last time. I was hit by him on the back of the ear while hiding his sword. The blood flow continued. The doctor on that field forced me to stop the game. Yes, otherwise the outcome of me and him is not certain!"

"But this is not in a hurry, you can deal with him after I solve the case!"

Chibo Jinghua sighed, but his eyes quickly lit up: "Heiji, didn't you say that you invited the great detective Mouri Kogoro here? Why don't you tell him what happened here-next, maybe it will be soon The case is solved!"

Hattori Heiji couldn't help but looked at Chi Bo Jinghua suspiciously: "Mom, how did you know him? Didn't you never watch TV or newspapers?"

Thick and thick!!!

Chi Bo Jinghua covered her mouth and laughed: "It's not that your child is talking about it at home every day. I just searched it on the Internet and I know him naturally."

"Really?" The nervous Hattori Heiji quickly ignored it.

"But this matter cannot be told to the Maori detective, I must solve it myself!"

Hattori Heiji was full of fighting spirit, but his heart was full of depression.

The main reason is that as soon as Moori Kogoro appeared, he didn't have anything to do with him. He couldn't even beat the soy sauce hot!

Hattori Heiji immediately rushed towards the locker room: "Mom, you go back to the stadium auditorium and wait, I will be back soon."

Chi Bo Jinghua looked at Hattori Heiji who was going away and sighed.

But she quickly picked up the phone and dialed the phone.


More than an hour later, a Maori group walked out of Osaka Station, and a beautiful young girl in school uniform with a ponytail rushed over. It was Toyama and Ye...

"Uncle Maori, you are finally here, I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

He Ye's eyes were very excited, and if there were no other people present, He Ye would probably jump on Maori Kogoro the first time.

But now she could only turn around and put her arms around Xiaolan's arm, but her amber eyes were still staring at Kogoro Mouri.

Xiao Lan chuckled: "Who told you to come so early, hey, why are you still wearing school uniform today?"

"Because today is the kendo team competition of our reformed high school, my classmate asked me to cheer, so I put it on, but I know Xiaolan, you are coming over, so I just came here to look for you."

"Thank you very much He Ye!" Maori Kogoro smiled gently, and He Ye immediately smiled back and smiled.

He didn't waste any time, and asked all the people to walk in the direction of the taxi. He took the car and went straight to the Langhua Central Stadium.

Twenty minutes later, Kogoro Moori and his party got off the train in the Langhua Central Stadium.

Five people entered the gymnasium, and He Ye introduced as he walked: "Here is the playground, and now all the students sitting here are students taking a break and eating lunch. The left is the competition venue, and the right is the annex. I remember there is a swimming pool behind. And the locker room, swimming competitions are also held here."

"Today's kendo competition is divided into high school and university departments. The afternoon is the most exciting final part. After the final, there will be a sword drawing performance. That one uses real swords!"

He Ye was still introducing, and Xiaolan exclaimed: "Dad, look, isn't that woman our client before?"

Xiaolan spotted Chi Bo Jinghua who was very conspicuous among a group of students. She was very beautiful in a brown kimono.

But Conan Hui's face was puzzled, and it was the first time they saw Chi Bo Jinghua.

But Heye exclaimed: "Client, what's the matter, did Hattori Heiji's mother go to your office to entrust you?"


Hearing this, Xiaolan, Conan, and Haibara all had their faces in astonishment. They looked at Chi Bo Jinghua whose skin was as white as snow, and when they thought of Hattori Heiji, who was like black coal, they couldn't imagine that these two were actually mother and child.

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Xiaolan suddenly exclaimed: "What? Ms. Chibo, are you Hattori Heiji's mother? It is absolutely impossible. You are so white and Hattori Heiji is so dark. How could you be a mother and son, besides, you are so young."

Both Conan and Huiyuan looked incredulous.

After Chiba Jinghua and Moori Kogoro looked at each other, they covered their mouths and chuckled lightly.

At this moment, Hattori Heiji, who ran out of the annex, happened to hear this. Hei Tan's face immediately showed a touch of anger, and he walked toward these people with dead fish eyes.

"Xiao Lan, what do you mean, my skin color is inherited from my father, what's wrong? And you have to call her Madam Hattori, not Miss Chi Bo."

Hearing that the master who was complaining about herself was here, Xiao Lan waved her hand to apologize again and again.