Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 569

At this moment, an explosion sounded from outside, attracting tourists to look up one by one.

"Look, someone on it burned himself!"

Countless people looked up at the castle tower above. On the blue roof of the castle tower, a man was burning with a white flame.

When Hattori Heiji and Conan heard this, they rushed out. Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows, took the toilet paper on the side and wiped the ketchup from Haibara's mouth, and then said: "You guys continue to eat, I'll take a look What's the situation outside."

Then he opened up the umbrella Shi Shiran and walked out.

Soon he saw a group of people on the left side of the castle tower, and after crossing the crowd, he saw Hattori Heiji and Conan surrounding a scorched corpse.

Hattori Heiji kept pressing on the heart of the scorched corpse, performing cardiac resuscitation, while Conan was on the phone next to him, planning to call an ambulance.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward and touched the charred corpse with his hand, and instantly ascertained the situation.

This guy was already dead and couldn't die anymore, mainly because he was not burned to death, but fell to his head and fell to his death.

"Heiji, he is out of help, call the police!"

Hattori Heiji sighed and stood up: "Uncle, he stretched out his hand to hold this umbrella just now, it should be a death message!"

After saying that Hattori Heiji called Officer Otaki, then he took Conan and ran to the castle tower.


Not long after, Officer Otaki, who had only met yesterday, appeared on the side of the castle tower.

The members of that group of travel agencies in the Warring States Period also gathered together, holding an umbrella one by one and watching.

The middle-aged woman, Maho Katagiri, pretended to say, "I didn't expect Mr. Kato to make such a choice. He seemed very happy when he traveled together!"

The bald old man Huo Wu You Xian sighed: "It's hard for one person to see the other person. Maybe he is happy on the surface, but in fact it is very painful inside."

Otaki Goro carefully looked at the burnt corpses in the field, because he heard Moori Kogoro's scolding yesterday, so he was looking for clues very seriously at this moment.

Not long after, Otaki Goro raised his head and turned to Moori Kogoro: "Moori-kun, this deceased person should have committed suicide. The crowd onlookers said that he climbed the castle tower by himself when it was raining. The eaves of the fourth floor, and then set off a fire there, rolling down in white flames."

"He still wears a sweater that burns easily, and it's raining again. How could he roll down like this if he didn't commit suicide, right?"

Hearing Otaki Goro's inference, Mouri Kogoro sneered.

This guy, like Mumu Shisan, likes to push the cases he encounters to suicide the most.

In fact, the Japanese police generally like to do this. As long as the motive for suicide is found, the case can be closed. There is no need to find the murderer and find evidence, so the detection rate will be higher.

You can climb up by mixing and mixing!

This is Otaki Goro's favorite and most used method.

But at this time, Conan and Hattori Heiji returned from a search on the castle tower.

Hattori Heiji said, "Officer Otaki, it's too early to come to a conclusion. This is what we found on the roof of the castle tower."

Hattori Heiji took out a lighter in a plastic bag.

Otaki Goro looked puzzled: "Heiji, doesn't it mean that the deceased committed suicide?"

Hattori Heiji shook his head and said, "A suicidal person would not care to close the lid of the lighter, and what is more suspicious is that I found a small fan shape under the lighter that was not exposed to rain. According to my guess, it should be placed in the original place. Other things are right."

Hearing this inference, Otaki Goro still felt far-fetched.

The forensics officer on the side said: "Police Department, the deceased's belongings have been sorted out."

Everyone immediately surrounded them and saw a wallet, mobile phone, keys, a small piece of debris, and a scroll.

Otaki Goro opened the scroll, and saw that it was burnt to pieces, and only a dragon was written.

Several people in the same tour group saw the scroll, and their eyes lit up.

Mouri Kogoro, wearing gloves, was about to pick up the scroll: "Lend me a look."

Then open the scroll to expose it to rain. After the rain gets wet, the message is immediately revealed.

Hattori Heiji, Conan, Otaki Goro and others gathered around in amazement.

The traces revealed were like the shape of a gourd, with some words written on it, but it was burned so that it could not be a sentence, I don’t know what it means!

"Wow, Maori detective, how did you know that this scroll needs to be watered to reveal information?"

Kogoro Mouri pointed to the burnt-out part of the scroll, and there were traces of paper in the gap.

"It's very simple. I saw that although the edges of the scroll paper were glued together, there were many layers of paper marks on the burned area. The ancients liked to leave information on the paper inside. It was a way of secret letter. Give it a try, sure enough!"

Hearing this, everyone looked condescending.

At this time Xiaolan's voice sounded: "Dad, what are you doing here?"

In the restaurant, the third daughter who was less than Kogoro Mori came out.

Chapter 0282: Really Rich and Enemy Country

"Why are you here?"

The three women came over with an umbrella.

"I haven't been able to wait for you, dad. Let's come and have a look when we are full. Ye and I are planning to go to the next place. What? Is something wrong here again?"

Xiaolan approached Moori Kogoro and looked at the incomplete scroll with a look of confusion: "Dad, what is this?"

Hattori Heiji and Conan on the side stared at the pattern above, both with a pensive look, thinking about what it was.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "Well, Dragon scroll, Toyotomi Hideyoshi's treasure map, the treasure that unified Japan hundreds of years ago can be hidden in this scroll!"

Hearing this, the faces of the four members of the Warring States Tour Group all changed, and their eyes flashed with excitement, and their eyes were fixed on the treasure map, with deep desire.

Otaki Goro also changed his face when he heard this: "Mori detective, is what you said is true? Is there really a clue to the treasure?"

Kogoro Mouri shook his head, "How could it be that I am teasing my daughter! Didn't Toyotomi Hideyoshi's wealth be accepted by the Tokugawa family back then? How could there be treasures!"

"Dad, you really hate it!" Xiao Lan couldn't help groaning.

Hearing this, Otaki Goro couldn't help being disappointed, and Hattori Heiji said, "This is not necessarily fake, Uncle Mori."

"To improve the purity of the well water, Toyotomi Hideyoshi dropped a lot of gold nuggets in the Jinmingjing in front of the castle tower. This is also recorded in history books."

Hattori Heiji's eyes lit up: "He did such a ridiculous thing, so it is possible that he really set up a treasure, that is, the legendary Golden King!"