Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 587

Hattori Jinghua saw that the young girl in the garden kept saying nothing from Kogoro Mori as soon as she came in, and she was quite amused. Her beautiful eyes were slightly condensed, and the power was pressed against the garden.

"The kids don't understand, but you are so old. Didn't your parents teach you the etiquette of coming to someone else's house?"

Yuanzi was frightened, and He Ye hurriedly said, "Aunt Jinghua, Yuanzi is not malicious. She is just like this, and because she is a good friend with Xiaolan, she will be a little angry. Aunt Jinghua, don't mind you!"

Yuanzi and the others bowed and apologized quickly.

This Hattori Jinghua did not pursue any further, she snorted coldly, "Since I am a friend of Maori detectives, then I don’t care about you, but Maori detectives are still sleeping, so you can wait for me in the living room. Now, otherwise..."

There was another cold light in Hattori Jinghua's eyes, and everyone nodded in fright.

After that, she ignored the group and turned to the kitchen to continue cooking breakfast.

Everyone was led by He Ye to sit on the futon and waited in the living room.


At first, everyone was still silent, but how could the three minors be able to sit quietly and whisper to each other soon!

Yuantai couldn't help but whispered to Guangyan: "That beautiful aunt was terrible just now, it's the scariest aunt I have ever seen!"

Guangyan nodded: "It feels more terrible than Xiaolan's mother!"

But Bumei raised her index finger: "Hush, be careful not to be heard by her, otherwise it will be dead."

The two immediately covered their mouths and dared not say anything again, but Yuanzi was frightened and was sitting down and waiting.

At this time, Hattori Heiji walked through the living room with a yawn. He saw so many people in the living room, especially Heye, and a touch of joy immediately appeared on his face.

This time, Toyama Ginjiro was not present, but Toyama and Ye came to the house on their own initiative.

Hattori Heiji rekindled the fire of hope in his heart, and he hurriedly leaned forward, and said with a shy smile: "Kazoba, why are you here? Is there anything I can do for help!"

When the garden saw the raunchy Hattori Heiji, especially with a feces in the corner of his eye, he couldn't help but say, "Hattori, you are too sloppy. It would be too rude to come here to treat guests like this!"

"Also, we have been in the living room for so long without a cup of tea. What does this mean?"

Yuanzi also knew about the break with Hepingci, and Heye was arrested by himself. In this situation, Yuanzi who speaks of loyalty must help out.

Hattori Heiji's forehead blue veins kept jumping up, staring at the garden with dead fish eyes, and cursing inwardly: stinky bapo!

Suddenly Genta pointed at Hattori Heiji's face and laughed, "What a big shit!"

The three juniors looked over, and Bumei exclaimed: "Really!"

Hattori Heiji immediately hid his face and fled, and everyone present burst into laughter!


But the three of Kogoro Moori in the guest room finished washing, but they didn't see Conan.

When they heard the laughter in the living room, Kogoro Moori took the little Lori's hand and came to the living room.

"Uncle Maori!" "Uncle Maori!"

A whirlwind blew past, and the garden instantly rushed to Mouri Kogoro's side, with his arms around his arms tightly.

And Little Lori Ayumi also opened her hands, and rushed towards Maori Kogoro with her short legs, and the goal was directed at Maori Kogoro's long legs!

But Bu Mei sensed a cold gaze halfway through.

Little Lori was very clever, and immediately turned around, ran to the side of Hui Yuan, and took Hui Yuan's arm!

Bumei pretended to be innocent: "Haihara, you are also in Osaka, what a coincidence!"

The coldness in Hui Yuan's eyes dissipated, and Bu Mei secretly spit out her little tongue...

Yuanzi put his arm around Kogoro Mori, rubbing his head constantly, Xiaolan and Heye frowned.

Kogoro Mouri reached out his hand against Yuanzi's head, let him leave his arm, and asked: "Yuanzi, Dr. Aka, why are you here?"

Yuanzi immediately replied: "Because the doctor was invited to the Osaka TV station for a talk show, these little ghosts shouted every day to come to Osaka to play, so they brought them together!"

"I didn't think of Ye Ye until I came, and after meeting Ye, I learned that Uncle, you and Xiao Lan are also in Osaka!"

Speaking of this garden, I get angry: "Xiaolan, you are too unreasonable. This is all vacation. You came to Osaka for vacation, but you didn't tell me that you came to Osaka, so I couldn't find you in your office. !"

Xiaolan immediately smiled and waved her hand: "Yuanzi, I just forgot it accidentally, not on purpose."

"Oh, it wasn't intentional, but I heard that He Ye told me that you have been in Osaka for two days. You didn't say it when I called you yesterday. What is this intentional?"

Xiaolan was a little eager, and hurriedly said, "Oh! There was a case yesterday, and after spending a whole day in Osaka, I was too tired to come back. I must have paid no attention to what you said at that time, so I didn’t answer you. of!"

"Really?" Yuanzi kept raising his brows, looking at it!

"Of course it is, Yuanzi, how could I lie to you!"

"Well, then forgive you once!"

Hearing Yuanzi's words, Xiao Lan put her arms around Yuanzi's arm, and the two women began to talk about yesterday!

At this time, Hattori Jinghua walked over from the side corridor, with a gentle smile on her face, and gently said: "Maori, breakfast is ready, let's go to the dining room and have breakfast together!"

Hattori Jinghua then turned to look at the small groups: "You can also come over for breakfast together!"

The voice was gentle, and Sanxiao jumped suddenly.

The cold sweat fell on Yuantai's head: Does this auntie change her face?How come you become so gentle all at once!

Chapter 0301

Dr. A Li looked at the only three Maori, and Conan was gone. He couldn't help asking, "Why didn't you see Conan?"

After washing up, Hattori Heiji came over and interjected: "You said him, now looking at the red leaf tree in the atrium in a daze, did he get a big blow last night?"

Dr. Aka couldn't help asking, Hattori Heiji told the case that happened last night, and everyone understood.

A group of people sneaked into the house next to the atrium and looked at Conan who had been sighing in a daze.

Hattori Heiji was about to take the football to cheer up Conan again, but the energetic Sanxiao rushed to Conan.

Conan was shocked: "Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi, why are you here?"

Mrs. Yuan hugged Conan and said, "Conan, I heard that you were hit yesterday!"

Mitsuhiko said: "It was the scum brother who told us that he said your favorite star killed someone!"

Who's the gagging brother?