Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 588

Hattori Heiji couldn't help his mouth twitching when he heard this name!

Bumei looked curious: "I heard that the star is still a drug addict, Conan, how can you like such a person!"

When Conan heard Sanxiao say this, the corners of his mouth twitched first, then the whole cheek twitched, and finally the whole face turned black, and he stared at Hattori Heiji with a deadly eye.

Hattori Heiji smiled while holding a football: These three little devil heads are to taunt or comfort others!

Yuanta raised Conan's arm and said, "Conan, as a member of the Junior Detectives, as the leader, I order you to cheer up, come and raise your hand with me!"

"Don't admit defeat, cheer up, believe in yourself, you can win!"

Mitsuhiko also raised Conan's little hand, and the four of them were in the atrium, shouting cheering slogans to the red leaf tree!

Conan looked impeccable and refused to disappear for a long time.

The girls saw such a scene full of vitality among the children, all of them smiled.

Yuanzi nodded and said, "I can't see that this lecherous little devil has a few good friends, it's rare!"

This farce naturally ended with Conan breaking away from the crowd. After three minor disturbances, Conan finally became normal.


Then everyone followed Hattori Jinghua to eat breakfast. I don't know if it was because of Kogoro Mori's presence. Hattori Jinghua became very gentle. He looked like two people when he opened the door in the morning. They were taken aback by the garden.

The breakfast is very exquisite, all of which are specialties of Osaka!

Even Heiji Hattori couldn’t help exclaiming: “Mom, the breakfast you made today is too delicious. I remember watching you cook this crab for three meals on New Year’s Day, and this box of sushi and Okonomiyaki. , You are too rich!"

Hattori Jinghua chuckled, "Nonsense, don't I often cook these dishes?"

Xiaolan couldn't help but exclaimed: "Aunt Hattori, the dishes you cook are almost as delicious as my father's. I only learned pufferfish cooking yesterday. I think I will continue to ask you for advice today!"

Hattori Jinghua couldn't help being a little surprised: "Oh, you can also take care of Maori detective?"

Huiyuan said, "Uncle Maori's cuisine is the best in the world. I have not eaten any more delicious food than uncle's cooking!"

Conan, Hattori Heiji, and Toyama Kazuha also nodded to the side. They had also eaten Moori Kogoro's food before, and they naturally knew it was good.

Mouri Kogoro looked at Hattori Jinghua, with an inexplicable smile and said: "If you have a chance, you can discuss it with your wife!"


After everyone finished their breakfast, Yuan Shan and Ye said, "Uncle Maori, do you have any plans for today's itinerary?"

Dr. Aka on the side opened his mouth and said, "Would you like to go to Osaka TV to watch my recording?"

Dr. A Li was beaming, with a complacent expression on his face.

He Ye said: "Oh, yes, I originally planned to invite Uncle Maori to go to Osaka TV. But there is a card contest in the past two days. Someone in our relocated high school also participated in the Osaka TV station!"

"Uncle Maori, let's go together!"

And the garden on the side said: "The flower card contest, you mean [Gaoyuehui], this is the most powerful contest in the country. Will it be held these two days? You have to check it out."

Hattori Heiji flaunted, "Speaking of flower cards, my mother was still the queen of flower cards!"

Hattori Jinghua chuckled embarrassedly: "How many years have been the old calendar, and I still come up with it!"

Mouri Kogoro saw that Xiaolan and Haibara were also quite moved, so he agreed.

Except for Hattori Jinghua, all the others set off, heading towards Osaka TV!


I've seen it when Osaka TV was looking at the castle tower before. The shape is very unique, and it looks like a radiator from the front.

As soon as Moori Kogoro and others entered this Osaka TV station, there was a tumult.

Yesterday the [Golden King] incident was overwhelmingly publicized, and today the protagonist of this incident appeared on Osaka TV.

The staff in the TV station were naturally very surprised, one by one couldn't help looking sideways or taking out their phones to shoot.

Others didn't know which superstar Uranus appeared.

But after all, they have stayed in the TV station for a long time, and they are used to seeing celebrities, but they have not been excessive.

This situation did not improve until entering the studio.

This studio is also the studio where Dr. Ari will have a conversation afterwards, but at the moment the studio is about to rehearse a card game.

As soon as the group came in, a girl with glasses greeted her. She was wearing a modified school uniform. It was Heye's friend, Mikuko Mikumoto.

"He Ye, you are amazing. You were the one who pushed the news on your phone yesterday. You are now a celebrity!"


When Miraiko turned her head and saw Kogoro Mouri, she couldn't help but exclaimed. She pulled Kazuo to the side and said happily.

"He Ye, you really hired a Maori detective, it's amazing!"

"Miraiko, you can give me a good game later!"

Mirako immediately looked full of fighting spirit. At this time, the staff informed her to rehearse, and she went to the studio.

Mirako's opponent above, a girl in a kimono was sitting on her knees and waiting.

All the little ones couldn't help but exclaimed, Yuan Tai was the first to speak: "What a beautiful big sister!"

Ayumi also nodded again and again.

Mouri Kogoro looked up. He was very familiar with the figure of this girl. After a brief recollection, he recalled that she was the big breasted girl who was walking in the castle tower yesterday.

I saw her face at this moment, she was indeed a beautiful woman.

Short brown hair with slightly curly hair, revealing a white forehead, a tall nose, a pair of cat eyes are extremely agile, the earlobe wears ruby ​​stud earrings, his face is calm, but there is a noble aura, this is clearly a daughter Miss character.

However, the most conspicuous thing is the proud breast that is still not completely concealed in a kimono, which is not more than Xiaolan!

At this time, the garden on the side folded his hands on his chest, and said disdainfully: "This guy is called Ooka Hongye, he is the heir of the Kansai Ooka family, how beautiful!"

"He Ye, do you know her?" Xiao Lan asked curiously.

"Well, I have met several times before gatherings. Suzuki in Kanto and Ooka in Kansai are talking about their Ooka family. They are very powerful here!"

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