Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 595

Kyoto was only ten minutes away by car from Osaka, and the two of them rode on their motorcycles and rushed over.

At the same time, the two chose not to inform Kogoro Mouri of Yajima's death, because they wanted to get ahead of Kogoro Moori and solve the case.


In the corridor of the hospital, Kogoro Moori turned his head and looked at Xiaolan: "Xiaolan, Dad is just going to get back the set of flower cards. You and Yuanzi don't have to come."

Xiaolan turned her small face and smiled sweetly: "Dad, I just want to see how the girl you saved was injured."

But Yuanzi said without a word: "Don't look tight, uncle will be hooked up by her!"

Yuanzi's words naturally received a small chestnut from Kogoro Moori.

Soon the three of them came to Ooka Hongye's ward, which was opened by the butler Iori.

As soon as the three of them walked in, they saw Ooka Hongye having changed clothes and sitting on the hospital bed, her pink skirt matched with black stockings, a pair of beautiful legs dangling, and she was still stepping on high heels, exuding a little princess style.

Ooka Hongye's cat's eyes lit up when he saw Maori Kogoro: "Mori-kun, you are here!"

Seeing her look like this, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but say: "Hongye, are your feet okay? Why did you put on high heels!"

Ooka Hongye shook his black silky legs: "It's okay, it's just a slight injury. The doctor sprays it and it's fine. Fortunately, there is no injury. Otherwise, I don't know what to do with tomorrow's game!"

Yuanzi muttered from the side: "Cut, the leg is not used in the card game, what does it matter if it is injured!" Ooka Hongye ignored it.

And Kogoro Mori opened his mouth and said, "Hongye, didn't you lose that deck of cards?"

Hearing this, Ooka Hongye handed the flower card beside him to Kogoro Mouri, who also looked suspicious: "Mori-kun, why do you value this flower card so much?"

Kogoro Mouri said with a serious face: "That's because this flower card is a very important exhibit, um, Hongye, there are some things I want to talk to you alone!"

Dagang Hongye's face was still a little confused, and he nodded to the housekeeper, and the housekeeper walked out. When Xiaolan and Yuanzi heard that the case was about to happen, they walked out of the room obediently.

Only Kogoro Mori and Momi Ooka are left in the ward.

Mouri Kogoro was also sitting on the hospital bed, Ooka Momiji immediately put his arms around Mouri Kogoro's arm with a smile, his arms fell into softness again, and his head rubbed his shoulders.

"Mao Lijun, I am so happy that you can come to see me?"

Sure enough, Japanese girls are taking the initiative, especially the eldest ladies of this kind of consortium, in this respect they are almost the same as Yuanzi.

It is indeed the garden of Kanto, the autumn leaves of Kansai!

Such a beautiful girl doesn't mind another dozen.

But business matters are more important, and Kogoro Mouri said: "Hongye, who taught your flower card?"

Ooka Hongye immediately replied: "My master is Nagoro Luxiong, who is also a famous flower card master, but he has not appeared because of an accident five years ago."

"The change five years ago, Hongye, can you tell me more about it!"

Ooka Momiji nodded: "Five years ago, there was a Nagoro club in Kyoto, which is as famous as the Takatsuki club in Osaka. The chairman is my master Nagoro Shikao."

"In the game, as long as it is a card that my master wants to take, no one will be caught."

"But at the time, my master had an eye disease, and his career in playing card games only lasts one year at most. He especially hopes to have a duel with the president of the Gaoyuehui, that is, the wife of President Achiha-Mrs. Gaoyue."

"My master promoted the competition in the media and said that the loser would disband his own card game, but in the final competition, my master did not appear."

"At that time, all the media said that my master was timid, so I didn't participate in the competition. Naturally, the competition ended with Mrs. Gao Yue winning without a fight."

"After that, my master disappeared, and our Kyoto Nagoro meeting had no chairman and sat in the battle, so naturally it was dissolved."

"After the disbandment, I, Yajima, and Sekine joined the Takatsuki Club in Osaka, and achieved good results. Before, I won the two wins of the Takatsuki Club Flower Contest, and Yajima and Sekane both This is always competing for runner-up."

With a complacent expression on Ooka Hongye, he almost said, "Come and praise me!"

Kogoro Mori naturally exclaimed: "Wow, I didn't expect Hongye to be so good. You won two championships at a young age."

Ooka Momiji suddenly smiled.

Maori Kogoro felt the softness of his arms and smelled the fragrance of the young girl, and he couldn't help but feel a little worried, but he still restrained himself well.

"Hongye, shall we play a set of flower cards?"

Kogoro Mori wants to play with Ooka Momiji, find out the most frequently used cards of Nagoro Kao, and piece together the key fingerprints.

Ooka Hongye immediately chuckled: "Maori, then I will do my best. No matter how smart you are, I can't lose this card game!"

Ooka Momiji was naturally very confident. Soon she let go of Moori Kogoro's arm, and then sat on the hospital bed with Moori Kogoro, leaving a position in the middle. Then she took out her mobile phone and chose a recording of the singer and composer. , And started a match with Kogoro Mouri.

Item 0309

"Yoyou God is acting on behalf of, and I haven't heard it secretly."


Xiaolan and Yuanzi at the door heard the sound of singing and singing from inside, and couldn't help being a little surprised. There was a card game in this ward.

The face of Ooka Hongye in the ward was full of smiles. There were only five of the twenty-five flower cards in her self-array.

And the rest of the flower cards were stacked by her and placed aside. As expected, it was the stacking method taught by Nagoro Luxiong. The six cards above were all about red leaves.

Ooka Momiji looked at the twenty-five flower cards in Mouri Kogoro's position, and couldn't help laughing smugly.

"Mao Lijun, it looks like you are going to lose. It seems that Mao Lijun is not that good at everything."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled and said, "Oh, Hongye, don't underestimate me! Believe it or not, I will let you not get a card next."

Ooka Hongye immediately laughed exaggeratedly, with a look of disbelief.

In fact, this card game is not at all difficult in Moori Kogoro's opinion. He has seen all the wakas in the flower card before, and all 100 wakas have been memorized by the memorable Moori Kogoro.

The next step is to listen to the sound and find a card. Like Hongye, he needs to exercise his hearing, eyesight and reaction ability, and Mouri Kogoro's reaction speed alone is enough to crush Hongye.

At a speed several times faster than that of ordinary people, finding the flower cards in front of the red leaves is easy, so this kind of competition is not difficult for him at all.

The next scene is just like what Mouri Kogoro said, Hongye never got half of the flower card again. Whenever she makes a move, Mouri Kogoro's fingertips have already touched the face of the card.

He didn't need to swipe to knock down the remaining flower cards, so he listened to the upper half of the phone playing on the phone, and picked up the corresponding 25 flower cards one by one.

In this way, Hongye watched the twenty-five flower cards continue to decrease sharply, but the flower cards in his position increased.

In the end, Mouri Kogoro didn't have a flower card in his own formation, and he defeated Hongye in an unstoppable manner.

Ooka Hongye was full of disbelief. She practiced for more than ten years of competitive card games and won two Gaoyue Club championships. She lost so easily, it was simply unacceptable.

She stared at Moori Kogoro with a pair of cat eyes, as if looking at some strange race: "Maori-kun, how did you do this?"