Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 607

Miwako Sato chuckled and said, "So that's it, Officer Takagi, you can go help buy iced coffee and bento, here I and Kogoro can watch it!"

Takagi looked at the two, then got up and went to the dining car to buy something to eat.

Item 0321

This Ogura Chizo recognized Mori Kogoro, and he couldn't help but bowed his head quickly, not daring to look at him.

Looking at the expression of the drug dealer, Mouri Kogoro naturally knew that this guy was still thinking about running away.

It is a pity that this train is a direct train to Tokyo. It does not stop midway and runs at high speed throughout the journey.

Even if he got rid of the custody of two police officers, he had to get off at Tokyo Station.

Just now when the train started, he escaped and was still trapped in the car. Kogoro Mouri was sure to get him back, so he didn't pay attention to him.

Not long after, Officer Takagi showed up with an iced coffee and bento, and the drug dealer ate it in a hurry, for fear that it would arouse Kogoro Mouri's vigilance.

Miwako Sato then opened his mouth and said, "Officer Takagi, which car is the dining car in?"

"Car number seven."

She took Moori Kogoro's arm and waved her hand with a smile: "Then please look at him here, and Kogoro and I will go to the dining car to have something to eat."

"Ah?" Takagi opened his mouth wide, but he dared not say anything. The senior officials were crushed to death, and he could not refuse the orders of Officer Sato.

Takagi's mood suddenly became very depressed, and he waited until the two left before murmured: "Why did he leave again when he came back."

On the side, Chizo Ogura couldn't help but sneered, his expression relaxed, and his eyes were full of contempt: "I said police officer, the people you like have gone with others, why don't you react at all?"

Shibu Takagi's face turned dark when he heard this, and he punched Ogura Chizo in the stomach, causing him to squirt out the coffee he had just drunk from the mouth.

"Eat your meal obediently!"



And a bright smile appeared on Meihezi's face when he stepped out of the third car.

When the sensor door behind closed and the two came to the junction of the carriages, Miwako no longer suppressed herself.

She directly pushed Moori Kogoro to the wall, and her pretty face approached Moori Kogoro's face: "You bad guy, you didn't contact me for three days in Osaka. Did you forget me?"

Kogoro Moori put his arms around Miwako’s soft waist, and put it in his arms: "How could I forget you? I called Yumi and she said that you are on a mission, so I dare not contact you easily. !"

"Huh, this is almost the same!"

Mouri Kogoro smelled the scent of the beautiful woman in his arms and watched the waves of the purple eyes flowing, he gently lifted Miwako's chin and kissed his lips.

Miwako hugged Moori Kogoro's waist tightly, and regardless of the gazes of passengers passing by, the two stood by the door and kissed deeply.

After a long time, Kogoro Moori let go of Miwako's body, looked at her reddish face, and leaned to her ears, then spoke gently.

After listening to Moori Kogoro's words, Miwako's pretty face became more blushing, and her little hand weakly hammered Moori Kogoro's chest. There was panic in her purple eyes, but she was a little eager to try.

"Damn you, this is on a train, I'm still on a mission!"

Kogoro Mouri licked his fingertips around Miwako's waist: "Don't worry, with me, the drug dealers can't get away. Besides, it takes more than two hours to get from Osaka to Tokyo. It's a long road!"

Miwako was a little moved, but still shook her head.

Kogoro Mouri spoke again, and a manly breath struck his little face.

"Back to Tokyo, there is still Yumi!"

Hearing this, Miwako was immediately moved. Anyway, this is a precious opportunity to monopolize Kogoro.

She bit her teeth, looked around, and saw that there was no one at the junction of the car, so she ran to the toilet in the car.

When Mouri Kogoro saw this, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Hey, Kogoro, come in quickly!"

Kogoro Mori immediately followed, and the sliding door of the toilet was pushed up, and the light above changed from a green light without a man to a red light with a man.

Soon, the forbearing and familiar movement rang.



Forty minutes later, there was the sound of flushing from the toilet, and the sliding door opened slightly, and one eye looked around the outside and pushed open the sliding door after confirming that there was no one.

Maori Kogoro came out with his arms around Miwako. Most of Miwako's weight rested on Maori Kogoro. His legs were walking softly with high heels.

There was still an intoxicating blush on her little face, and her speech and breath became very tender.

"Kogoro, let's go, I should go back to see the prisoner!"

"Look at the prisoner. This train goes directly to Tokyo. If the prisoner wants to escape, the only chance for a prisoner is to do some tricks more than ten minutes before the arrival of Tokyo Station. Only then will there be a line of life. It's still early and there is no need to go back!"

"Furthermore, look at your current state, this prisoner really escaped and you can't catch him. We should go to the dining car to eat something to replenish the lost physical strength."

Miwako's small fist greeted Moori Kogoro softly: "You said, I blamed you just now."

"Hey, Miwako, I think you have to look at the drug dealers. I have already exercised restraint."

"Obviously you haven't played the two powers of success. You are just like this. You are really getting weaker and weaker. Tsk tsk tsk, it seems that the next time you call Yumi is not enough, you should call Chengko too!"

Mouri Kogoro thought of the excitement and couldn't help but smiled triumphantly.

"You still said! You still said!" Miwako's little hand kept tapping Mouri Kogoro's shoulder.

Kogoro Mori clasped Miwako's soft waist tightly: "Well, don't say it, don't say it, kiss Miwako, now let my husband take you to find delicious food!"

The two of them crossed the long corridor and walked towards the No. 7 dining car.

But not long after, Kogoro Mouri said again: "I said Miwako, you are the most familiar with Sumiko and Yumi. When you return to Tokyo, you can ask them to get in touch with you. Get close!"

"No purpose! Oh! Don't pinch me! Good, good, good, I won't say anything!"



When Kogoro Mori and Miwako Sato were happy and happy, Shibuya Takagi's mood became more and more unhappy. It would have been too long for the two to have a meal!

The picture of the two sitting in the dining car seat suddenly appeared in Takagi's mind, you and me, you give me a bite, and I give you a bite.