Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 617

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At ten o'clock in the morning the next morning, Kogoro Mouri got up from his jade arms, with silky touches around his body.

The fierce battle last night lasted until six o'clock in the morning, and four hours of sleep on his own were enough to regain his energy.

But the two women did not have his strong physique, and they were still asleep at the moment.

Maori Kogoro scratched to the left and touched Mo on the right. The two women did not respond. It seemed that they had to sleep at least until noon.

Looking at Yingri and Yukiko who were still sleeping in Haitangchun, Kogoro Moori kissed their white foreheads and got up quietly.

He put the two women together, tucked the quilt, and told the robot to look after them, then turned and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

After taking a shower, Kogoro Mori walked to the study room. He only read the case last night and did not read the other materials. Today, he must make up all of it.

The phone was full of missed calls. Xiaolan and Huiyuan had half of them, and two of them belonged to Yuanzi. I wanted to come to Yuanzi, and one of them was from Miwako.

But today I'm afraid that I won't have much time to go home, so I have to help with Ying Richard's case.

Mouri Kogoro got through to Xiaolan's cell phone.

Xiao Lan on the other end of the phone yelled angrily: "Dad, where did you go last night? Why didn't you go home?"

On the third floor of Maori's home, the garden where he was doing yoga heard Xiaolan's call, and immediately came over. Little Lori Huihara who was reading the magazine also quietly pricked her ears.

"Xiaolan, don’t be angry. Dad is busy. On the Shinkansen yesterday, in addition to helping Officer Sato catch the drug dealer’s associates, Dad also asked about his drug trafficking route. Last night I went to help Officer Sato catch the drug dealer. You should see today’s news."

"Also, your mother is in some trouble. One case may be lost. I have to go and look at it in the afternoon, so I may not have time to go back in the afternoon."

The eavesdropping garden immediately snatched the phone: "Hey, uncle, didn't I make an appointment to come to you to play with you yesterday? Why are you not here, so coincidentally, I knocked down the case again."

Yuanzi's head jumped wildly on the hash key: "Uncle Maori, are you avoiding me on purpose?"

"Oh, it's Yuanzi. Of course, Uncle didn't hide from you deliberately. He really has something to do. Let's wait for Uncle to compensate you next time."

Hearing Kogoro Moori's promise, Yuanzi cheered, but the phone was quickly taken away by Xiaolan.

When Xiaolan heard that Moori Kogoro was busy with business matters, her tone instantly softened: "Dad, since it's a busy mother's case, then you have to work hard!"

Maori Kogoro chuckled softly: "Okay, if it goes well, I will go back tonight and tell me a little mourn, let her not miss me too much!"

The call quality of the fruit phone is so good, and Kogoro Mouri's voice is smoothly transmitted to Huihara's ear.

Little Lori's Xiao Meng face flushed immediately, she immediately turned her head and covered her face with a magazine.

Kogoro Mouri hung up the phone and then dialed Miwako instead.

After the call was connected, he immediately heard Miwako's cheering voice, and Miwako replied with joy: "Kogoro, Kogoro, I think I'm really going to be promoted this time."

"Last night, you didn't know. The Metropolitan Police Department dispatched a full 25 police vehicles to help transport the group of drug dealers and drug exhibits. When I returned to the Metropolitan Police Department to look at our group, it was literally."

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "It's beautiful, right?"

"Of course, we are all envious of us. We have done a lot this time. Police Officer Mumu is also very envious. In the middle of the night, all the colleagues on duty in the Metropolitan Police Department came to see us, and even Matsumoto Police was alarmed."

"It was when I reported to him last night, Matsumoto Police suggested that I might be promoted. By then, I will not only be the youngest police officer in the department, but also the youngest police department!"

"Kogoro, am I good?"

"Of course, my family's Miwako is of course the best!" Kogoro Mouri smiled, and it seems that her daughter's ears are also helpful.

He had deliberately helped Miwako to accumulate credit before, and asked Sayuri to talk nice things about Sato with Matsumoto from time to time.

In this way, it seems that Sato's position in the police department is stable, and he will be able to sit on an equal footing with Officer Megume.

When I was promoted to the police department, I would continue to feed the case. It shouldn't be difficult to come to Mei Hezi to be promoted to the position of her father's justice police officer—the ministerial position.

There are actually two types of police promotion in Japan. One is the children of high-ranking cadres like Renzaburo Shiratori, who can be promoted all the way from a small patrol officer, and climb to a high position very quickly.

Therefore, Police Officer Shiratori was only twenty-eight years old, and he was at the same level as Police Officer Megome, who was nearly fifty years old.

As for Mumu Shisan, Takagi Shibu, a police officer who has no background, no reasoning brains, and can only work hard, it is difficult to get promoted. Takagi Shi is still just a small inspection director.

Judging from the age and qualifications of Officer Mummo, it is almost a certainty that he will retire as a police department in the end.

It is impossible for him to be promoted to minister, but the appearance of Kogoro Mouri gave him a glimmer of hope, so he is so fond of Kogoro Mouri.

If it's Miwako's father, Minister Masayoshi Sato is still alive, thinking that Miwako's fate should be the same as that of Officer Shiratori, who should take the simple gilded route and go straight to the top of the Metropolitan Police Department.

It is a pity that the Minister of Justice has died, so her promotion mode has become a difficult mode.

But Kogoro Mori appeared, and with his secret financial and political power at the moment, it was not difficult to push Miwako up.

After listening to the phone call from Perfect and Koko Annunciation, Kogoro Mouri began to look through other materials.

Just as he was concentrating on memory, the study door opened.

A little fairy face appeared at the door, and there was cooked food on the plate in his hand: "Kogoro, I knew you must be here."

When Yukiko walked, her legs trembled from time to time, Mouri Kogoro quickly got up and took the plate, pulled the chair away and let Yukiko sit down.

"Why don't you go to rest more, it's only eleven o'clock now."

Yukiko looked at Moori Kogoro sideways with her little head, smiling like a flower: "I think you definitely haven't eaten, I want you to try my craft and try it!"

This is a bowl of tonkotsu noodles, sprinkled with green onions on it, it looks very appetizing, and it is full of hope.

Kogoro Mori knew that Yukizi hadn't eaten yet, so he pushed the chair to Yukizi's side tacitly, and the two ate a bowl of noodles together.

As for Yingli, she really couldn't get up in the area hardest hit by the artillery fire last night. At the moment, she was still asleep in bed.

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After lunch, Maori Kogoro put his arms around Yukiko, massaging his abdomen with his big hands while flipping through the information.

Yukiko's gasping voice became a little heavy: "Kogoro, don't come, I really can't stand it again!"

Mouri Kogoro patted Yukiko's little head: "Am I the kind of crazy person in your eyes?"

You Xizi nodded without thinking: "Yes!"

Don't be frantic and I wouldn't tie myself like that last night!

Hearing these words, Kogoro Moori was also choked: "You fellow, I kindly massaged you, but I blamed me. Didn't you feel that your abdomen feels much more comfortable?"

You Xizi hesitated for a while, and she really felt that her soreness had subsided a lot, and she knew she had misunderstood.

She turned around, kissed Moori Kogoro's cheek, and smiled lightly: "Okay, okay, I blamed you, I didn't expect you to be serious."