Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 618

Kogoro Mouri gave Yukiko a white look and patted her on the shoulder: "Do you want to go back to rest, or go with me to investigate the case?"

You Xizi opened her mouth wide and slapped Aqian: "So sleepy. I slept for four or five hours in the morning."

"Then I will go by myself!" Mouri Kogoro tried to get up, but Yukiko grabbed his arm.

"It's a lie to you, I don't have any sleepiness after being touched by you for so long. Wait until I change my clothes."

Yukiko got off Maori Kogoro and happily returned to the room to change into a dress. The small pink and white dress style, coupled with lavender high heels, was so beautiful.

Only then did she go out with her arms around Kogoro Mouri contentedly.

"I said we are going to investigate the case, why do you dress like you go to a catwalk?"

"No way, this lady is naturally beautiful and looks good in everything she wears." However, You Xizi still pays attention to the influence, wearing a pink hat as a cover.

The two drove to the Hirano Building where the crime occurred.

Lexus arrived soon, and he had already told the manager of the building that he was coming.

When he arrived at the Hirano Building, the middle-aged man named Akiyama Takuya was waiting early. He was a bald man and the discoverer of the crime scene.

When he saw Kogoro Moori, he greeted him immediately, with a warm smile on his face: "Detective Moori, it's an honor to know you are coming to investigate the case, I've been waiting long ago."

The three of them went along the elevator to the second floor, and Kogoro Mouri began to ask: "Mr. Akiyama, I remember that you are the discoverer of this case. Can you tell me about the situation at the scene."

The bald manager had a reminiscence on his face: "I remember it was nine o'clock in the evening when I was watching the game in the management room, and suddenly someone knocked on the door at the window. It was Mr. Yahiko Arima, the son-in-law of President Otsu."

"Mr. Arima said that he had just knocked on the door of the agency on the second floor but no one responded. He also said that Mr. Otsu had returned to the company. He was here to give Mr. Otsu's reading glasses, so he asked me to take the key with him. Go open the door."

"Later we entered the company, because we didn't have the key to the office, we could only look through the glass window on the door, and then I saw someone fighting inside."

"Mr. Arima immediately hit the door and entered, but the gangster had already left when he entered, and only President Otsu was left in a pool of blood."

"I followed Mr. Arima's advice and called an ambulance and called the police. Unfortunately, the president still died."

The three of them opened the door of the company and walked into the office. After the murder, the house agency stopped operating.

But the three of them couldn't open the door of the office where Otsu Toshiyuki died.

The bald manager explained: "After the murder, the key has been in Mr. Arima's hands. I have notified him that he is about to arrive."

As soon as he finished speaking, a man in a green suit ran in, gold-wire glasses, slender eyebrows, a bracelet on his wrist, and a ring on his ring finger. It was Ma Yayan.

"Sorry, I'm late, you are a famous detective, Kogoro Mouri, I often see you in the newspapers."

After the greeting, Ma Yayan looked confused: "But isn't this case about to be tried? What are you doing now?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I was entrusted by the defendant's lawyer, so I started the investigation to see if I could find any new evidence to make the defendant sentence lighter."

Hearing this, Ma Yayan seemed to be relieved in secret, took out the key, opened the door, and the four people entered the office.

"After my father-in-law died, the company ceased operation. After the police survey of this office that day, no one came in. Maori detective, just watch."

After being airtight for a month, the air in this office was very dull, and there was a layer of dust on the desk.

On the left is the desk and the boss chair, the safe is next to the desk, and on the right is the reception area composed of sofa and coffee table.

The left and right sides are just separated by a screen, forming a small partition.

The entrance door is in the middle of the office area and the meeting area.

Kogoro Mouri asked immediately, "Mr. Akiyama, where did the president fall when you came in."

The bald administrator walked over and pointed to the empty space between the desk on the left and the safe: "The president was down here at the time. There was no one else in the office."

Kogoro Mouri touched his beard and closed the door: "But that's weird. From the window on the door, the desk and safe area on the right are blocked by the screen. How could you be here? Can you see this position hitting someone from outside?"

You Xizi immediately ran outside to cover the door, and immediately exclaimed: "Really, you can't see where the beating is outside, Mr. Qiushan, how do you explain?"

The bald manager immediately opened his mouth and said: "I did not see the beating scene with my own eyes. However, because the office did not turn on the lights at that time, the neon lights outside came in. What I saw was a figure on the wall holding an ashtray and making a smash. Actions."

"That's why I subconsciously thought that there was a beating inside, and in the middle, Mr. Arima and I heard the voice of the president falling to the ground, so there can be nothing wrong."

You Xizi suddenly became angry: "How can there be no mistake? Seeing the beating with your own eyes and seeing the shadow of the beating are completely different things. You are doing perjury!"

When the bald administrator heard this, cold sweat suddenly oozes on his forehead: "Well, what should I do, hey, don't you have Miss Kiko? Why are you here? I really like your Otome role!"

"Hey, no, you don't have Miss Xizi, you are too young."

The recognized Yukiko glanced at Moori Kogoro with a complacent look, and then pretended to be tender: "What about Otome, I said uncle, your eyes are too bad, I just graduated from high school!"

Item 0334

With her excellent acting skills, Yu Xizi, who is pretending to be a young man, can't find this bald management foolishly, so Qiu Shan kept apologizing from the side: "I'm sorry, I confessed to the wrong person."

As for Kogoro Mori, he began to explore the scene. He lowered his head and carefully inspected the scene of the crime. All the exhibits on the floor were taken away by the police and it was empty.

Kogoro Mori closed his eyes and rebuilt the scene of the crime in his mind, relocating the evidence to the deceased's original location.

The gloves on the table, the window opening tools by the window, the cleaned ashtray by the deceased, the scattered reading glasses, a small screw by the safe.

All items are returned to their original positions.

There was also a clock of the bell-ringer on the edge of the window, but at the moment the battery was dead and the clock had stopped.

According to the animation plot, it should be this bell ringing villain who added a flashlight behind it, making a shadow of striking on the wall, deceiving the Qiushan manager, thinking it was killing at nine o'clock.

But Kogoro Mouri always felt a little strange, and felt something wrong in his heart.

He turned to the window and closed the curtains. There was a circular gap in the glass of the window, which was a piece of glass cut by Takashi Inoue's window opening tool, then he reached in and opened the window and turned in.

If what Takashi Inoue said was true, he broke into the office on the second floor at 8:30, and was about to open the safe, when he was seen by the president who came in, and the two wrestled.

However, Management Akiyama and Mr. Arima only saw the shadow of the murder at nine o'clock. The time between 8:30 and 9 o'clock was the key to this case.

Mouri Kogoro sat back on the office chair, glanced casually, and keenly noticed that there was something under the desk, and he couldn't help but leaned down.

Ma Yayan's body tightened in an instant, and Mouri Kogoro was so fast that he put two things into his pockets, and then sneered: "Cut, I thought it was something, it turned out to be a spider web!"

Ma Yayan immediately relaxed.

Kogoro Mouri turned to ask Akiyama management: "Mr. Akiyama, did you see the window when you came in, and what the window looked like at that time."

The bald manager said, "I remember the windows are closed!"

"Oh, it's a bit strange. If you run away because you are heard hitting the door and you don't even take the gloves and tools, how can you remember to close the window?"