Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 632

Kogoro Mori continued to split the letter, and soon, an interesting invitation letter appeared in front of him, and the outside of the invitation envelope said "Halloween party not scheduled".

Kogoro Moori opened the envelope: "Detective Kogoro Moori, on the full moon of this month, please allow me to invite your Excellency to this horrible feast. This will be a bloody party on the ship. I will be on board. Waiting for your Excellency!"

The time and place are attached to the back.

This is the invitation letter from the ghost ship, inviting Kogoro Moori to put on makeup on Friday and board the ghost ship.

Today is Tuesday, which means it will be three days later.

"Dad, what are you looking at?"

Xiaolan and Haibara who came in from outside the door saw Moori Kogoro thinking, and couldn't help but poked their heads, and Moori Kogoro showed the letter to them.

"The invitation of the ghost ship, a drag party, when the whole ship is full of monsters and ghosts! It looks very interesting, Xiao Lan, do you want to go with Dad?"

When Xiaolan heard the words "monsters, monsters, and monsters", she took a few steps back and waved her hand: "Dad, you can go by yourself, I'll stay at home!"

Hui Yuan on the side also looked lacklustre.

At this moment, another head emerged from the side, and the garden exclaimed: "Wow, a Halloween party in costume, I think it's fun, uncle, uncle, let me go with you tomorrow!"

Xiaolan said in surprise: "Yuanzi, why did you suddenly appear?"

Little Lori couldn't help rolling her eyes a few times, and then struggling to climb onto Kogoro Mouri's body and sat in her arms as if she declared sovereignty.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled Huihara's head with a light smile.

Yuanzi opened his mouth and said: "Hey hey, what do you mean by suddenly appearing? Yesterday's mobile phone fell into your house. I just came here to get it today. Why do you guard me like a thief!"

"Why!" Xiao Lan relaxed her vigilance, and laughed with Yuanzi.

Mouri Kogoro said, "If the garden really wants to go, I will call you at that time."

"Really? Great, uncle."

Chapter 0011 Uncle, pay public food

At night, Conan always looked thoughtful. He went downstairs soon after eating, and didn't know what he was planning.

Maori Kogoro and Xiaolan, Haibara are watching TV on the sofa.

Xiaolan asked on the side: "Dad, are you busy with the case in the afternoon, don't you need to go out at night?"

Hui Yuan also raised his head, and his pale blue eyes looked over with a concerned expression on his face.

Maori Kogoro chuckled: "The case is over, but Xiaolan, I'm afraid I can't leave Tokyo these days. I'm afraid I can't go out with you during your spring break."

Xiao Lan laughed: "It doesn't matter, the family is pretty good at home."

When the two women learned that Kogoro Moori was not going out tonight, their faces were a little bit more joyful.

At this time, Xiaohuihara grabbed Mouri Kogoro's big hand and pulled it up from the sofa.

"Uncle, we should go take a shower!"

Xiao Lan suddenly exclaimed: "Hey, Xiao Ai, why are you doing this again? Why did you find your father to take a bath? Didn't your sister tell you? There are differences between men and women, you have to learn to wash yourself."

Huihara bit his index finger and made an innocent look: "But I'm a kid!"

"Besides, Uncle takes a bath very comfortably, so if you take a bath together, you don't have to waste so much water."

"Alright! Alright! Uncle, let's get our clothes!"

Haibara took Moori Kogoro to the room, got pajamas, and went into the bathroom together.

The blue veins on Xiaolan's head sitting on the sofa couldn't help but jump up, and looked at the bathroom bitterly. What a damn kid, obviously this is my dad!



In the misty bathroom, there are two figures in the bathtub full of warm water.

Maori Kogoro held the bath towel in his hand, gently rubbing the small soft back of Hui Yuan, like suet jade, making people want to stop.

Little Lori sat on Moori Kogoro's lap, her face flushed.

Maori Kogoro chuckles and said, "Doesn't Xiao Ai want to go out at night?"

Little Lori stretched out her pink short hand and put her arms around Kogoro Moori's waist, and the cute Lori sound was emitted: "Uncle, we haven't slept together for a long time. We have always had trouble sleeping these days. !"

Kogoro Mouri rubbed her little head: "It didn't take long, it's only four days. I went to Osaka for three days and one day last night."

"But how does it feel like it's been a long time!" Little Lori rubbed her head against Mori Kogoro's chest.

Maori Kogoro gently hugged Lori's soft body into his arms, and said, "When I'm done with things this time, I want to give Xiao Ai a surprise. You will be very happy then."

Hui Yuan also raised his head: "Uncle, it just so happens that I also have a surprise for uncle!"

Hearing this Mori Kogoro was also surprised: "What surprise?"

"I won't tell you!"

Seeing the cunning color in Lori's eyes, Kogoro Moori reached out to her with a big hand, tickling, "Are you sure you don't tell Uncle?"

There was a burst of water and laughter in the bathroom.

"Uncle, don't, itchy!"

In the end, Little Lori was lying in the arms of Kogoro Mouri, and she was almost out of breath with a smile, and Kogoro Mouri stopped.

Seeing Huihara's delicate face flushed and panting, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but feel excited.

Little Lori seemed to be aware of it, her light blue eyes flashed with a touch of amorous feelings, and a charming smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, blending with this innocent face, exuding amazing charm.

Huibara licked his lips: "Uncle, it's time to pay the public food!"

Buddha can't stand it either!

Before long, a stirring movement was played in the bathroom, which became a part of the sound of water.

……Two thousand words are omitted here……

An hour later, the bathroom door opened, and Mouri Kogoro walked out of it holding Huihara, looking drowsy.

Xiao Lan chuckled at the side: "Tsk tusk, children shouldn't take such a long bath, look at you, are you sleepy!"

Xiao Lan mischievously touched Hui Yuan's moist cheek with her index finger, Hui Yuan didn't react at all, and she couldn't lift her hand.