Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 633

"Okay, it's time for me to take a shower!"

Xiaolan took her pajamas into the bathroom and couldn't help exclaiming: "Ah, Dad, why did you put all the water in the bathtub? I want to take a bath!"

"The water cooled quickly just now, so I let it go. I'm sorry, Xiao Lan."

"Really, I'll do it with you next time!"

Hearing this, Hui Yuan's eyes brightened, but soon the sleepiness struck, and she slapped Aqian.

Moori Kogoro entered the room holding Huihara and helped the little loli to dry her hair. Then she turned off the light and lay on the bed holding Huihara, with his big hands around Huihara's body.

Little Lori smelled the reassuring breath, and soon stepped into her dreamland.

Not long after, Xiao Lan, who had taken a shower, climbed onto the bed wrapped in fragrant wind, got into the bed, and hugged Moori Kogoro tightly.

Mouri Kogoro's other hand hugged Xiao Lan, the room returned to silence, and all three of them fell asleep soon.

A smile appeared on the faces of the three people in their sleep.



The next morning, Kogoro Mouri drove to Mrs. Judy's house.

He was frightened for a while, Xiao Lan's courage is really getting bigger and bigger now, and Hui Yuan almost discovered it in the morning.

Fortunately, the old captain relied on his wave of ability to barely stabilize the boat, but the results were unimaginable.

With the car parked under the apartment, Kogoro Moori took the elevator to the door of Judy's house. He saw two familiar figures, one large and one small. Conan and Heiji Hattori, who had been in Osaka the other day, were separated.

Kogoro Mori twitched his brows, and Hattori Heiji appeared in front of him too often.

"Conan, Heiji, why are you two here?"

Hearing Maori Kogoro's voice, the two men were at a loss and wanted to escape in a panic, but they turned left and right, and there was no other way out.

The last two ran into each other, and then turned their heads with a smile.

"Uncle Maori, what a coincidence!"

Mouri Kogoro put his hands on his chest, tapped his forefinger lightly on his arm, and looked at the two of them with scrutiny.

Cold sweat broke out on their faces and they were desperately thinking of excuses.

Hattori Heiji immediately pointed to Conan and said, "Uncle Maori, was Conan invited me to come to Tokyo?"

Conan stared at Hattori Heiji, you guy, dare to sell me.

Conan saw Maori Kogoro's gaze, his heart stunned, and he exhausted his life's skills to pretend to be a cute child: "Uncle Mauri, we are here to play with Teacher Judy!"

Play NMB!Hearing this, Kogoro Mori didn't hesitate to reward Conan with three bursting chestnuts, so that he was full of money, and Hattori Heiji on the side looked at Conan with sympathy.

Item 0012

"Finding girls to play is not what a kid of your age, Conan should do!" Mouri Kogoro picked up the little devil head and was about to throw him out.

He didn't want this kid to get involved with what he was talking about with Judy this time, he had to know that Conan was still good at bad things.

Conan was being picked up, struggling with his hands and feet: "Uncle Maori, what are you doing here to find Teacher Judy?"

Maori Kogoro chuckled and said, "What else can I do? Of course it's a date. You guys don't get in the way here."

A light suddenly appeared in Hattori Heiji's eyes. It seems that this time I have the opportunity to learn how Uncle Maori picks up girls!

At this moment, the door opened, and Judy, wearing a bathrobe, was standing at the door, with a graceful figure and still exuding water vapor. The beauty in the bath was talking about her.

Judy quickly apologized as soon as he appeared: "Oh, Conan, I'm sorry, I was in the shower just now, let you wait a long time!"

"Hey, Maori detective, you are here too!"

Just now, Conan and Hattori Heiji rang the doorbell at the door and waited for 20 minutes. Before Mr. Judy opened the door, he saw a few drunks coming out of the next room.

After that, a Mori Kogoro suddenly appeared behind him, which shocked the two of them.

When Conan rang the doorbell, Judy always thought that Conan was alone outside the door. She was talking on the phone with the FBI boss, so she lied to Conan that she was taking a bath.

After the phone call, she ran to the bathroom and rushed for a while. Unexpectedly, when she opened the door, Mouri Kogoro suddenly appeared outside the door.

Judy instantly remembered the sentence he heard last night,'Wait for nothing!'

damn it!This guy shouldn't have misunderstood it!

Judy looked at Moori Kogoro with a pair of turquoise eyes, and immediately saw his aggressive gaze patrolling her body, with a slight smile on her mouth, her heartbeat speeding up.

Mouri Kogoro's gaze made Judy feel like she was seen through, and she couldn't help tucking her bathrobe.

Conan, who was carried by Kogoro Maori, struggling to jump down, slipped into the apartment, pretending to be a child, and said innocently: "Wow, what a beautiful apartment!"

Judy hurriedly spoke in a weird Japanese voice: "The Maori detective and this African boy will come in together!"

Hattori Heiji's blue veins on his forehead kept beating, and his blood pressure went up again and again. What the hell is the African boy, am I so dark?

Everyone followed Judy into the living room of this apartment, and Conan immediately said: "Mr Judy, can I borrow the toilet?"

Hattori Heiji also hurriedly said, "I also want to make it easier. In fact, I have endured it for a long time."

Judy froze for a moment, then nodded and said, "The toilet is in that direction."

Conan and Hattori Heiji turned the corridor and walked towards the toilet.

As soon as the two entered the toilet, they began to search. Conan checked the bathtub, and Hattori Heiji checked the tiles at the water outlet.

Hattori Heiji said: "It seems that Mr. Judy does have a problem. There are no traces of used in the bathtub. There is no foam on the tiles, and there is water vapor on her body. This means that she just came in for a shower. It takes more than twenty minutes."

Conan nodded and said: "I think she should have taken a shower long ago, and she is doing something, and she doesn't want us to find out. That's why she lied that she was taking a shower."

"But she is Uncle Mauri’s date, so it’s difficult!" Hattori Heiji looked distressed, "Conan, you said Uncle Mauri is so smart. If Mr. Judy really has a problem, he will talk to her. Is it hot?"

Conan said depressed: "It's hard to say, uncle is sometimes very smart, but it seems that he has no resistance to beautiful girls."

The two in the toilet kept talking.