Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 636

And Takai's subordinates, the man in the blue suit, Shigemachi Tsuya, and the man in the brown suit, I rise.

Today these three people and Takai came to his house to hold a small celebration banquet to celebrate Takai's promotion to manager.

However, after he was drunk, Takai abused his two subordinates, saying that they were rubbish and could not climb his position no matter what.

Therefore, the wine bureau broke up, and after arranging Takai's rest, his girlfriend sent his two subordinates away.

The room was still locked, and finally Takai, who was resting in the bedroom, fell from the window on the 21st floor and died.

As soon as Conan and Hattori Heiji entered the room, they began to search. The two were excited when they encountered the case, and Officer Megumi and Officer Takagi asked questions about the three suspects.

The investigation is in full swing.



The negotiation in Judy's bedroom gradually came to an end. After hearing Kogoro Moori's plan, Judy had no other objections.

However, feeling the warm breath blowing in her ears, her small face moved a blush. During the discussion, Kogoro Mouri was indeed very honest and did not move beyond.

Judy looked at Kogoro Mouri lying next to him, and couldn't help but ask: "Did you not see it just now?"

Hearing this question, Mouri Kogoro had a strange smile on his face, seeing Judy's face flushing more and more, and he was about to explode.

Kogoro Mouri hurriedly said: "The light outside was too dark just now, and my neck was clamped, and my head was dizzy because of lack of oxygen..."

What the hell, the light is too dark, there is a big balcony in the living room, and it's morning again, with excellent lighting, this is totally nonsense!

But Judy knew it was fake, but she felt better when she listened.

Maori Kogoro smiled cheaply: "...So, I can see clearly, the fans are very beautiful!"

Maori Kogoro also blew a whistle, which made Judy completely confused. She opened her mouth slightly and murmured in her heart: He saw it!!!

Soon Judy went crazy, lifted the quilt, picked up the pillow and slammed it at Kogoro Mouri, "I'm going to kill you!"

But Judy didn’t know that the bathrobe belt under the quilt had been loosened. The spring was flourishing, and there was a lot of bravery of Xu Chu’s naked horse fighting horses. This Great Ocean horse from the U.S. was not vulgar, violent, and kept holding the pillow. Beating Moori Kogoro.

However, this attitude did not give her any increase. After three times, two divided by five, she was held by Mouri Kogoro with her hands and pressed on the bed.

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Kogoro Mori pressed on Judy's graceful body, the two chests were pressed together tightly, their deep eyes fixed on Judy's angry eyes, and his hands pressed the female agent's hands.

Facing such an alluring ocean horse, Maori Kogoro smiled.

Judy quickly realized her predicament and couldn't help flushing her cheeks. She hurriedly shouted, "Kogoro, let me go!"

But soon she couldn't speak anymore, and the big mouth of Kogoro Mouri appeared on her red lips.

Judy's turquoise eyes shrank, and the resistance became stronger and stronger, but the man on him was like a towering mountain, completely unmovable.

Kogoro Mori put his hands together, grabbed his hands with his left hand, freed his right hand, and stroked Judy's bright and soft blond hair, like a Persian cat.

Then he loosened Judy's red lips, stroked Judy's pretty face with his right hand, took off the old-fashioned glasses on her face, and saw an extremely gorgeous little face and misty eyes.

"Teacher Judy, you would be more beautiful without these glasses!"

"Little, Kogoro, let me go quickly."

At this moment, Judy was obviously panicked to the extreme, and Kogoro Mouri could feel her heart beating faster and faster, so the smile on her mouth became more obvious.

"What if I don't want to let go?" While talking, Kogoro Mouri's right hand climbed to a place where he couldn't control with one hand, and Judy's eyes shrank sharply.

Kogoro Mori bowed his head again and kissed Judy's red lips. Man, he should be tough when he should be tough.

If you are tough, women will be soft.

When the kiss technique was fully deployed, Judy was no opponent at all. Under the stimulus of the sea, his mind was agitated, the green eyes were blurred, and the resistance of his hands gradually decreased.

Finally, Kogoro Mori let go of his hands. Judy didn't have the thought of resisting, and his hands were weakly holding the pillow.

Moori Kogoro, who released his hands, became more and more unscrupulous, and walked around Judy's graceful body.Moori Kogoro's eyes kept rising from fireworks, and his eyes became more frightening.

Originally, he was only planning to discuss this action with Judy, but the excitement he received today was too great, especially the shocking glance that just made his mind shake.

Now that Judy asks and asks under him, how can Mouri Kogoro remain indifferent.

Not long after, in this bedroom, I began to play the familiar movement, but this time the drifting movement was in English!

……Two thousand words are omitted here……

At the bedroom door of the apartment next door, Conan and Hattori Heiji looked at the bedroom where Takai had fallen, with their chins resting on them, with a pensive look on their faces.

There are two windows in this bedroom, both with the same green curtains. One window is connected to the balcony, and the other window has no protection.

The curtains on the unprotected window were obviously drawn, and even the curtain buttons on the upper side were pulled off.

The cabinets and chairs in the room also looked a little strange.

Takai fell from this unprotected window, his head exploded, and died instantly.

Conan and Hattori Heiji felt that the room was a little weird, but they couldn't see anything strange, so they frowned.

After inquiring about the three suspects in the living room, Officer Mumu turned around and said to Hattori Heiji and Conan, “It seems that this is an accident. At the time of the incident, all three suspects had sufficient alibi. None of these three people were at the scene of the crime."

"In my opinion, Mr. Takai should be drunk, he answered the phone in a daze, and then he fell out of the window, which led to the fall."

Hattori Heiji frowned and asked, "Why did Mr. Takai's girlfriend take pictures outside the apartment when the crime happened?"

Officer Megome explained: "She said that it was the first time she came to her boyfriend's house. She wanted to take pictures of her boyfriend's apartment and post it on Facebook."

Conan asked, "How do you explain the text messages and calls on that phone?"

"Oh, you said that the old-fashioned mobile phone, the quality is really good, it's okay to drop it at such a high level, but the mobile phone is fine. The text message was sent by Mr. Shigemachi, saying that he hoped that Mr. Takai would take care of his subordinates’ emotions. No other content. Up."

"As for the phone call at the time of the crime, Mr. Inoue made the call. He was very frank and said that he was drunk because he was scolded by his boss. He scolded Mr. Takai, and even finally said that Mr. Takai should be killed. He himself honestly admitted."

The well on the side was still blushing with drunkenness, and he couldn't help but speak.

"Hey, police officer, there should be no punishment for swearing a dead person in the law. I am just angry that this guy insulted me at the wine table. When I was confused, I called me back. Who knew that this guy Takai was so scolded by me that I jumped off the building. !"

"Don't blame me for this, it doesn't matter to me that he has such a poor endurance!"

Jing Shengzheng pressed police officer Mumu, who suddenly sweated on his face, and said, "There is indeed no criminal responsibility for scolding the dead in this law!"

At this moment, Conan's cell phone rang suddenly, and he went into the bedroom to get the call. Dr. Ari was calling from there.