Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 637

Conan was about to tell the doctor that he was busy with a case, but the sound coming from his ear was intermittent, so he ran to the window to answer the phone.

At this moment, Conan's head flashed, and he instantly understood the modus operandi.

Conan turned his head and looked at Hattori Heiji, who was still looking thoughtful. He couldn't help but smiled triumphantly, and he just pushed the phone off, ignoring the Dr. Aka who had been calling him.

Hattori, it seems that I solved the case first this time!

Conan admired the expression of Hattori Heiji's contemplation, and only felt very happy, and there was a sense of inexplicable superiority in his heart. It turns out that I am not the stupid one.

But when he saw that Officer Megome was about to define the case as an accident and wanted to close the team, Conan immediately took out the voice changer, tuned it to Hattori Heiji's voice, and began a long-lost reasoning!

"Mr. Inoue, you are the murderer in this case!"

Hattori Heiji looked depressed when he heard the voice, but he could only cooperate.

Jing Sheng burped, "Boy, what nonsense are you talking about? I was in my own home at that time, how could I kill someone!"

Conan continued to speak: "Sometimes you can kill even thousands of miles away. It only requires some specific methods, Officer Takagi, help me and I do an experiment."

"Please call Officer Mumu!"

Shibuya Takagi made the phone call steadily, but a sneer appeared on Jing Shang's blushing face.

Officer Mumu answered the phone with a bewildered look: "Mosimosi!"

A lot of noise came from the phone.

Conan continued to speak: "Because this room is on the 21st floor of the apartment, the floor is too high, so the signal is extremely bad. To answer the phone, naturally you have to go outside the balcony."

"Because the bedroom is too small, Mr. Takai did not open the door to the balcony, so he used to climb out of the balcony from the window."

"But when the urging call came today, Mr. Takai didn't know that his bed was replaced by someone. The bed was originally located near the balcony window, but Mr. Inoue was replaced by the unprotected window."

"He stepped out, lost his balance and naturally fell from the window, and died."

"Mr. Inoue, you have changed the position of this bed and the furniture in the room. There must be your fingerprints on it!"

Jing Shengzhang glanced at Hattori Heiji, and sneered: "There are my fingerprints on this one, I admit it, but you said I killed people too much!"

"In fact, when I sent Manager Takai into the room, he relied on being a boss to make things difficult for me. He also deliberately asked me to move the bed from one window to the other window, various cabinets, and chairs. Finally let me leave, naturally there are my fingerprints on it!"

"That's why I became more and more angry. I went back home and called and scolded him, but if he really died because of this, he was not careful. You said my call was a reminder call. This is too far-fetched. Right."

"If anyone made a phone call to him during this period, and he fell from a high building and died, is that this person also a murderer!"

"Boy, according to you, the killer should be the signal company!"

"Besides, I'm all drunk, how can I kill people!"

Conan was speechless by this rebuttal!

Item 0016

"Boy, I will sue you for slander if you say this again!"

The blushing well rose up as if he was drunk, but a sly look flashed deep in his eyes.

This Gaojing is dead, and there is no evidence of his death. He can naturally talk nonsense. The fact that there are his fingerprints on the furniture is not the key evidence. Naturally, this excuse can be explained.

As for swearing on the phone, Jing Sheng could push him until he became confused when he was drunk.

If he is really prosecuted at that time, the judge will naturally sentence him not guilty according to his drunken state, because there is indeed no penalty for scolding the dead in this world.

Bad signal can be evaded to the telecommunications company.

Even if Conan had found this murder method, there was absolutely no way for Jing Sheng to confess his guilt, because such a crime method was too accidental!

Jing Shengsheng asked arrogantly: "Police officer, I am very sleepy now, can you let me go back to rest!"

Officer Megumi frowned and said, "Sorry, Mr. Inoue, Ms. Shimoda, and Mr. Shigemachi. There are indeed some suspicions in this case. Please follow us to the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate."

"Cut, it's really troublesome!" Jing Sheng shook his head and followed Takagi out to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Conan's fist hammered heavily on the wall and walked out of the bedroom with a gloomy expression.

Hattori Heiji glanced at Conan, and then said: "Detective Megume, I'm sure Jing Shengsheng killed Mr. Takai by this method, but this guy is like an old fried dough stick and does not plead guilty. Can you sue him? ?"

Officer Mumu could only shook his head: "With the evidence currently available, coupled with Jing Sheng's drunken state, I am afraid that it is not enough to prosecute criminal cases, and at most it is to prosecute civil cases in the name of quarrel and fine some money!"

Hearing this, Conan and Hattori Heiji were extremely disappointed.

Officer Mumu ignored the two of them, and took the others back to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Conan's mind kept flashing through the arrogant face of the rising well: "Damn it, he knew it was that guy, but he couldn't make him confess his guilt, Hattori, let's look it up again, I don't believe it, we can't find this. Evidence of the guy's crime!"

Hattori Heiji only felt that hope was slim, but he didn't say anything, so he and Conan searched for evidence again.

Just as Conan and Hattori Heiji were lying on the ground constantly looking for evidence, the battle in the next bedroom became more fierce, and the female knight began to gallop.

After that, Conan and Hattori Heiji, both covered in dust, sat on the sofa in the living room of Takai's family, both with a dejected look.

The two almost turned the room over, but no evidence was found. Finally, the two of them were driven out of the apartment by the returning girlfriend Takai.

Conan and Hattori Heiji went to Dr. Akasa's house in frustration.



In the afternoon, on the sofa in the living room of Judy's apartment, Kogoro Mouri put his arms around Judy's waist, with a satisfied smile on his face.

This great ocean horse from across the ocean is as docile as a cat at the moment.

The entire apartment was in a mess, crooked coffee tables, chairs, TVs that almost knocked over, and collapsed dining tables. The battlefield swept the entire apartment in, which proved how fierce the battle was just now.

At this moment, the FBI's beautiful agent has completely lost his strength, and there is no crazy energy just now.

Kogoro Mori lifted Judy's body up, letting him lie on his body, his soft chest pressed against his chest, his big hand stroked his soft back, and the treatment was performed.

A rush of Su Su Ma Ma energy poured into Judy's body, repairing all the injuries on her body.

Only then did Judy have the strength to open her eyes. She looked at Kogoro Mouri in front of her with tenderness in her eyes.

In this nearly four-hour battle, she had long been conquered by Kogoro Mouri, and as for the figure of Shuichi Akai in her mind, she had disappeared into nothingness in that violent combo.

Judy looked at the face close at hand, and couldn't help bending her head down and offering a fragrant kiss. Then she pressed her head against Kogoro Mouri's head, closed her eyes again, and soon fell asleep.