Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 641

Said it was a massage, but pressing it, the hands slid down.

You can still hear the shameless words of Mouri Kogoro.

"Miss Shui Wu, your chest muscles are lumpy. If you don't rub it up, you may not be able to lift your energy."

What kind of ghost has a slumped chest, this is simply taking advantage of it blatantly.

In fact, Mizuno Reina didn't resist Maori Kogoro's big hands, but the two of them were in an embarrassing environment at this time, and it was the hospital where Belmod was located.

Shui Wu Rina naturally did not want to let Belmore know about this, so he resisted extremely firmly.

If it were to change to another place, it might be another situation.

When the two on the hospital bed heard the sound coming from outside the curtain, Kogoro Mouri smashed his mouth, and then he pulled his hand back, and Mizumi hurriedly sorted out the messy clothes.

Kogoro Mouri didn't believe that Belmore was so bold and dared to open the curtain, so he acted slowly.

Shui Wu Renai looked nervous and moved quickly to arrange his shirt and put on a blue suit.

Then, in the suspicion of Maori Kogoro's gaze, along with deep breathing, her face changed from red as blood to pure white Ruyu, which took only three seconds.

The only thing that can be seen through is the blue cat's eyes with a hint of water and soft colors.

When the two got out of the hospital bed, Shui Wu Rennai opened the white curtain and chuckled pretendingly, "Maori detective, your massage technique is so powerful. I feel refreshed now. My muscles are relaxed, I have to thank you this time."

Mouri Kogoro also followed the act and said: "It is my honour to be able to help Ms. Mizumi. I will be happy to help you if I need it next time!"

Belmore had to listen to the irritating dialogue between the two, and his heart burst into anger, but he still had to pretend to be gentle: "It turns out that Maori detectives have studied this aspect too!"

"Yes, after all, I have always practiced karate, bruises, loose tendons and promote blood circulation."

Belmore turned his head and looked at Shui Wu Reina: "Miss Shui Wu, I will teach you health exercises next, right?"

Shui Wurenai seemed to be unable to bear Belmore’s weird gaze, and quickly refused: “It’s better next time. After being massaged by a Maori detective this time, I feel relieved a lot, plus there are still some things on the TV station. You have to rush over first."

"The new doctor, Maori detective, I will leave first."

Shui Wu Reina lifted the handbag and document bag on the side, and stepped out of the consulting room on high heels.

For a while, only Kogoro Mouri and Belmo were left in the consulting room.

Belmod became nervous again, and he didn't dare to look at Kogoro Mouri, and sat back on the seat to make the appearance of sorting medicine bottles.

Kogoro Mori sat across from him, and the books on the side were all English books.

"Summary of Stockholm Syndrome", "Methods of Cure for Mental Illness", "How to Overcome Fear", "Walk with the Devil", "The Truth of Dream"...

When Kogoro Mouri saw these books, he couldn't help but stir up weird thoughts in his heart.

"The new doctor, are you reading these mental illness books? Do you want to be a psychologist?"

Hearing this, Belmore flashed a panic in his eyes, and hurriedly said: "No, these are the books left by the previous doctors. I haven't read them much, but I just don't bother to clean them up."

He couldn't stop glances at the ground while he was speaking, this is naturally not the truth.

"Detective Maori, you just said something is wrong with your body, what's the matter?" Shinide Tomoaki began to ask.

Mouri Kogoro said, "I always feel heart palpitations before going to bed recently, dizziness from time to time, and some numbness in my arms."

These symptoms were naturally compiled by Kogoro Mouri.

Belmore had to put on a stethoscope, put its pickup part against Moori Kogoro's chest, and heard a fast heartbeat.

This is naturally controlled by Kogoro Mouri.

Belmore had to listen for a long time before he chuckled: "There is indeed some arrhythmia, but it is still within the normal range. It should be the cause of too much stress and too much thinking."

"Don't worry too much, I'll prescribe some medicine for you, but if it's the best, don't take the case recently and take a good rest."

While talking, Belmod wrote down the medicine list and handed it to Kogoro Mouri.

"Thank you for the new doctor."

Mouri Kogoro got up and was about to walk out of the treatment room, but was stopped by Belmore.

"Maori detective!"

"What's the matter, a new doctor?"

Shinide Tomoaki frowned slightly: "Perhaps it is my illusion. I always feel that Maori detectives have been too popular recently. Maybe a lot of people have been eyeing you, and Maori detectives should be the reason for the pressure."

"I sincerely suggest that Maori detectives take a rest for a while. It just so happens that Xiaolan's school is also on holiday. Maori detectives can take Xiaolan and the children out for a while."

Hearing this, Kogoro Mouri gave a slight head and chuckled: "A new doctor, I will carefully consider your suggestions. It's just a new doctor. You have to adjust yourself well. If you have a mental illness, you can treat it earlier. what!"

Shinide Tomoaki's face was smiling, and Mouri Kogoro waved his hand to him, walked out of the clinic and closed the door by the way.

As soon as the door was closed, the smiles on both faces disappeared and their eyes were silent.

Immediately afterwards, Kogoro Mori handed the medicine list to the little nurse who looked like a girl, took the medicine that the little nurse found, and walked out of the new hospital.

This medicine is not used for hands or feet, it is a conventional anti-stress medicine, and similar medicines are prescribed for other hospitals.

Mouri Kogoro took the medicine and came to his car.

And beside the car, a pale blue figure leaned against this Lexus, and it was Shui Wuyou who had just taken a step first.

Mouri Kogoro's eyes lit up and he invited Mizuno Reina to get on the bus like a gentleman.

Mizumi took the passenger seat without saying a word, Mouri Kogoro got into the car, and the car galloped away.

This scene fell into Belmod's eyes behind the curtain, and she couldn't help but frown slightly.

Item 0021

The black car continued to gallop, and Mizumi looked at Kogoro Maori with a pair of beautiful blue cat eyes: "Mori-kun, what did the new doctor say just now, are you okay?"

Kogoro Mouri shook the medicine in his hand: "It's not a big problem, but the pressure has been a bit heavy recently, and I have prescribed some anti-stress medicine."

"That's good!"

Shui Wu Rennai turned his head, hesitated for a moment, and then said: "Mao Lijun, next time you don't come to the new hospital to see a doctor, in fact I always feel that the new doctor's medical skills are average, after all, he is too young."

Mouri Kogoro could hear that Mizumi did not want to have too much contact with Belmore.

After all, from the perspective of Shui Wu Rennai, if Belmod's false identity is exposed, plus the beams formed by the two before, there will be a fierce battle.

At that time, she might be confronted with Kogoro Mouri, so why bother!