Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 652

"As a result, the interlocking script naturally exposes flaws."

"Fujiko, I need to know where the passenger who was knocked out by you is. There must be a message from'M' in his phone."

Kogoro Mouri spoke vowedly, staring at Mine Fujiko.

Item 0010

Feng Fujiko opened his mouth wide and hesitated for a moment before admitting it.

"If you say that, I saved that guy's life. Okay, then I'll tell you."

"Actually, after the ghost captain finished the team rules, the pighead showed his demon card in front of me, and I knocked him out and threw him in the lower mechanical compartment."

Hearing Mine Fujiko said this, the two daughters of Kiko glared at Mine Fujiko. Sure enough, this woman had ulterior motives when she approached Kogoro Mouri.

Hattori Heiji hurriedly said: "Then you quickly take us to find him, I must get him out of the murderer behind the scenes."

Feng Fujiko glanced at the invisible man, and said disdainfully: "Which one I said you are, tied up like a mummy, still holding your breath, don't think I can't hear you, you have been following us, what are you trying?"

Hattori Heiji laughed dryly: "Don't care so much. I just want to find the murderer. Although the crime was committed on the high seas, four people were killed. This is an absolutely unforgivable crime."

Mouri Kogoro also said, "Let's go, Fujiko, take us to the mechanical cabin below to find someone!"

The group of people left the stairs on the second floor and went to the cabin on the first floor, where the mechanical cabin was under the cabin on the first floor.

The passengers seen along the way either looked at these people with fear or with anger, but because of Feng Fujiko's pistol, they did not dare to attack each of them.

Under the influence of the hallucinogenic potion, a fight has already started in the cabin.

The group has seen three fights in the same group.

But after all, everyone is living in a big city. Without tools, you can't kill people easily with your fists.

Yuanzi looked at the chaos on the boat, and couldn't help pulling Mouri Kogoro's arm in horror.

Suddenly, Kogoro Mouri stopped. He faintly felt that something was wrong, and some things kept him upset.

Now that the demon group is dead, only people from their own camp are left. Where is the murderer?

There are no suspects, or the two hundred passengers present are all suspects. This is difficult to find!

If the guy Moori Kogoro guessed is among the group of people, one by one wearing a mask and wearing weird makeup, how to find it?

But if that guy is not on the ghost ship, but is controlling all this remotely, isn't everything done on the ship useless.

Finally, if the script does not follow the guy's wishes, its countermeasures may be as violent as a rainstorm.

Suddenly, Kogoro Moori caught a glimpse of the demon card next to the mummy's corpse, his head flashed brightly, and his eyes lit up.

Feng Fujiko frowned and said, "Detective Maori, what are you stopping for? Don't hurry up, are you afraid that the guy's evidence will be destroyed?"

Kogoro Mouri replied: "No need to go, the guy who was knocked out by you is dead now, and I'm afraid we have seen him before, let's go, we should catch the real murderer."

Mouri Kogoro turned his head and looked at the people in the cabin, and shouted: "Those who are still awake will come with me. I have found the murderer of these murders."

At this moment on the ghost ship, even the name of the great Maori detective is not good enough.

After saying this, most people at the scene did not respond much, only a small number of people who were determined and still staying sober followed.

The Maori group walked in one direction, and the more they walked forward, the look of surprise on the faces of Hattori Heiji and Mine Fujiko increased.

Finally, about thirty or forty people followed Moori Kogoro to a place.

Amazingly, it was the place where the first murder was discovered, the toilet on the first floor of the cabin!

The body of the eccentric clock tower fell on the ground, his head was split with an axe, and there was a giant iron ring around his neck, which was full of screws.

Hattori Heiji said excitedly: "Detective Maori, do you mean the real murderer has been hiding in this toilet? Okay, let me pick this guy out by myself!"

Excited, Hattori Heikei almost exposed the original sound. Before Mouri Kogoro could stop him, he immediately rushed up and kicked the toilet cubicle door open.

No!No!No!No!still none!

A total of five toilet cubicles were kicked open by Hattori Heiji. They were all empty, let alone people, there were not half of them.

Hattori Heiji couldn't help but looked over with a puzzled look: "Mori detective, there is no murderer in there!"

The passengers onlookers outside the toilet also looked suspiciously at Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Isn't the murderer here?"

Everyone was even more confused, and Kogoro Mouri spoke again: "I said, isn't the murderer lying here now?"

Hearing this, Fujiko Mine and Yukiko reacted immediately, looking at the corpse of the clock tower monster whose head was shattered in half.

Hattori Heiji smiled and said: "Mori detective, don't be kidding, he was the first person to die, how could he kill anyone again!"

Having said this, Hattori Heiji was taken aback for a moment, and his mouth opened wide.

And Kogoro Mori slowly began to reason.

"Dead people naturally have no way to kill, but generally speaking, in order to remove suspicion, it is a very common method for murderers to use suspended animation to escape."

"Actually, I have always been weird. The first time I saw this clock tower weird, I felt very weird. His head stopped and the shaking was very strange, but his eyes were very calm and he was wearing contact lenses."

"At one time I mistakenly thought that his acting skills were superb. I didn't realize until just now that all this is fake."

"Remember when we found the toilet and the crime was on the scene? As soon as I walked into the toilet, the entire ship went out of power before the search began, and then the voice of Captain Ghost came out on the radio."

"Then someone shouted that Captain Ghost was on the deck, leading everyone to follow out, even us."

"The ghost captain's affair was not over yet, and someone found Mr. Mummy's body again, and we ran in the direction of the mummy's body again."

"Then it was the werewolf's matter again, and finally it was the matter of the member of the demon group that Feng Fujiko stunned."

"One after the other, holding us forward, we almost forgot about the fact that the first scene has not been searched yet."

"The prisoner was lying on the ground boldly, listening to the sound of the bug, presumably he was laughing at us secretly!"

"I think you must be thinking that when we find an extra corpse in the machine cabin, we will usher in the riot of the whole ship. Then there will be no time to take care of the corpse lying in the toilet, so you can calm down. Got away."

"This plan is almost perfect. Even if Fujiko disrupted your original plan, you can also get it back on track. It's amazing."

"However, you just listen to the sound of the bug, so why bother to get up again!"

"You found the demon tarot card from Fujiko and put it in the mummy's mouth. It would be too bad to put my Kogoro Moori in his eyes!"