Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 654

Kogoro Mori returned the pistol to Mine Fujiko, who couldn't help pouting his mouth while looking at the empty gun.

Ron endured the pain and laughed wildly again: "Mori Kogoro, you are really ruthless, but you treat me like this, the entire ship with more than 200 people can only be buried with me, hahaha... "

Before the laughter fell, his big face was stepped on by Moori Kogoro, and he crushed the face of the British murderer with the soles of his shoes.

Although it looks extraordinarily inhumane, everyone felt extremely happy seeing this scene.

"Excuse me, Mr. Ron, if you are talking about the time bomb in the bottom of the ship, then I am afraid you are going to look for it in the deep sea."

Ron's pupils shrank sharply, and he shouted: "Impossible, how could it be possible to remove the bomb when it is installed under the ship? You can't lie to me, it's so ridiculous, Maori detective..."

The bomb was found by a robot sent by Moori Kogoro, and was directly dismantled under the command of Moori Kogoro.

Maori Kogoro ignored Ron's words, and put the mop for cleaning the toilet on the side directly into Ron's mouth, and even slammed it down, deep into his throat.

Suddenly, the whole world was quiet!

Ron's eyes protruded, but the joints of his hands and feet were interrupted, and there was no way to take off the mop in his mouth.

Mouri Kogoro did not intend to continue to inquire about the skullcrusher, anyway, Moori Kogoro, the messenger behind the scenes, had guessed it.

This guy is a chess piece at best, with well-developed limbs, arrogant, and not of much value.

Everyone outside the toilet saw that such a terrifying character was solved by Moori Kogoro three times by two, and they couldn't help looking at Moori Kogoro in amazement.

The group of passengers looked at the shelf on the chest and abdomen of the clock tower weird, exactly the same as Moori Kogoro's reasoning. They couldn't help but feel annoyed by the cynicism they had just made to the Moori detective.

Yuanzi hugged Kogoro Mori's arm tightly: "Uncle, the posture you shot was so handsome just now."

You Xizi frowned and asked, "Kogoro, what should I do with this skull crusher?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "That's not easy. After returning to Tokyo, hand him over to the police. For such a famous criminal to get away from the death penalty, I want to see how the British reacted."

Hearing this, Ron's eyes flashed with joy: As long as he doesn't die, that guy must have a way to save people. When he recovers after he escapes, he must make Kogoro Mori pay the most painful price.

Hattori Heiji asked, "Mori detective, do you know who is behind this skull crusher?"

There was a trace of disdain in Ron's eyes: He didn't say, how could Kogoro Moori guess it?

Kogoro Moori glanced at the skullcrusher, kicked it out, hitting his neck, and then said with a calm expression: "Oh, you said that guy, Moriarty! Heiji, you ask this. What are you doing?"

Hearing this, Ron's eyes were shocked, and he was so confused that he didn't even feel the sensation in his neck disappearing.

Mouri Kogoro's foot was extremely precise, and his spinal nerves were completely cracked under the collapse of his strength.

In other words, with today's treatment methods, the best result of this skull crusher is high paralysis, which is no different from a useless person.

Kogoro Moori didn't believe that Moriarty would be so kind, and rescued him again.

Hattori Heiji's eyes widened, and he said excitedly: "Moriarty? The enemy of British detective Sherlock Holmes, the most famous crime consultant in the world."

"If it makes sense for him, he had opened the three most heavily guarded places in the UK before. It would be easy to come and rescue Ron from prison."

"I didn't expect this guy to come to Japan too, Maori detective, how did you guess about him?"

Hearing Moriarty's name, Hattori Heiji was excited, but he didn't notice the change in Mori Kogoro's name.

The garden on the side looked suspiciously at the invisible man: "Are you Hattori Heiji? Why do you dress up like this, and quickly untie the bandage."

Hattori Heiji was shocked, and he waved his hand quickly: "You have admitted wrong, I am not the person you said."

"Nonsense, Uncle Maori recognizes you, and you still want to quibble."

Hearing this, Hattori Heiji turned his head to look at Moori Kogoro who was smiling but not smiling. Finally, he resigned his fate to untie the bandage on his face, and a fake face that had been helped by Kiko appeared.

Yuanzi suddenly exclaimed: "Kudo Shinichi, how could it be you? Didn't uncle say it was Hattori Heiji?"

Hattori Heiji then lifted off the human skin mask of Kudo Shinichi, and a big black face appeared. It was Hattori Heiji.

Yuanzi couldn't help but vomit: "What are you doing! Do you want to do something bad with so many costumes?"

Hattori Heiji quickly explained: "No, I just want such an interesting party. That guy Kudo will definitely come to attend. When I show up with his face, he will definitely not help but jump out and confront me. You can find him and compete with him."

"It's just been so long, I haven't seen Kudo appear, it seems that the guy is really as rumored, he is dead!"

Hattori Heiji said that he had already finished the abdomen draft, and when he saw Kogoro Mouri's smile, his heart trembled.

Kogoro Mouri narrowed his smile and said, "Heiji, you just came here, and now I need your help."

Kogoro Mori asked Hattori Heiji and the passengers outside the toilet to help remove all the decorative pictures and accessories hanging in the cabin.

He also secretly instructed Kurosawa and others to look after the passengers on the entire ghost ship, and subdue the passengers who have a tendency to hallucinate.

Finally, everyone was asked to clean up the headgear, mask, and bandages.

After a while, the entire ghost ship calmed down, and the drugged passengers lost their stimuli and gradually stabilized.

The ghost ship drove towards the Tokyo port, and Moori Kogoro on board left behind the Ant-man robot protecting Kiko and Sonoko, and disappeared.

Chapter 0013 Belmod and Moriarty

In an abandoned port in Tokyo, several people in black lie in ambush in various hidden places, and the atmosphere is rather dull.

Calbados, who was still wearing black sunglasses in the dark, looked at the burly man in front of him, and smiled: "Vodka, why are you alone today, how about your brother?"

"I heard that you were beaten to the blood by a detective last time, but now you dare not show up?"

Vodka was wiping the pistol, and when he heard this, he suddenly shouted angrily: "Carbados, your courage is really getting bigger and bigger now, don't think that you can do anything with Belmore."

"It's really weird, I actually like that witch of thousands of changes, I don't know if she really looks like a seven-year-old woman!"

Kalbados' face suddenly turned cold, and he raised his shotgun at the vodka: "Vodka, if you dare to say one more thing, I will kill you!"

At this moment, a man in the shadow shouted: "Shut up all of you!"

The temperature dropped sharply, and when the man spoke, both Carbados and Vodka were silent.

Chianti, the red-haired woman on the side, smiled disdainfully, turned her head and looked into the shadows, and asked: "Rum, is it necessary? Does this transaction need to be so exciting?"

"Such a small task, Belmore has to be handled by one person, so why call us all over."

"It's not that I met Zhuxingda, I also have my own tasks to do, but I have no time to waste time with you."

Cohen, who was like a dead tree, also said, "Chianti is right."

The sturdy tequila, which is more than two meters high, also nodded.