Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 656

The vehicle behind did not hesitate to follow up.

The two cars fought one after the other on the streets of Tokyo.

Itakura Taku's face became paler as he watched the coming cars approaching from behind.

The two cars drove toward the reserved ambush circle, and that location was surprisingly abandoned Dongdu Port.



Judy's car has arrived at Dongdu Port. The port is full of abandoned containers, with the sea on the side, and a full moon above the night sky.

Seeing that the oncoming car was actually led into the ambush circle, Judy didn't hesitate anymore and just drifted.

The head of her Ford Mustang turned one hundred and eighty degrees, facing the new Chiming black car, with the lights facing each other, and the two cars stopped.

This sudden turn made Itakura Taku in the back seat startled again, his face became paler, and the sweat that had just been wiped out came out again.

Judy opened the car door and walked out, and Shinide Tomoaki in the white car also walked out.

Wearing a red dress, black windbreaker, and black boots, Judy sat lightly on the front of her car, and continued to speak in a mouthful of Japanese: "New doctor, why did you follow my car this night? "

Tomoaki Shinide, who wore a beige suit, also acted together: "Mr. Judy, I just wanted to ask you what's going on. What did you do with Mr. Itakura in the evening? I made an appointment with Mr. Itakura to see a doctor."

"I took him out for a drive, Mr. Itakura said he wanted to see the sea, so he came to the port."


In the shadow of the tallest container in the northwest of the two, Kogoro Mori, dressed in black leather, wearing a scary smiling face mask, and wearing a black cloak, looked at the two still acting underneath with pain.

The woman is just ink, still acting, and it's been a long time since she said it.

At this moment, there was a humming sound from the side.

All limbs were removed, the whole body was tied up with rope, and Chianti, the red-haired woman whose mouth was sealed, tried hard to send a signal.

Moori Kogoro hit Chianti's neck with a whip, and her eyes whitened and she fainted.

As soon as Kogoro Moori wore black gloves waved his hand, two people quietly walked out of the shadows and pulled the unconscious Chianti over.

As a good sniper in the organization, Chianti occupies the best and highest position.

But Kogoro Mouri, who was ambushing here, was easily subdued, and was captured without even a word of sound.

Kogoro Mouri occupies the highest position, overlooking the audience, and the remaining members of the organization can't escape his eyes, everything is under control.

Vodka cut off the back road, and another burly man who had never seen it cut off the front road. These two double-teamed back and forth, forming an encirclement with the remaining two, and tightly surrounded Judy.

On the container, the two men armed with sniper rifles were also the first time Kogoro Mouri saw them, but he did recognize who they were.

Each with gray-white curly hair, shaped like dead wood, it must be Chianti's partner Cohen.

The other has countless weapons, with submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and all kinds of pistols, just like a gun dealer, presumably Belmod's surrounding Kalbados.

This Calbados original is the unlucky ghost who died in one episode.

Because he was interrupted by Hideichi Akai, he couldn't escape, and he didn't want to be arrested, so he took a pistol and committed suicide.

Kogoro Mouri frowned slightly. Where's the gin, why didn't this guy show up?

This is a pity. In fact, today Kogoro Mori puts on such a big battle to catch the gin, a mouse that has repeatedly escaped from his hands.

But if this guy didn't come, there would be no way. In this case, he could only collect interest.

Kogoro Mouri turned his gaze to vodka, his eyes cold.

Vodka seemed to have a reaction, and looked up at the shadow to the upper side, but saw nothing.

No, there is one other guy that was not found!

Mouri Kogoro's eyes kept shrinking and focusing.

This super strong vision five times that of ordinary people quickly helped him find the one remaining person.

The man was dressed in black, swimming in the sea continuously through the night.

Only one head kept bubbling and breathing, and it was Hideichi Akai who noticed something was wrong and came here to help.

Counting this way, it seemed that everyone was there, and Kogoro Mouri started to act, and his figure quickly disappeared in the shadows.

In the port, the two women were constantly confronting each other with tongues, and behind Carbados, a black figure suddenly appeared, it was Kogoro Moori.

Moori Kogoro's speed exploded, and he immediately came behind Kalbados, and his black gloves directly covered Kalbados.

With his other hand, he stuck a needle directly on Calbados' neck and injected the medicine directly into it.

Kalbados' pupils kept shrinking, and after a while, he passed out into a coma.

The injected drug is called Etorphine, which is an anesthetic used to stun elephants.

This is a high-concentration anesthetic that he specially commissioned the research institute to manufacture. Even if the killers in this group of organizations have been trained in drug resistance, they can't resist the effect of the drug.

Kogoro Mori had already made plans this time. He didn't use any of the props in the system. If the guns are too dynamic, then use their physical fitness.

After Kalbados fell into a coma, Kogoro Mori put him on a sniper, and then quietly retreated.

This time it was only a few seconds. Cohen turned his head and didn't notice any clues. He continued to look at Judy and Tomoaki Shinide in the field.

Chapter 0015 Judy vs Belmod

In the Royal Hospitality Hotel, Fei Yingli finally retreated from the field and found Xiaolan and Huiyuan who had been watching the performance.

After socializing for so long, she was also a little tired, and Princess Jiazi did not continue to accompany her.

Fei Yingli came in front of the two women and couldn't help but ask in doubt: "Xiao Lan, why didn't you see Conan?"

Xiaolan immediately returned: "Conan just said he went to the bathroom, and then he disappeared."

Huiyuan on the side said, "I think this guy has fallen into the toilet 80% of the time!"

"Little Ai, how can you say such a thing!"

"Okay, okay, he actually told me that now he should have run out of the hotel and go to see Dr. Ari!"

Huihara remembered Conan's plea just now, saying that he found a clue in the organization and asked her to help clarify the lie.