Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 657

Now, I can only help!

Hearing this, Fei Yingli and Xiaolan ignored Conan's affairs. The three girls sat under the stage together, watching the singing and dancing performance above.


In the port of Dongdu under a full moon, the bright moonlight swayed down.

Kogoro Mori also eliminated Cohen, the last sniper.

After all, they are killers, all alone, not formal at all, because the sniper's standard observer is not matched.

With the cover of the shadow, Kogoro Mori swallowed all the three snipers in this dark organization at an extremely fast speed.

Even though these three are well-trained, they are still humans after all, and they naturally have no backhand against the non-human Kogoro Mori.

Then he waved his big hand, and several people in black who also wore masks quietly walked out of the darkness, dragging Cohn and Calbados back.

Two men in black took over the positions of Cohen and Kalbados, holding sniper rifles in ambush.

Kogoro Mouri looked at the woman underneath him and pretended to infer the identity of Chiaki Shinde, then raised his index finger in front of her red lips and said, "A-secret-makes-a-woman-woman."

He couldn't help but glanced at his mouth, he knew that he had been watching, why he said so much ink.

And Judy, who was sitting in the Ford car, didn't know what the man above was making. A cold light flashed through his glasses and continued to speak.

"Do you remember this sentence? This is the last sentence you gave me. I always keep it in my heart, even as a catchphrase."

"You killed my parents, Chrissy Wynyard!"

"Or I should call you Belmod!"

Hearing this, Shinide Tomoaki slowly stretched out his hand and lifted the mask on his face.

A glamorous and glamorous face appeared, with long silver-white hair dancing in the wind. Mo was in his twenties, full of evil aura, and it was Bel Mod!

Judy looked at this face, a flame of hatred flashed under his calm blue eyes.

"Twenty years ago, you disguised as an FBI investigator, came to my house and killed my dad, and disguised him as suicide."

"You also set off a fire in my house and burned all the evidence that my father collected against you."

"But I was lucky to be saved. At that time, I remembered that my dad’s favorite orange juice had been drunk, so I wanted to do something for my dad, so I happily took the money out to buy orange juice, so I avoided that. Fire."

Belmore turned his head and looked at the sea, paused for a while, and said in surprise: "Oh, so you were the little girl at the time! I have been looking for you for a long time. There are only the corpses of your parents in the ruins. So you are still alive!"

Judy said, "Because of the protection of my father's friends, I was able to change my name and survive."

Belmore reached out and pressed the switch under the sweater, and the beige suit on his body suddenly bulged like discouragement.

After a while, a graceful body was revealed, but the eyes of Kogoro Mouri, who was overlooking from above, narrowed slightly.

Judy's eyes were full of cold light: "Belmod, now Mr. Itakura is in my hand, it's my turn to ask you something."

"First question, what is the purpose of your organization for Mr. Itakura to design the software?"

"Second question, in your bedroom, besides Mr. Itakura's photo, there are also pictures of four people. Except for a tea-haired woman who doesn’t know who it is, the others are from Maori detectives. You treat them What are your attempts?"

"You label the Maori detective as evil, but you label his daughter Maorilan as angle, and you label the head of the kid who is staying in their house as cool-guy!"

"Isn't cool-guy supposed to be an adult? Although this kid is different from ordinary people, it should be kid, not guy. Why is that?"

Judy is very concerned about the picture of the Maori family in Belmod's bedroom.

But there is one thing Judy wants to get the answer from Belmod.

"The third question, why on earth are you, why have you never been old?"

"I would have noticed that there is a problem with you at the time because of what Kris Wynyard said at the funeral of your mother Sharon Wynyard."


"When I started investigating, I found that you had a problem."

"After you killed my father twenty years ago, you disguised him as a suicide, but the glasses fell out so unnaturally."

"So you took the glasses and placed them again. There are your fingerprints on them, which are indeed the same as those of Kris Wynyard."

"But what I don't understand is that if you were the murderer twenty years ago, you now look too young."

"With such doubts, I continued to compare your fingerprints with someone, only to discover a creepy fact."

"Your mother, Sharon Wynyard, and your fingerprints turned out to be the same."

"Why, why do you want to play two roles?"

After listening to Judy's question, Belmore had a playful smile on his face: "FBI agent Judy Steyling, you really surprised me that you can investigate to this point."

Judy's pupils shrank slightly when her identity was broken.

Belmore had to continue: "Well, then I will tell you!"

At this moment, Belmod's hand immediately went into his arms and took out a pistol.

But Judy's speed was faster, her little hand frightened, grabbing the holster on the white thigh, and directly drew her gun and fired at Belmore.


The gunfire sounded, and Belmod's pistol was shot out.

Facing the murderous Judy, Belmore raised his hands, then chuckled slightly: "Well, I surrendered."

Item 0016

Judy smiled on her face and spoke in English: "Well, even if you don't want to say it now, you will tell me these mysteries yourself sooner or later after we catch you back."

"Guys, come out to work and arrest this woman!"

Judy yelled several times at the container in this empty port, but there was no response.

Judy's pupils suddenly contracted, and she immediately noticed something was wrong.

When I was about to squat down to avoid, Moori Kogoro's voice came from the headphones on his ears: "It's okay, Judy, I'm here!"

Judy's face immediately relaxed upon hearing this.

Belmore chuckled slightly: "Agent Judy, it seems you don't know."

"As early as an hour ago, I came here and said in your voice,'The action date is wrong. Tomorrow is the real action time!'"