Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 658

"In which tavern your companions should be drinking soju, I'm afraid it won't be possible."

"Actually, I always knew that you were spying on me secretly, but I just pretended not to know."

"Thanks to your help, I found the number of your FBI's infiltrating Japan, your deployment plan, and where you stayed."

"This time I can serve you all in one pot."

When Belmod said this string of words, his voice was halted.

Mouri Kogoro frowned slightly, and he had a vague guess in his heart.

And Judy's face was full of disbelief, she thought she was already very cautious, how could she expose this information.

Belmore chuckled: "Well, it's over for the occasional encounter twenty years later, Calbados, subdue this woman for me, don't beat me to death, I still have something to ask!"

But after saying this, it was silent now!

Belmore frowned and said again: "Cohen, shoot, what are you waiting for?"

Still no one answered, no gunshots sounded!

"Chianti, shoot me this woman's pistol!"

Still no one responded!

Judy, who knew that Kogoro Mori was present, was not afraid, and watched Belmore shouting several names in succession, but there was no reaction at all.

She reacted immediately and couldn't help but laughed: "It seems that not only my companions are going to drink, but your companions are also going to drink!"

At this time, Vodka's voice sounded: "Belmod, Cohen and Chianti have not answered their intercoms."

"The situation has changed, we should fight quickly!" Belmore ordered immediately.

Vodka rushed out of the container aisle behind and fired directly.



But there were three gunshots at the scene.

The bullet that Vodka shot at Judy was intercepted by another bullet in mid-air.

The master-level spear technique that Moori Kogoro has practiced so hard was displayed, but he did not use the spear fighting technique taught by the system.

But the hand speed was extremely fast, and the Boleta 92F pistol quickly shot two bullets.

One hit the bullet fired by vodka, and the other hit the center of the vodka's brow.

The bullet passed through the vodka's head, and the back of the vodka instantly exploded a large wound.

Vodka's pupils kept shrinking. This kind of spear technique was the man. He opened his mouth slightly: "Mao...Li..."

Vodka fell to the ground without even saying everything, obviously he couldn't die anymore!

Kogoro Mori sighed happily, and threw the desert eagle back into the system space and replaced it with a pistol he had bought in reality.

Vodka, who had escaped in front of him twice before, instantly turned into a dead dog.

This feeling is so happy!

Kogoro Mori did not dare to use the spear fighting skills taught by the system, but only dared to use the spear skills he had trained hard to avoid being biased again, which easily resulted in the result of a single blow.



Seeing vodka falling in a pool of blood, Belmod's face suddenly became hard to look.

And in the dark aisle of the container, a gunman appeared, wearing a black leather jacket, a mask, and a cloak behind him.

Kogoro Mouri appeared from the shadows, exuding a powerful aura.

The mask on his face glowed with a weird smile, and his deep eyes looked at Belmod.

Soon, Kogoro Mori under the mask frowned, the voice change technique was performed, and a muddy male voice sounded.

"No, this guy is not Belmod, this is the new female nurse from the hospital."

A panic flashed in the eyes of the woman who was facing Judy...

And the gem on his chest shone with a strange red light.



In a black car dozens of miles away from the port, the real Belmore looked at the black masked man who suddenly appeared in the video.

Even if it was watched through the video screen, Belmod could feel the terrible aura that rushed towards his face, and his heart palpitated suddenly.

As for the fake Belmod in the port, it was just that she used the disguise technique to help her confidant make two layers of disguise masks, which were two layers of disguise.

One layer is disguised as himself, and the other is disguised as Shinde Chiaki.

Everything just now was taught by Belmore with the headset word by word how to respond to Agent Judy's inquiry.

But the pause between talking was caught by Kogoro Mouri.

And the figure after deflation was obviously inconsistent with Belmod.

Only then did Kogoro Mori confirm that this person was not Belmod.

When Belmod encountered this situation, he immediately picked up the special mobile phone and called Rum for help.

The objective of this mission is very important, and so many code-named powerhouses are dispatched to ambush, if they are not rescued, the loss will be too heavy.



In the Dongdu Port, behind the new Chiming vehicle, a sturdy man rushed over and the sound of a submachine gun sounded.

Tequila rushed out from behind, and the M3 submachine gun in his hand continued to shoot fire tongues, and the bullets were shot in the direction of Judy.

Kogoro Mouri burst into speed, threw Judy down, and then pulled Judy to hide behind the car.

As soon as the two came to the back of the car, a gap was opened in the trunk.