Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 665

But soon she calmed down and began to deduce carefully: This room is not a sleeping room, and the one on the far left was pulled out by the little girl just after entering, that must be the middle room.

Princess Mila immediately chuckled: "There is nothing wrong, but I feel dizzy and go in the wrong direction."

After that, Princess Mira opened the door of the middle room, but Huihara didn't respond.

Princess Mira breathed a sigh of relief, and then crawled onto the bed.

The bed is big and soft, and there is a girl's fragrance on it, mixed with a good smell, it seems to be this bed.

Princess Mila was lying on the bed, covered with a quilt, trying to sleep.

But after a while, the door was opened again, she couldn't help but opened her eyes in a panic, and saw a fragrant little Lori coming in.

The cute loli climbed onto the bed and occupied the other side of the bed.

Oh!This is to sleep together, naturally it doesn't matter to sleep with a little girl.

Princess Mira breathed a sigh of relief again and closed her eyes.



After about half an hour, Mouri Kogoro returned to his home after sending his wife Eri, entered the bathroom and started taking a bath.

After all, it was the woman he loved so much, and Kogoro Mouri couldn't bear to really hurt Hideri. The battle ended within 30 minutes, which was the limit of Hideri's patience.

Dripping the hot water from the shower head, and recalling Hideri's white buttocks just now, Kogoro Mouri couldn't stop his heart swaying.

Soon, Kogoro Mouri took a bath, put on his pajamas, and went to his room.

Princess Mira and Haibara in the room were already asleep, and Kogoro Moori pushed the door in, but the two women did not notice.

Mouri Kogoro gently pulled up the sheet and lay between the two women.

Then he stretched out his hands slowly, wrapped his arms around the two women, and flexibly inserted his big hands into the skirts of the two women, covering the soft lower abdomen.

With an extra hand on her belly, Princess Mira shivered all over her body and woke up from her sleep.

What's happening here?Why is there a big hand on my stomach inexplicably?And why is there a man lying beside him inexplicably?

Going crazy!

Princess Mira's pupils kept shrinking, and her heart rate kept increasing.

But she is a princess of a country after all, and she can still remain calm and will not scream like an ordinary girl.

With the silhouette seen in the dark, she recognized that lying next to her was Kogoro Moori, who was the father of Xiaolan who exchanged identities with herself.

But how could Xiaolan's father climb into this bed?

It's a lie, how can such a big girl sleep with her father?

Is it a pervert?The names of countless movies passed by Princess Mira for a while, Yili's father?Ghost father?Sleeping?...

I have to say that Japan’s cultural dissemination to the outside world is very thorough, and Princess Mira also dabbles in these films, so her heart rate is getting faster and faster.

Kogoro Mouri had excellent hearing, and he could hear the heartbeat of the girl beside him constantly speeding up, and a smile was raised on his face: This Nizi, wouldn't he be excited again?

He leaned his head over, rubbed Princess Mila's head, and then kissed Princess Mila on the cheek, and said softly, "No, Xiaolan, Huiyuan is still here! Go to bed!"

The voice is gentle and full of magnetism, and it can almost be absorbed into people's hearts.

Princess Mila's entire face turned red in an instant. She had never been so close to a man before!

Under the violent stimulation, Princess Mira's head was short-circuited, and there was no thought of resistance, and it was obediently left to the mercy of Kogoro Maori.

In the end, Princess Mira lay on Moori Kogoro's chest, and her chest pressed against Moori Kogoro's ribs.

Kogoro Mouri hugged her waist tightly with his right hand, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Princess Mila, who was lying in the arms of Kogoro Maori, was stiff and did not dare to make any movements.

However, she was relieved to see that Kogoro Moori did not move.

Fortunately, the relationship between the father and daughter is just too good, but it's nothing.

Perceiving the majestic pectoral muscles on the head, and smelling the majestic masculinity, the blush on Princess Mira's face has been unable to subside.

She glanced at the sculptural outline of her face in the dark, and a faint color flashed in her eyes, which was so beautiful.

In fact, when she realized that the man on the bed was Kogoro Mouri, her thoughts of resistance disappeared without a trace.

She didn't even want to show her identity and sleep in another room, but wanted to play Xiaolan's identity as much as possible and continue to fool around.

Miragong took the initiative to move, but the right hand around her waist seemed to be motionless.

Princess Mila persuaded herself from the bottom of her heart: It's not that this princess doesn't want to sleep longer, but that you are holding her tightly, so she can barely sleep like this.

Item 0023

In the Royal Hospitality Hotel, Xiao Lan, wearing a princess dress and a crown, faced a man in a suit with blond hair, who was the Earl of Keith from the Kingdom of Vesbania.

Xiaolan explained to Count Keith sternly.


"So the princess changed my clothes and ran away. That's how it is, Earl Keith."

The captain of the guard on the side came forward to report: "Earl, the lady Fei Yingli mentioned by this young lady has already left. I have sent someone to investigate and I believe Princess Mira will be found soon."

The blond Count Keith waved his hand: "No need to look for it. Since this is the princess's wish, let the princess relax for a day."

"Anyway, according to this lady, the princess will be back for the banquet tomorrow."

"But what about the safety of the princess?"

Count Keith prevented the captain of the guard from continuing to speak: "It's okay, let all your men come back, this is an order."

Hearing this, the captain of the guard reluctantly called and summoned his men back.

And Earl Keith had a smile on his face: "Then Miss Xiao Lan, I will trouble you to help pretend to be a princess in the next time, and wait until tomorrow to change your status."

"Huh?" Xiaolan looked suspicious.

Count Keith shouted: "Maid ladies, give me a good service of your Royal Highness!"