Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 666

The maids outside the door walked in one by one, flocking Xiaolan to the rest room.

The maids waited to help Xiaolan change clothes and bathe.

But where did Xiao Lan go through this kind of battle, she finally let the maids leave the room with a shame on her face.

She lay on the soft bed and sighed: "I didn't know I wanted to be a princess if I knew it, Dad, I miss you so much!"



In Maori Kogoro's room, Princess Mira, who was lying in Maori Kogoro's arms, had been beating very fast, and she had not been able to calm down.

But this is also good. Princess Mira has no time to grieve under the upset.

The death of her mother and brother had caused a great blow to Princess Mira. She often burst into tears when she slept alone without knowing it.

But now in Maori Kogoro's arms, smelling the disturbing man's breath, it seems that all the troubles and sorrows have been left behind.

A smile appeared on Kogoro Maori's face, his left hand was holding the sleeping little Lori Huihara, motionless, while his right hand became irregular.

He pulled away the white vest with his right hand and gently stroked Princess Mira's silky soft back.

Princess Mira felt the big hand behind her, her eyes widened again, and her body trembled slightly.

Mouri Kogoro stroked Princess Mila back and forth, and suddenly felt that the things that rested against him under his ribs had changed, and he could not help but secretly said: Has this Nizi's sensitive point changed?strange!

He lowered his head and kissed Princess Mira's forehead again, and whispered softly: "Well, I won't move anymore, don't have any bad thoughts, go to bed!"

After all, Kogoro Mouri really stopped moving.

Princess Mira is going crazy, she obviously didn't do anything, and it was Kogoro Moori who was always doing her hands and feet. Who was thinking about it!

Her small face exudes astonishing heat, and her head is a bit dumbfounded, but the tiredness of flying on the plane, coupled with the strong stimulation, suddenly rises in sleepiness.

Before long, Princess Mira fell asleep in Moori Kogoro's arms.



In the early morning of the next day, the warm and welcoming sunlight shone on Maori Kogoro's face. He opened his eyes, and the little Lori Aihara on the left had already got up and disappeared.

Mouri Kogoro looked at the angelic face on the right and couldn't help but smile.

He poked his head and kissed Princess Mila's pink lips. The face of Princess Mila who was pretending to be asleep suddenly burst into heat, and her face flushed.

is that a lie!Even a good morning kiss for your daughter?How can this be kissed?

Princess Mila, who lost her first kiss inexplicably, was still holding on, she didn't open her eyes, but her eyelashes kept trembling.

However, her pretending to sleep is naturally not hidden from the eyes of Kogoro Mouri, a smile appeared on Kogoro Mouri's face, and his fiery hands climbed to the top of the mountains without hesitation.

Nani?Is this thing still shrinking?Why did the cup become smaller suddenly?

Maori Kogoro exclaimed: "No, you are not Xiao Lan, Xiao Lan has a bigger breast!"

Princess Mira, who was attacked, couldn't stand it anymore, screamed, and pushed Mouri Kogoro away from her body.

She blushed, looking at Mouri Kogoro like a pervert. There is no father who knows her daughter's breasts!

Princess Mila scolded: "Of course I am not Xiao Lan, you rude big pervert, dare to offend me?"

"Then who are you?" Mouri Kogoro was also stunned, how could his baby daughter fly off after a sleep.

He quickly summoned Xiao V to play back the surveillance video of Xiao Lan last night, only then did he understand what had happened.

It turns out that this is Princess Mira of the Kingdom of Vesbania!

Princess Mila also wants to continue to hide her identity: "It doesn't matter who I am. The important thing is you, a pervert, how can you do such a thing to your daughter?"

"So handsome, he turned out to be a ghost father!" Princess Mila's words still contained deep resentment and a trace of jealousy towards Xiaolan.

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro seemed to be choked and couldn't answer.

But soon he calmed down and asked, "Then when I came last night, why didn't you identify yourself?"

"In this case, the misunderstanding will not happen."

"Could it be, you just want to sleep with me, right?"

Upon hearing this, Princess Mila's face was instantly hot like a cloud of fire, her eyes were full of panic, and she pointed to Kogoro Mouri: "You, you, you, don't talk nonsense, who is rare to sleep with you? !"

Seeing Princess Mira's panic look, Kogoro Mouri's eyes lit up and he hurried to pursue the victory.

The acting exploded, and he pretended to be sad: "Isn't it rare? So you were a lie last night."

"I knew last night that you are not my daughter, Princess Mira."

"I thought you were willing to give me a hug, and would like to sleep in the same bed as me? It turns out that these are all my own mistakes, haha!"

A bitter smile appeared on Maori Kogoro's handsome face, and Princess Mila's heart trembled.

Princess Mila was even more shocked to learn that Kogoro Moori had broken his identity.

He knew his identity last night. If he said that, he hugged himself to bed last night, got up to kiss himself this morning, and touched himself intentionally, not a perverted ghost father!

Thinking of this, Princess Mila felt a hint of joy inexplicably.

Chapter 0024 Uncle, you can find me if you are so angry in the morning

Princess Mira hugged the pillow, her face twisted.

"Maori detective, don't do that!"

"We just met last night? This progress is too fast, right?" Princess Mila looked ashamed.

But soon her face changed: "No, then why did you just say that your daughter has a bigger breast? How could you know this!"

"You are still lying to me! Big pervert!"

Worthy of being the queen's heir, Princess Mila is very angry, and the queen is full of fan.

Especially this face that was exactly the same as Xiaolan, was even more lethal.

Kogoro Mouri quickly defended: "This is just the observation power that a detective should have. I know everyone around me well, that's all."