Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 675

Maybe this is the real one!

In Moori Kogoro's view, Fujiko has never let go of her disguise. Whether it is the bold and sultry first sight, or the pretending to worship money last night, she is not the real Fujiko, she seems to be shrouded in a mist, making people can not see clearly……

Mine Fujiko finally found Moori Kogoro on the side, and his expression became vivid.

She took off her glasses and cast a wink at Kogoro Moori: "Detective Moori, was it true what you said last night? How much salary would you give me if you really asked me to be a secretary?"

"I tell you, I won't accept the salary is too small."

Kogoro Mori also laughed: "Being my secretary is not that simple, but not everyone can do it. At least two conditions must be met!"

"What conditions?"

"There is nothing to do with the secretary, but nothing to do with the secretary."

Feng Fujiko clenched his fists, hammered Moori Kogoro lightly, and smiled sweetly: "Hate, Maori detective, you can really be kidding!"

Mouri Kogoro's eyes moved slightly, but he remained silent.


Behind the two, Princess Mira deliberately coughed loudly, staring at Feng Fujiko with big eyes.

Mouri Kogoro turned around and saw Princess Mira who had just finished taking a bath, her body still exuding water vapor, and her small face was as charming as a lotus flower.

"How is it? Did you sleep well last night?"

Princess Mira nodded: "Well, it's a rare dream. It's much better than sitting in a fighter jet."

Princess Mira stabbed Feng Fujiko, but Feng Fujiko didn't respond. Her eyes were gentle and she was very tolerant of Princess Mira.

Mouri Kogoro led the two women to the restaurant and started eating breakfast.

Soon little Lori Huiyuan rubbed her eyes and came out sleepy.

She felt relieved when she saw Maori Kogoro, and quickly climbed into Maori Kogoro's arms to have breakfast together.

Feng Fujiko saw this scene full of different colors.

After breakfast, the dining table was cleaned up by the crew, and the plane was about to land.

After nearly ten hours of flying, the Maori group finally set foot in the hometown of Princess Mira, the Kingdom of Visbania.

Item 0032

When everyone got off the plane, Mouri Kogoro felt the princess Mira's depression, but she was still smiling.

Princess Mira knew that as soon as she returned to the castle palace, she would change back to her original identity, and she could only be separated from Kogoro Mouri.

The thought of this made Princess Mila a pain in her heart.

She pulled Maori Kogoro's arm, and a look of expectation flashed in her big eyes: "Mori-kun, before I go back, can you take me to a place?"

Kogoro Mori naturally agreed, and after the four of them walked out of the airport, they rented a car and drove to the place provided by Princess Mira.

Because Queen Sacra was close to Japan when she was reigning, she made rules to include Japanese as a compulsory subject.

Therefore, Japanese is the second language of this country, and the Maori group communicates with people in this country without barriers.



Just as Kogoro Moori was driving, a car stopped in front of the palace of the Kingdom of Vesbania.

A middle-aged man wearing a khaki military coat and a khaki trilby came out. He had a horse face, and this man was Koichi Qian Xing.

Koichi Qiangata was the police department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and he was also a full-time investigator of Lupin, the Interpol Organization, who was investigating Lupin III.

Although he was a police officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, he was not in Tokyo most of the time. Instead, he followed the footsteps of Lupin III and carried out arrests in various countries.

He wanted to arrest Lupin III, but he was never successful.

However, Qian Xing Koichi can grasp the whereabouts of Lupin III.

In front of the palace, Earl Keith and Prince Gerrard greeted him.

Prince Gerrard, the uncle of Princess Mira and the younger brother of Queen Sacra, wears a green suit and has black curly hair.

Apart from Princess Mira in the royal blood, there is only this Prince Gerrard.

Prince Gerrard said: "You are the ICPO who just called, Interpol!"

Koichi Qian Xingyi showed his credentials to Prince Gerrard and nodded: "My man is Koichi Qian Xingyi, who came here to investigate Lupin III."

Count Keith squinted his eyes slightly and asked: "Sergeant Money, will Lupin III really appear?"

Qian Xingxing nodded a little: "Well, according to this news report, Lupin III has already targeted your royal heritage-the crown worn by the queen, so he will definitely appear."

Prince Gerrard smiled and said, "It's okay to stand like this, Police Officer Qiang, let's go in and talk, I have tea already!"

Qian Xingxing nodded a little when he heard this, and everyone went to the palace.

Along the way, Qian Xingxing could not help asking curiously when he saw many waiters beating on the edges of the left and right walls.

"Excuse me, what are they doing?"

Prince Gerrard opened his mouth and said: "This is to prepare for the Queen's enthronement ceremony and redecorate the palace."

Count Keith frowned: "Prince Gerrard, why don't I know this?"

Gerrard touched his beard twice and chuckled, "Oh, oh, I'm all to blame, all to me, Earl Keith, I forgot to inform you."

"On the day of your visit to Japan, the members of the parliament passed a resolution to advance the Queen's ascension ceremony. In order to avoid losing time, I ordered the decoration to avoid delaying the ascension ceremony."

Hearing this, Count Keith's brow furrowed deeper and deeper, and his eyes were fixed on the Prince Gerrard, but he said nothing more.

As soon as Qian Xingxing saw the posture of the two of them, he touched his nose and didn't want to take care of it.

He was not interested in the undercurrent surging inside the royal house of the Vesbania Kingdom, and Qian Xingxing wanted to take Lupin III back.



As soon as Qian Xingxing was led by Prince Gerrard into the palace hall, the bearded man walking out of the toilet on the side saw this scene and was shocked.