Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 690

At around nine o'clock in the evening, Moori Kogoro finished washing and putting on golden silk pajamas. He was about to rest when he heard a knock on the door.

He opened the door, and outside the door was one of Princess Mira's twin maids.

The maid hurriedly said: "Maori detective, the princess has invited you through her room, and she said she has important matters to discuss with you!"

The maid turned and left after speaking.

A weird smile appeared on Kogoro Mouri's face, and he quickly turned and went to the princess's bedroom next door.

There was no one inside, and all the maids were sent away.

This palace is extremely noble and elegant, magnificent, and exquisite lighting exudes soft light.

The window curtains were all closed, the residual temperature in the fireplace made the whole room extremely warm, and the incense burner also exuded a strange fragrance.

There was a princess bed in the middle. The white veil was put down, and there was a figure lying inside. The heartbeat was very messy, and Princess Mira was pretending to sleep.

As soon as Mouri Kogoro entered the room, he closed the door and locked it back.

He saw a flower path paved with rose petals on the delicate and elegant carpet, he took off his shoes, stepped on the flower path with his bare feet, and walked towards the princess bed.

The closer I got, the more the heartbeat of the woman on the bed intensified.

Mouri Kogoro lifted the white veil and saw the angel.

Princess Mira’s golden quilt is also covered with rose petals to form a heart.

Snow White needs to be awakened by Prince Charming, and Princess Mira is no exception.

Mouri Kogoro lowered his head and kissed Princess Mira's pink lips lightly. If it was cold, it was beautiful.

Princess Mira opened her eyes unexpectedly.

But there was a strange feeling in Mouri Kogoro's heart, something wrong, this feeling, and the color of his pupils were also wrong.

Mouri Kogoro let go of his small mouth and said, "Lan, what are you doing?"

But the'Princess Mila' on the bed said: "Maori, I'm Mila!"

'Princess Mira' looked at Moori Kogoro firmly, and the two kept looking at each other.

Maori Kogoro's heart trembled, and Xiaolan's monitoring screen flashed in his mind, and then smiled and apologized: "Well, you are Mira, and I have admitted wrong again."

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"Your Royal Highness, I'll just call you that today."

A weird smile appeared on Kogoro Moori's face, and his deep eyes were full of spoiling.

Hearing that Kogoro Moori had insight into all this,'Princess Mira' blushed, panicked, and his heartbeat became faster and faster.

But she didn't flinch at all, but she made up her mind tonight!

Maori Kogoro stroked the blue silk of'Princess Mira', then grabbed the red rose petals with a chuckle, and sprinkled it gently, the fragrance of flowers overflowing!

"Okay, your Royal Highness, what's the matter with the flaps on this bed? They also form a heart of love!"

'Princess Mila' blushed, lowered her head and whispered, her voice was a little girlish: "I am a princess today. Isn't it normal that there are flaps on the bed?"

Mouri Kogoro leaned over and kissed the cheek of'Princess Mira'.

After kissing the left cheek and then kissing the right cheek, he laughed, "How can you be so cute!"

'Princess Mira''s eyes floated with water rhyme, like the most moving lake, and instantly attracted Moori Kogoro's mind.

Under the soft light, the two looked at each other affectionately, and their hearts gradually merged.

Needless to say, Maori Kogoro has understood his intentions, looking at the angel below, he gently kissed the angel's trembling pink lips.

Mouri Kogoro's heart trembled, and the sound of his heartbeat kept getting faster. After the kiss, both cheeks were flushed and their heads dizzy.

'Princess Mila' has a pair of jade arms around Mouri Kogoro's neck, and the two of them face to face, panting heavily.

With his arms around the girl's soft body and smelling the natural body scent, Mouri Kogoro got up and broke free of the girl's hands and turned the golden quilt over.

The scent of flowers is overflowing, and the rose petals that are pieced together in the shape of a heart are flying in the veil, like a fascinating butterfly, drawing a graceful curve, scattered on this warm bed, and finally a few pieces of the petals fall on The girl's body.

'Princess Mira' wore an elegant golden nightdress with suspenders, plain and pure.

Looking at the body of'Princess Mira', Mouri Kogoro's eyes gradually became confused.

Like the gift of the Creator, like the angel who fell into the world, like the elves who strayed into the world, they are so beautiful that they cannot be described in words, and they make people fascinated by it.

The posture is graceful, and every curve on his body is enough to make Mouri Kogoro's eyes stop for a long time, and he is crazy about it.

And the bright red rose petals fell on the girl's body, creating a somewhat charming atmosphere out of thin air.

Under the soft and warm light, the girl's big watery eyes looked at Kogoro Mouri with passion.

There is shyness, determination, and affection in his eyes, but he can't see a little withdrawal.

Moori Kogoro gently stroked the girl's fragrant shoulder with his big hand, and the girl couldn't help shaking.

The blush on her face was like the most beautiful glow, gradually smudging out, her snow-white jade neck, her cute ears were also dyed red, and the little face was hot, very cute.

A warm smile appeared on Maori Kogoro's handsome face, and he stroked the girl's shoulder with his big hand, as if he wanted to calm the girl's tension.

But in fact, Kogoro Mouri was more nervous than her, and the fine sweat on his forehead and back could not be controlled.

Maori Kogoro swallowed his saliva and moved forward. The tip of his nose was against Princess Mira's Qiong nose. The two faces were very close. Looking at this beautiful face, Maori Kogoro said.

"Your Royal Highness, whether there is a palace or a crown, you will always be my little princess, and will always be my most beloved treasure."

"As long as you want, let alone the princess, I will let you be the queen."

"I know there are still big problems waiting for us in the future, trust me, I will definitely solve it. Anyway, what I want to tell you is that I love you and I can't wait to give my life to you."

There were crystal clear tears in the eyes of'Princess Mira', and she also firmly said: "I love you too! I love you very much! I love you very much!"

In emotion,'Princess Mira' reached out and put her arm around Kogoro Moori's head, and kissed it.

As if the sky thunder shook the ground, Mouri Kogoro instantly became irritable. He could no longer control himself, and his fiery big hands began to wander around the girl's graceful body.

The temperature in the whole room is rising constantly, and the air is full of fiery breath.