Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 701

Then she turned around and walked towards the palace hall, but when she turned around, there seemed to be a few crystal clear tears that followed her turn around and across her cheeks and fell on the ground.

Mouri Kogoro trembled when he saw this picture, and couldn't help being stunned.

At this time, Earl Keith said: "Maori detective, the car is waiting outside, we can start."

After that, Earl Keith led the way, and Xiaolan, Huibara, and Fujiko and three daughters followed.

Xiao Lan turned to see the stunned Moori Kogoro, frowned and said, "Dad, we should go now!"

"Oh!" Mouri Kogoro reacted and followed.

When all the people got in the car, behind the window of the palace, Queen Mira by the curtain was already crying.

She watched with tearful eyes that the figure entered the car, and then the car slowly drove out.

Goodbye, my love!



At the International Airport of the Kingdom of Visbania, Xiaolan saw this extraordinary, very large private jet, her face was full of excitement.

Xiao Lan hugged Moori Kogoro's arm tightly, and couldn't help exclaiming: "Dad, is this big plane really yours? When did you buy it? Why don't I know?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "I bought it almost a month ago, because I have never used it, so I never mentioned it to you!"

"As for how you got here, didn't Dad say that he had made some investments with your Auntie Pengzi? I made a lot of money, so I bought it!"

"From now on, Xiaolan, you can take this plane wherever you want to go to play!"

Xiaolan's face was dumbfounded: "Dad, have you made a lot of money?"

"Yeah! I asked Xiaolan before if you want to move? I originally wanted to move to the villa area, but I didn't mention it again when you said you didn't want to move!"

"So it's useless to make money by investing. It's better to live together as a family!"

"That's right!" Xiaolan nodded, but soon broke out, and the small housekeeper's attributes instantly appeared: "But Dad, you're a waste of money!"

"Why don't you tell me about buying such expensive things?"

Kogoro Mouri reached out and stroked Xiaolan's head: "Is it expensive? It's not expensive! The Boeing headquarters also discounted it, and only spent a small amount of money!"

A little money!!!

When Xiaolan and Huihara heard these words, their mouths twitched, and Feng Fujiko smiled: "Now you believe it, Maori detectives are super rich!"

"Okay, don't care about these details, we should board the plane!" Moori Kogoro took Xiaolan and Huiyuan to the plane, and yawned...

"I'm a little sleepy, so I can get a good sleep when I get on the plane!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan's eyes seemed to flash with a bright color.

When the four of them arrived on the plane, Xiaolan looked at the extremely luxurious cabin, dragged Hui Yuan and couldn't help but wander around.

Feng Fujiko watched the four cash suitcases push into his room, and thanked the four guards who had brought them up.

As for Kogoro Mouri, he entered his bedroom under the name Aqian and locked the bedroom door.

Not long after, the Boeing plane took off under the watch of Earl Keith and flew towards Japan.



In the palace hall, on the highest golden throne, Queen Mira in a golden waffle sat on it, holding her chin in a daze.

The cabinet meeting was over, the ministers and elders left, and she was the only one left in the entire hall.

Count Keith walked into the hall and reported: "Your Royal Highness, the Maori detectives and his party have left!"

Queen Mira was stunned when she heard these words, and then she said: "Kies, I want to be here alone, you and the guards will leave!"

"This..." Count Keith frowned, but he didn't say much when seeing Queen Mira's expression.

Count Keith walked out of the palace, waved his hand, the guards closed the door of the hall, and then left.

After the door is closed, no one will see it again, so naturally there is no need to pretend!

Mila sitting on the throne could no longer suppress her emotions, tears instantly filled her eyes!

"Yo yo yo, you will become a little cat if you cry! I didn't see you cry so much last night!"

Hearing this impossible voice, Mira suddenly widened his eyes, turned his head and looked around, and saw a figure behind the throne, it was Kogoro Mori.

With a gentle smile on his face, he winked at Mira.

Mira immediately got up from the throne and plunged into the arms of Kogoro Mouri, with her little head rubbed against Kogoro Mouri’s chest, with an ecstatic look: "Great, Mouri-kun, you didn’t go, really too All right!"

Item 0057

Meira held Mouri Kogoro tightly, exhausted all her strength, for fear that Mouri Kogoro would disappear again.

She shed tears in excitement, and said: "Mao Lijun, are you willing to stay? What I said last night is true!"

Kogoro Mouri reached out his hand to wipe away the tears on his face, smiled lightly and said, "Don't cry, Little Cat!"

"But I am not staying. On the contrary, I am here to ask if you would like to live in Japan with me? Believe me, I can take good care of you in Japan too!"

"You queen is not happy about what you are doing, or just forget it, pass the throne to Keith, and you can fly far away with me!"

Mila's face showed hesitation, and she groaned for a moment and then shook her head: "Maori, I can't do this. I am the only one in the royal family now, and the glory of the Giuliati royal family can't just ruin my hands like this."

"Moreover, the Kingdom of Visbania has just welcomed a new queen, and the turmoil has just subsided. I can't abandon the people and go to Japan!"

Maori Kogoro's face was pretending to be distressed, and Mira frowned as she saw her, her originally happy mood gradually lowered.

"Troublesome, it seems that only the third method can be used!"

Mouri Kogoro clapped his hands, and a figure suddenly emerged from the shadow.

Queen Mira heard that there was a third person, and quickly let go of Mouri Kogoro's body, and turned around to wipe her tears.

When she turned around, her expression became dignified but inviolable, and this expression made Moori Kogoro excited.

Seeing the people who appeared, Queen Mira suddenly exclaimed: "Hey, Xiaolan, haven't you left? Me and your father..."