Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 709

That was a place he had never encountered before!

Mouri Kogoro sensed the gaze behind him and also knew Judy's plan. He couldn't help feeling that a woman was really careful, but he cooperated very well.

From time to time, Kogoro Mori and Judy clasped their fingers and smiled at each other;

Or take the sushi and feed it to Judy, and carefully pick out the sashimi she doesn't eat;

Or share a straw intimately for a drink!

Dog food continued to spill out, and people around could not help looking at the couple with envious faces, but they caused countless crit attacks on Akai Hideichi.

He squeezed the chopsticks in his hand in half, and had no appetite to continue eating.

To be honest, Hideichi Akai and Judy have broken up for more than five years, and after the two had just confirmed their relationship five years ago, they broke up because Hideichi Akai wanted to sneak into the organization.

The two have never even had an ordinary date, and nothing happened. In fact, the relationship is very shallow.

Hideichi Akai didn't know why he was so angry, but he was angry at the moment!

Maybe this is human nature, Akai Hideichi still enjoys Judy's admiration for him deep in his heart.

Now that she sees Judy's transference, she is psychologically unbalanced and gradually becomes jealous.

After eating lunch, Kogoro Mori took Judy's hand and left, but the peeping gaze lingered behind the two, and it was obvious that Shuichi Akai followed.

Kogoro Mori drove to the large shopping mall in Akihabara, and Judy urged to play video games when he got out of the car.

But Kogoro Mouri thought with a thought and pulled Judy to another place.

This is a Cartier jewelry store. The white counters are neat and bright, with jewels.

"Kogoro, why did you bring me here?"

"Of course I bought you jewelry!"

Upon hearing this, Judy's little face suddenly showed surprise.

The clerk of this jewelry store greeted him. Kogoro Mouri took out another black card from his wallet. The clerk took a look and immediately retired to report.

Immediately after the door of the rest room opened, the female manager of the specialty store walked out and bowed respectfully and said, "Dear guest, what can I do for you?"

Kogoro Mouri said, "Take your PANTHRE-DE-CARTIER series of jewels and have a look!"

The female store manager suddenly showed joy. This series is the most expensive series in the brand, with tens of millions of items. It seems that a big order is about to be opened today.

The female store manager gave an order, and the assistant store manager hurriedly entered the inner room to open the safe, and the other store clerk took out a tray of jewels and put it on the counter, leaving it to Kogoro Mori and Judy to choose.

Judy's eyes instantly poured jewels into her eyes, and her aquamarine eyes became brighter and brighter. Sure enough, a woman has no immunity to jewelry!

Although Judy is an FBI agent, she used her salary to buy bullets for training, and she has never been in a jewelry store.

Now that she sees such a beautiful necklace, her eyes are gradually lost.

But when she saw the price, she immediately frowned: "Kogoro, this is too expensive, let's go!"

She pulled Moori Kogoro's arm and was about to leave, but was pulled back by Moori Kogoro.

Kogoro Mori kissed Judy's little hand, and Shuichi Akai in the clothing store opposite was feeling tight in his chest!

"Listen to me now and pick the one you like best!"


Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Of course it's true."

Judy then turned his attention to these jewels, and was instantly attracted by the dove egg diamond necklace in the middle.

The shop manager explained in a timely manner: "Guests, your eyes are so good. This is the most precious necklace in our shop. It is the pinnacle of our chief jeweler Martin, named Angel Heart!"

"The whole necklace is made of white gold. The pear-shaped diamond in the middle is 54.37 carats. For a beautiful lady like you, this necklace is simply perfect!"

Judy was said to be a little heartbeat, but she saw the price below the heartbeat suddenly stopped, one million one hundred million...

This angel's heart actually costs 680 million yen, which is more than 40 million when converted into RMB, and more than 6 million when converted into US dollars!

Judy immediately turned his attention to the other jewels nearby.

Upon seeing this, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but chuckle, put his arms around Judy's slender waist, and said to the store manager: "Swipe your card, you need this angel heart!"

Judy kept stopping, but Kogoro Mouri ignored it.

The black card was handed out again, and there was a crisp sound of successful transaction from the POS machine.

The hearts of all the women in the room trembled, and they looked at Judy with envy, and looked at Kogoro Mouri with green eyes, wishing to recommend themselves the bed seats!

Such a handsome man is so rich, so willing to spend money for a woman, it is a rare treasure, can not find it with a lantern!

The female store manager handed the black card back with a little excitement, and said: "Dear guest, now this angel's heart belongs to you, so wrap it up..."

"Don't be so troublesome!"

Kogoro Mori directly reached out his hand to pick up the necklace, and then personally put it on Judy. The dove egg hung on Judy's chest, radiant.

Kogoro Mouri spoke domineeringly: "My woman should wear the most beautiful jewelry!"

Hearing this, Judy's heartbeat kept speeding up and her eyes were full of drunkenness, and she threw herself into the arms of Kogoro Mouri and gave a warm kiss.

Just in the jealous eyes of all the women in the store, just under Akai's frantic eyes, the two kissed deeply, without being disturbed by the outside world.

When the kiss stopped, there was still a sparkle between their lips.

Akai with excellent eyesight felt black after seeing it!

Judy flushed with tenderness in her eyes: "Kogoro, I love you!"

Then Judy whispered: "I don't want to play video games next, Kogoro, let's go to the hot spring hotel!"

She licked her lower lip, charming herself!

Sure enough, it is a great Yanmar from the United States, and it is bold enough.

Kogoro Mori naturally nodded kindly, and walked out of the jewelry store with Judy in his arms.

All the clerk behind him bowed and shouted: "Welcome to visit you next time!"

Hidekazu Akai continued to follow Kogoro Mori and Judy until he watched them enter a hot spring hotel called "Song of Summer".

He suddenly became petrified, and he naturally knew what it meant when adult men and women entered here.