Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 722

With its defying intelligence, although this goal is difficult, it is only a matter of time to complete it!

"Okay, Mingmei, first go to the outside car and wait for me. I'll go to the sixth floor and go back together later!"

Akemi Miyano nodded obediently, and walked out with her legs.

Not long after, Kogoro Mouri came to the laboratory below.

The old man in a gray white coat stood beside him with a respectful look.

Dr. Jiang Gu looked at the mighty Maori Kogoro, the back of his head couldn't help but sweat leaking out, he swallowed his saliva, and then he said: "Boss, all human experiments in the past two months have failed. None of the medications survived!"

Kogoro Mouri nodded, and then said: "Stop all human experiments. The direction of the experiment is wrong."

"Restart drug testing and vigorously deduce the derivative properties of drug A. I will send you specific directions later."

Dr. Jiang Gu looked stunned, but Kogoro Mouri didn't explain much, he left the base directly after giving orders.

In fact, after Kogoro Moori read the use of the software, he understood the true use of APTX, and he had a guess about the identity of the boss of the dark organization.

Therefore, he ordered Dr. Jiang Gu to stop the wrong research.

Sometimes on the wrong road, stopping is a way of moving forward!

On the road to Mingmei's house, the neon lights of interlaced light and dark kept flashing across Kogoro Moori's face, his eyes faint.

Miyano Akemi's beautiful eyes stared at the worried Maori Kogoro's face tightly, and couldn't help reaching out to grab his big hand.

"Kogoro, are you okay?"

Kogoro Mouri looked at Akemi's blue eyes filled with worry, and then put his thoughts behind.

He grabbed Mingmei's little hand with his backhand and said with a chuckle: "What can I do! Okay, don't worry about it!"

"That's good!"

Akemi was relieved when Moori Kogoro returned to normal.

But not long after, her expression changed again, and there was a hesitant expression on the beautiful face.

"what happened?"

"Kogoro, I'll tell you something, don't mind you!"

"It's okay, go ahead!"

"Did I tell you a while ago that there is a man who always wanders in my flower shop? He disappeared for a few days in the middle, and then he reappeared."

Hearing Akemi's description, Kogoro Mouri immediately knew who it was, and it was Hideichi Akai who followed him and Judy this afternoon.

Speaking of which Shuichi Akai’s two ex-girlfriends were robbed by herself, it’s really interesting!

"The man still wrapped himself tightly as before, but I seem to recognize him."

"Kogoro, don't be angry when I told you!"

"His name is Akai Hideichi, and his identity is very complicated. He is the person who entered the organization under the FBI, and is also my former boyfriend. I don't know how he got here!"

When Mingmei said this, her face was full of tension.

"Oh! Ex-boyfriend!" Mouri Kogoro said in a strange tone.

Mingmei hurriedly said: "Kogoro, don't get me wrong, I have nothing to do with him, we are already people in two worlds, besides, I am the only one in my heart!" Mingmei said this confession. The pretty face is still a little red.

Kogoro Mouri naturally knew that Akemi was the only one in her heart. She took it the first time by herself, and was bloody again for herself.

The beauty is deep, so I don't know how.

However, he frowned on the surface and said: "There is an ex-boyfriend who is pestering you, no, I'm angry!"

"how can?"

Akemi's expression was dumbfounded, and her face was at a loss: she confessed immediately after spotting Akai. Isn't that okay?

A wicked smile appeared on Kogoro Moori's face, and he said, "It's easy to not get angry. Akemi, you just agree to my request!"

Hearing this, Miyano Akemi was still a little unsure.

But when her head was pressed between Moori Kogoro's legs, she understood Moori Kogoro's plan.

A pair of beautiful eyes glared at Mouri Kogoro with a slightly coquettish look: They are really big-eyed!

In the end, Akemi did not refuse, and served Kogoro Mouri obediently. This is really a great challenge for the conservative Akemi.


The taste here makes people want to stop.

The night wind continued to pour into the car, and Kogoro Mouri was extremely happy. He finally knew the fun of driving with one hand.

Chapter 0078

In the black car in front of Mingmi's apartment, Kogoro Mouri reached out and patted Mingmi's buttocks, smiled lightly and said, "Well, for the sake of your good attitude, I will forgive you this time! "

Akemi's eyes in the passenger seat turned red, Mouri Kogoro glanced white, and her mouth was closed without speaking.

"Next time Hideo Akai visits your flower shop again and again, call me immediately! My woman, how can I allow others to entangle you!"

Seeing this overbearing Maori Kogoro, Mingmei's heart trembled and her eyes softened.

When the two got out of the car, Akemi put her arms around Kogoro Mouri and walked towards the apartment.

As soon as she entered the apartment, Mingmei rushed to the bathroom and started washing.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori entered the study, and the things that Feng Fujiko sent were in the study.

He sat at the desk and looked through the materials sent by Fujiko, and it really had a similar principle to the Hydra brainwashing device he had obtained.

Relying on sleep deprivation to make them tired, invade the five senses, repeat like chanting, and fill the minds of the brainwashed with ideas.

But after all, humans are irrational animals and have emotions.

If the subconscious mind can be awakened and the mind can be manipulated, the effect of brainwashing will be greatly enhanced and the result will be doubled.

Soon, Kogoro Mouri, who had a glance and ten lines, read all these two boxes of materials, and remembered them all in his mind.

He rubbed his temples, and suddenly remembered the letter Fujiko had given him, and turned it out of his pocket.

Sure enough, it was a little weird. I was afraid that Mingmei would see the contents, so I didn't read it much. Now I feel this letter paper is uneven.