Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 730

But all this is in vain!

Maori Kogoro sneered, "Oh, you were at a loss when you shot me with a gun. Then just do it this time and I will lose out."

As soon as the voice fell, Mouri Kogoro's hand moved a heavy object out of the shadow behind him.

The golden gun body exudes fierce aura, this golden Gatling is stunned to see Miwako and Lupin.

Golden Gatling: Ten thousand bullets can be fired every minute, and every bullet can be manipulated by humans. Under trial, it will be the final gun.[The remaining time limit is two minutes.

He took it back from Akemi Miyano last night, and Akemi had never beaten this Gatling with this last time.

Thinking that it might be used today, Kogoro Mouri took it back into the system space.

Lupin's eyes were full of panic, and he couldn't help swallowing his saliva: "Maori detective, murder is illegal."

Miwako on the side was also anxious: "Kogoro?"

Kogoro Mouri reached out and patted Miwako's little hand, and said, "Don't worry, I have a sense of measure."

After all that, Kogoro Moori pulled the Gatling, the gun of trial began to roar, and the golden bullets kept shooting out.

Countless fires burst, and the golden barrage shrouded Lupin.

Under the life-and-death crisis, Lupin's pupils kept bursting, and his legs ran in the corridor, wishing to get sucked up.

One after another, golden bullets ran across his body, bombarding the wall next to him, splashing rocks.

Maori Kogoro laughed like a cat playing with a mouse, manipulating more than a thousand bullets this second, driving him to run to the left and to the right, just not hitting Lupin.

This feeling is really so relaxing.

Lupin was going crazy, his life could not be controlled by himself, and he might die every second.

There is only one body around him that can move, and if he doesn't run, he will be hit again, but he is helpless to be teased by Kogoro Moori.

Suffering to the extreme, it is impossible to survive or die!

Lupin had never encountered such a sorrowful situation.

Along with the bombing of bullets, Mouri Kogoro's vigorous voice actually reached Lupin's ears.

"Where is the transaction location?"

Under the threat of his life, Lupin's IQ of three hundred fell and immediately replied: "In the underground parking lot of the Yasuda Building!"

Kogoro Mouri nodded, but did not stop the bombing.

The two-minute time limit passed quietly, and Golden Gatling's gunfire stopped.

This extraordinary golden Gatlin suddenly exploded and turned into countless golden fragments, shocking Miwako who was aside.

The smoke gradually dissipated, and Lupin was lying on the gravel in a panic.

There are large and small burnt wounds all over his body, all caused by bullets. Although it is not fatal, it is almost as if it has suffered a delay. There is no good meat on his body.

He lay on the ground, panting heavily, and said every word: "Finally saved."

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward and searched out all the props on Lupin.

Lupin was exhausted, and coupled with his injuries, he was unable to resist.

This guy is just like Tinkerbell, he has all kinds of weird things, artificial hands, smoke bombs, disguise masks, hook ropes...

Kogoro Mori broke Lupin's joints in both hands by the way, and then asked Miwako to handcuff him with the handcuffs, so that he would not use the lock to break free.

Kogoro Mori put the cherry blue diamond in his pocket and clapped his hands and said, "Okay, the matter of you shooting me is cleared up. I'll save it if you don't want to, so go to jail!"

Lupin whimpered in pain, and Kogoro Mouri turned around and pulled Miwako: "Miwako, Lupin will leave it to you. This guy is not honest, don't be careless."

"Well, I know, Kogoro, are you going to save people? Do you need me to send someone to help."

"No need. Too many people are easy to get rid of the trouble, and it would be miserable to annoy the kidnappers to tear the ticket. Besides, can you still trust me?

"The man in your family can be one against a hundred."

Meihezi nodded: "Then you must also be careful, don't do anything."

Mouri Kogoro stretched his arm around Miwako's slender waist and directly kissed her lips. Lupin, who was on the side, whimpered louder when he saw this scene.

Item 0086

Kogoro Mouri drove the Lexus to the underground parking lot of the Yasuda Building. There were no people in the parking lot, and it looked deserted for a long time.

He leaned on the car and waited.

At this moment, he was wearing a disguise mask with Lupin's face, a big red suit and white tight suit pants, really a little uncomfortable.

To be honest, he didn't worry about Fujiko. Kogoro Mouri knew that Lupin planned this incident alone.

Originally, this cherry blue diamond belonged to Lupin. The Japanese pinyin of the owner of the cherry blue diamond, Wakago Shigeru, was recombined to be Ishikawa Goemon.

Lupin's real purpose of guarding and stealing this time was to get close to the terrorists who kidnapped Fujiko, and by the way, he wanted to win back Fujiko's heart.

So there is no danger in Fujitsu.

At this time, Moori Kogoro's cell phone rang, and he took out his cell phone and couldn't help but chuckle when he saw the text message above.

"Uncle, my father didn't notice any abnormalities. Have you finished the matter over there? Shall we have dinner together tonight?"

Qingzi, who was lying on the bed in the bedroom at home, only wore a white compassionate shirt, and a pair of snow-white beautiful legs swayed restlessly on the wall, showing a sense of last name in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Aoko was already very tired, but she was very excited, and all she missed was Kogoro Mouri.

Young girls' love in spring is always poetry, Qingzi naturally hopes that Kogoro Moori can be with her.

'Ding Dong!'When the text message sounded, Qingzi quickly turned on the phone and saw the text message.

"Qingzi, my uncle has just caught Lupin, but now I am going to save people. I'm afraid I don't have time to have dinner with you. I will find you when my uncle is finished with this incident."

Qingzi was a little disappointed when she saw this text message. She kicked her beautiful legs feebly, and her mobile phone rang again.

"It's so crazy in the afternoon, so take a good rest. When my uncle asks your father for a drink next time, he won't let you off so easily."

Hearing this, Qingzi's face turned red, and she tapped her fingertips: "Bad Uncle" was sent over.

Then she laughed idiotically with her mobile phone in her arms, followed Kogoro Moori's words, covered the quilt and started to rest.

Mouri Kogoro put away his cell phone, and a car came in the underground parking lot.