Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 731

Two black vans escorted a Bentley and drove slowly over and parked in front of Kogoro Mouri's car.

The door of the van opened, and a few foreign black-clothed men came down, wearing sunglasses and carrying submachine guns, surrounded by guards.

The door of the other car opened, and Feng Fujiko sat in it.

The plump legs are wrapped in purple stockings, and the upper body is wearing a strapless golden leather jacket, which is convex and concave, revealing a proud figure and a sense of surname.

It seemed that she was not bullied at all, but lived very well.

But she wore a red-lighted collar around her neck, which was a special bomb.

As soon as Mine Fujiko saw Mouri Kogoro, he shouted: "Lupin, I knew you would come to rescue me."

She hurried out of the van and ran to Lupin's side.

After Kogoro Mori’s voice change technique was used, Lupin’s voice came from his mouth: "How is it, isn't it hurt?"

"No, but I was frightened, and I was also put on this ugly, tasteless collar."

At this time, the back seat window of the Bentley was lowered, and a blond foreign man with a big back combed his head and said: "You will talk about it later, now you will start trading. Give the diamonds to Fujiko and let Fujiko bring them."

The blond foreign man had a gloomy expression on his face, and he acted very vigilantly, for fear that Lupin, who was pretending to be Mori Kogoro, would make another moth.

Fujiko took the cherry blue diamond handed over from Kogoro Moori, walked to the blond man and raised the pistol that came from Kogoro Moori: "Sorry, I can't give this to you. Don't think I will use one. Fake bombs can fool my aunt's grandmother and dare to arrest me."

Mouri Kogoro said, "Fujiko, put the gun down. The bomb on your neck is real."

Hearing this, Fujiko frowned and said, "How could it be like this, cheating a weak woman, what a terrible man."

"Give you this diamond if you want it!"

After that, she threw the diamond into the arms of the foreign man.

The foreign man opened his mouth and said: "Although there were some twists and turns, the transaction was successfully concluded. In this way, we only need to ensure our safety, and the bomb will naturally be lifted..."

"We should never meet again in the future."

The big-backed foreign man gave the order, and the three cars drove out, leaving only two people in the parking lot, Kogoro Mouri and Fujiko Mine.

Feng Fujiko turned his head and looked at Mouri Kogoro: "Kogoro, how come you can do this disguise?"

"Why, I still want to pretend, I found out as soon as I got closer, where did Lupin go?"

Mouri Kogoro shook his head and lifted the disguise mask, and pulled Fujiko's arm, put his arms around his soft waist, and hugged him into his arms: "Why, with me, are you still asking where other men are going? Fujiko , Do you think I am particularly easy to talk!"

"But how did you discover that I am disguised?"

Fujiko said, "That's not easy. Your Lexus has already exposed you. Lupin always drives his classic cars in Japan."

Fujiko casually found an excuse, but she didn't dare to say that she was standing next to her, and she recognized the smell of her body.

Kogoro Mouri nodded slightly, accepting this statement.

He took the pistol that Fujiko had taken back, and then said: "You guy, you should fight. Since you have already asked me for help, you don't give me a clue. He also asked Lupin for help. Why, look down on me!"

Mouri Kogoro slapped Fujiko's hips with a big hand, and Fujiko's small face immediately blushed. She reached out and put her arms around Mouri Kogoro's arm, and did not care that her proud G-cup breast was rubbing against Moori Kogoro's arm. .

Fujiko groaned: "Xiaogoro, don't you be angry, didn't I have time to leave clues at that time, besides, I was arrested when I was helping you find materials."

"And, how could I let you, a great detective, be a thief?"

"However, based on the little signal I left, Kogoro, you can find it, it's really amazing." Fujiko put on a look of admiration again.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I don't have that great ability. These are all Lupin told me, but that guy should be locked in a Japanese prison now!"

Mouri Kogoro pulled Fujiko into the back seat of the car, rubbed his hands and said, "Lie down, I'll help you defuse the bomb."

When he heard this, Fujiko gave Moori Kogoro a blank look, but he lay obediently on the back seat of the car.

Item 0087

Looking at this Fujiko lying on the back seat of the car, a seemingly non-existent smile hung on her face. There was a stream of light in her beautiful eyes, which was extremely seductive, and her curved eyelashes blinked lightly. Trembling, Mouri Kogoro's mind caught.

Only a woman like her can control this golden and purple dress, unconventional and full of temptation, and exudes the charm of a mature woman.

Mouri Kogoro leaned into the car and smelled a scent, the deodorant of Fujiko.

He was lying on Fujiko's body, his thigh rubbed against Fujiko's silky legs wrapped in purple stockings, and the touch was full.

Kogoro Mouri stared at the bomb collar around her neck with piercing eyes. The red light was constantly flashing, which was extremely dangerous.

Naturally, he would not let the bomb explode, the signal isolator had already been exchanged.

The remote control of the bomb in the hands of the foreign man could not detonate the bomb.

It seemed that Kogoro Mouri got too close, and an intoxicating blush appeared on Fujiko's face.

She moved Qianshou away, and didn't dare to look at Moori Kogoro. This shy appearance was really rare.

Seeing this look of Fujiko, Moori Kogoro smiled on his face, but soon his eyes were attracted by the white greasiness of Fujiko's chest.

The chest wrapped in the golden corset and leather jacket became more and more visible after Fujiko lay down, and the gully looked deeper and deeper.

Fujiko seemed to be a little unable to bear the scorching gaze of Kogoro Mouri, bit her lower lip, and said, "Kogoro, go quickly, otherwise you and I will die here if it explodes."

Kogoro Mouri stroked Fujiko's pretty face with a big hand, and took his little face back.

His eyes looked affectionately at Fujiko's trembling burgundy eyes, and his voice became extremely magnetic: "To die with Fujiko, it's bliss to think about it!"

Hearing this, Fujiko's heart seemed to have been hit hard, and suddenly stopped, and then jumped sharply.

There was a bomb hanging on his body, but Kogoro didn't mind at all, and instead said that he wanted to live and die together. What else can I say!

His beautiful burgundy eyes slowly closed, Qianshou lifted slightly.

Seeing this scene, how could Mouri Kogoro not know what to do? He bowed his head and kissed Fujiko's pink lips without any hesitation. They were extremely soft.

The two kissed fiercely, Fujiko's jade arms tightly wrapped around Mouri Kogoro's neck, the temperature in the dim car was rising, and Mouri Kogoro's big hands walked on Fujiko's plump body.

When he kissed Fujiko's chin, he suddenly realized that the collar bomb on his jade neck was a bit obtrusive. With his fingers jumping flexibly, the collar bomb was easily removed by him, and then dropped under the seat of the car.

As soon as the collar was removed, Fujiko, who was originally confused and intrigued, was stunned.

Nani?Are you kidding me?Removed so easily?Is this going to die together?

Looking at Mouri Kogoro who kept kissing downwards, Fujiko jumped wildly on the pound key on his forehead.