Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 732

He kicked directly, hitting Moori Kogoro in the abdomen, kicking the unsuspecting Kogoro Moori out of the car.

Mouri Kogoro got up depressed and looked at Fujiko with a puzzled look.

Fujiko sat up straight, tidyed up his clothes, and said with a smile: "Kogoro, I think we have developed too fast, this is not possible, I am not mentally prepared yet!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro glared at the smirking Fujiko, but he didn't plan to make more fuss with this woman.

Although he had strong desires, he had only fought in the bathroom of his home in the morning, and had a three-hour battle with Qingzi in the afternoon, and he was naturally able to control himself at this moment.

Kogoro Mouri has strong resilience, but it takes some time to recover, and he is not a perpetual pile driver.

Fujiko grabbed the unlocked bomb collar and said viciously: "Damn, these guys dare to do this to me, I will definitely find my place."

Immediately afterwards, his face changed abruptly, and he said softly to Maori Kogoro, "Kogoro, you must help me deal with them."

Looking at this fickle woman, Kogoro Mouri twitched his mouth, went directly to the driver's seat, started the car and drove out: "Okay, I'll help you deal with them, but what about the reward?"

Fujiko climbed from the back seat to the passenger seat, and put his arms around Kogoro Mouri's left arm again: "Hate, you are doing this to others, and you have to get paid."

"It's necrotic, the big deal is that people promise you!"

"Hey, you stupid woman, I'm driving, don't mess around, believe it or not, I did you in the car?"

"Hee hee hee!!!"

In the evening, Lexus returned to the Maori detective agency.

In the corridor, Kogoro Moori told Fujiko: "Fujiko, you will rest at my house tonight. I promise you to take you to find the place tomorrow, but you are not allowed to do strange things to Huihara."

"Alright! Alright! People do strange things to you at most, don't worry!"

Fujiko put his arms around Kogoro Mori's arm, and looked like a birdie.

Kogoro Mori naturally knew the location of the kidnappers who kidnapped Fujiko.

Just when he was trading, he quietly assigned an Ant-Man robot to fly into the Bentley and followed them all the way. It was naturally easy to find them.

But now is not the best time. It would be better to wait until tomorrow night when the group of kidnappers are going to trade.

The door of the office on the second floor was closed, and Kogoro Mouri brought Fujiko to the third floor.

He opened the door, and there were only two girls, Xiaolan and Huiyuan in the living room. As for Conan, this little devil didn't know where he went.

When Xiaolan and Haibara saw Moori Kogoro, their faces were happy, but when they saw Fujiko next to them, their smiles suppressed.

Especially the little Lori Huihara, she didn't want to see this perverted son in the least.

But the day failed, the more I didn't want to see it, the more it appeared.

"Surprise! Xiaolan, Huiyuan, do you miss me?"

Xiaolan laughed dryly: "Miss Fujiko, didn't we separate when we returned to China? Why..."

"Oh, Xiaolan, don't you welcome me?"

Xiaolan waved her hand quickly: "No! No!"

Fujiko wanted to rely on Moori Kogoro’s arms, but she was stunned, but she continued to speak, “I was caught by the bad guy as soon as we separated. If Kogoro hadn’t saved me this time, I would have been caught It was blown to death."

"No way, someone wants to kill me, they can only come here to hide, Xiaolan, Hui Yuan, are you unwilling to take me in?"

The kind-hearted Xiao Lan naturally said: "Of course! Of course!"

Kogoro Mouri ignored Fujiko's performance, his cell phone rang, and he walked to the balcony and started answering the phone.

Data 0088

This is Meihezi's call. As soon as the phone is connected, Meihezi's concerned voice is heard.

"Kogoro, how's it going? Is the rescue going well? Do you need me to take someone over for reinforcement?"

"No, everything goes well on my side, how is Lupin?"

"He, as soon as I escorted him up, Officer Qian Xing led the team to receive him. Now Lupin should be taken to the prison in the hall."

"As for the knocked out police officer Takagi was found in the car where the police officer Qianxing violated the rules and was detained, I think he was stunned and stripped by Lupin when he went to help get the car."

Hearing that Lupin was taken away by Qian Xingxing, Kogoro Mouri had an unclear premonition in his heart.

The old fellow Qian Xing is not very reliable, but Kogoro Mouri didn't say much.

After the phone call, Kogoro Mouri returned to the living room and saw that Fujiko didn't treat himself as an outsider at all. He opened the rooms one by one, choosing the one he liked.

She stood at the door of the master bedroom in the middle of the three rooms, and said, "Kogoro, where am I sleeping tonight? How about this room?"

Upon hearing this, Xiaolan and Huiyuan stared at Feng Fujiko at the same time. This room was where the three of them slept.

Hui Yuan even opened the mouth and said: "That's how the villain comes to the door. He grabs the owner's bedroom as soon as he comes. He doesn't understand the etiquette." Xiaolan's expression is also very ugly.

"It's just a joke, Kogoro, arrange it, but you won't be willing to let me sleep on the sofa?"

Feng Fujiko is still addicted to acting, covering his mouth with a worried look.

Kogoro Mori raised his eyebrows, and now that there are two sons, it can't be the same as before.

He rubbed Huiyuan's little head and said, "Sao Ai, let Ms. Fujiko sleep in your room tonight. You go to Xiaolan's room and rest with Xiaolan, okay?"

Hui Yuan curled his lips, and although he didn't want to, he reluctantly agreed.

However, there was a sudden light in Little Lolita's eyes. In this case, Uncle Maori slept alone, so he can find his uncle tonight, and Hui Yuan made the decision secretly.

On the side, Xiao Lan took Moori Kogoro's big hand and walked towards her bedroom: "Dad, I have something to ask you for help!"

After the bedroom door was closed, Hui Yuan frowned with a cute Sichuan character.

But when she saw Fujiko walking to her room without seeing him, Huihara became anxious, and quickly moved her short legs to follow.

There are research materials and temporary antidote for APTX in her room, but she dare not let Fujiko find out.

Maori Kogoro was pulled into his room by Xiao Lan, only to see that Xiao Lan's clothes were very exquisite and gorgeous.

It's like an evening dress, but it's not the same, and the temperament that he exudes is very mature.

The black dress appeared to have whiter snow shoulders and jade neck, and a gold medal was lying quietly in a deep ravine.

A red corset rope outlines his small waist, and his black lace knee-length skirt stretches out, very gorgeous.

Xiaolan also wears black tulle gloves on her forearm, and her long black hair is also wearing a red hair accessory.