Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 735

Graceful and graceful, but with an anxious expression on his face, he still looks at his mobile phone from time to time.

Qiu Mei has been waiting here since receiving a call from Kogoro Moori. As a single mother, Ayumi is her only sustenance in her heart, so she is naturally very worried.

After Kogoro Moori stopped the car, Ayumi reluctantly got up from her generous arms.

Little Lori raised her head and glanced at Mori Kogoro's handsome face, then dared to kiss Mori Kogoro secretly on the cheek, then shyly opened the door and moved her short legs towards her mother: "Mom!"

Maori Kogoro was a little bit dumbfounded, but the Fujiko on the side looked at him with different eyes and joked: "Sure enough, he is a Maori detective. The charm is so great that even a little girl can't resist it."

Qiu Mei hugged her daughter, and she was relieved when she saw that she was okay.

She turned her head to look at Kogoro Mouri, that soft little face was still a little bit of joy, but when she saw the sexy Fujiko in the passenger seat, her smile gradually reduced.

"Mao Lijun, this time I'm bothering you."

"This kid is too naughty, so terrible terrorists dare to provoke it. It's really not worrying."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Is it a kid after all, it doesn't matter if you are more curious."

Qiu Mei cared: "I heard that the Lupin group of terrorists have guns on them, Maori, you must be careful when dealing with them!"

"Thank you Madam for your concern, well, it's getting late, we will leave first."

"Goodbye uncle!" Bu Mei shook her hand to say goodbye.

The sound of the engine sounded and the car drove in the direction of Maori's house.

The Fujiko in the passenger seat continued to laugh and said, "Kogoro, mother and daughter take everything. Don’t think I can’t see that the little girl’s mother is also interesting to you. She just looked at me and her eyes were full of hostility. ."

Kogoro Moori gave Fujiko a blank look: "Fujiko, you say a few more words, believe it or not, I will throw you from here."

"Kogoro, you scared me again, don't think I don't know, you must be reluctant."

"Hey, Kogoro, don't make trouble, okay, I won't say anything."

Qiu Mei under the apartment was looking at the direction of the car, her eyes staring for a long time.

Xiao Bumei saw her mother's expression and couldn't help but said: "Mom, do you like Uncle Maori too?"

After hearing this, Qiu Mei immediately panicked: "How is it possible?"

She hurriedly changed the subject and said: "Let's go, Bumei, let's go back to dinner, what do you want to eat tonight? Mom will make it for you."

"Ramen, ramen, I want to eat barbecue." Little Lori was quickly distracted.

While talking, the mother and daughter walked into the apartment.

At around nine o'clock in the evening, a group of people after washing up in the living room played cards in the house of Kogoro Moori.

Xiaolan's phone rang, it was Conan's call.

"Sister Xiaolan, I won't go home to sleep tonight, and Dr. A Li left me here for the night again."

Xiaolan said: "Okay, I see, be obedient! Hey, Fujiko, you cheated again, don't think I can't see it, hand over the card quickly."

"Really, your father cheated just now, why don't you talk about him."

In the hotel where Emilio stayed, Conan, who was with Daisuke Dimensional, heard the lively and extraordinary voice over there, and couldn't help but twitch his brows. It seemed that he was really a dispensable existence.

Immediately afterwards, Xiaolan hung up the phone, and Conan rolled his eyes and put the phone away.

Daisuke Dimensional smoked a cigarette, and a different color flashed in his eyes: "I seem to hear that Fujiko is also at that great detective's house, right?"

Conan pretended to be Zheng Taiyin: "I don't know, I'm going to have dinner!"

"Damn devil, can you speak more normally!"

Dimension Daisuke quickly followed up.

In Mouri Kogoro's house, several people were sitting around a low table, all wearing pajamas.

Among them, Fujiko seemed the most irritating, because she didn't have her own pajamas, so she could only borrow Xiaolan's new pajamas.

Xiao Lan's figure is already hot enough, E cup, plump hips, completely devil figure.

But the elder sister of Fujiko is even stronger. Her upper circumference is between the F and G cups, and her butt is bigger than Xiaolan. Because of her tall body, she doesn't seem to be surprised.

But in this way, she is naturally not suitable for Xiaolan's camisole and blue shorts.

Explosive breasts is the adjective of Fujiko at the moment, and the place where his chest is wrapped in the white vest is almost obvious.

However, Fujiko, who is extremely tall, is covered with white paper on his face at the moment, as if covering his face mask.

She lost terribly in this card game.

Xiao Lan is the second to last, and there are many notes on her face, while Hui Yuan Xiaomeng has only a few notes on her face.

On the other hand, Kogoro Moori's face was as white as a close friend, with nothing, and he never lost a game.

Item 0091

"My cards are over, Ms. Fujiko, you have lost again!"

Xiao Lan smiled happily, but Bu Er Zi lay on the floor and began to play rascals.

She refused to get up like a child, and refused to stick to the stickers.

Xiao Lan looked quite excited, and went straight forward, showing off her strange power, and instantly turned Fujiko over.

Then Xiaolan rode on Fujiko's abdomen, like a female knight, found the only place left on Fujiko's little face, and smeared the note on it.

Xiaolan smiled triumphantly, but Bu Erzi's face was depressed.

And Maori Kogoro, who was holding Huihara, watched the lively scene with a smile.

Fujiko's waist and abdomen vigorously pushed Xiaolan up, and then got up and lay on the table.

The pair of proud breasts wrapped in white vests were placed on the table, and the scene was very shocking.

Little Lori Huihara saw this scene, and her heart was upset again.

Big cow!What's the use of growing up like this!

She looked at herself, Ma Pingchuan, and she felt unhappy again.

Fujiko stared at Mouri Kogoro with piercing eyes: "I don't believe Kogoro, your luck is so good, it must be a thousand, otherwise it is impossible not to lose once."