Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 753

Luciano flew out in a coma, and died safely.

Fujiko thought that he was about to die, but was held tightly by a big hand.

"Grab, don't let go!"

She turned her head and saw that Maori Kogoro forced her left hand to hold the shot, and his face was hideous.

Seeing this scene, Fujiko's eyes trembled.

The altitude of the aircraft continued to decrease, and when the smell of sea water was almost smelled, the internal and external air pressures were balanced and the gravity in the cabin returned to normal.

Mouri Kogoro breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, a soft body came up, the face of Fujiko appeared in front of him, and the red lips were printed without hesitation.

Fujiko took the initiative to offer a sweet kiss to Kogoro, entangled extremely.

Although it was quite enjoyable, the danger had not been lifted, and the plane was still landing, so Kogoro Mori could only force Fujiko to push away.

"Fujiko, don't do this, wait until I control the plane, it will be troublesome if the plane crashes, and the sarin mother liquor has not been recovered yet!

Hearing this Fujiko pursed his small mouth slightly, he said proudly: "Huh, I'm just watching you work so hard to give you some sweetness, don't forget it, next time you want it all."

"I still remember that you owe me a request. Obediently wait for me."

Moore Kogoro's expression became serious, and he reached out and grabbed the mask hanging from the seat. One handed it to Fujiko, the other put it on by himself, and then he opened the cockpit door.

There was a mess in the cockpit, several pieces of the windshield were broken, the floor was lifted by the suction force, revealing the wire frame structure underneath, the operation panel was red, and warning sounds were emitted from time to time.

Fortunately, the sarin mother liquor in the box was not broken, otherwise Kogoro Mouri could only rush into the sea in a plane.

No matter how high the concentration of venom is, it will eventually become invisible after being diluted by the sea.

Although there was nothing wrong with the sarin mother liquor, Aaron Smith and the pilot next to them were hit by the stray bullet just now, and they couldn't die anymore.

Kogoro Moori couldn't help but secretly said it was a pity that he could have used Ant-Man robots to solve Aaron Smith and Luciano in the airport.

But he didn't do it, avoiding the eyes and ears of others, just trying to capture these two guys.

One of these two is the representative of the radical party in the kingdom of Gilamba, and the kingdom of Gilamba borders the kingdom of Visbania in Mira.

The other is the commander of the Italian Mafia.

These two are highly powerful, and Kogoro Mouri wanted to brainwash the two with the Hydra brainwashing equipment he drew. After controlling these two, he has a lot of power in his control.

It's a pity that this goal was dashed by Fujiko's surprise attack and the random shooting by the two black suit men.

Thinking of this, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but glanced at Fujiko with a murmur, wishing to hit the woman on the ass.

With a long sigh, he transported Aaron Smith and the pilot next to him directly into the rear cabin, closed the cockpit door, sat on the cockpit, and started operating the plane...

"The throttle is okay, the tail control will be very difficult."

"The height is one thousand and fifty meters, and the left wing is inclined."

"The oil pressure is zero and the auxiliary system is reactivated."

Kogoro Mouri reported the situation, but Fujiko squatted down to look at the panels and kept repairing them.

Fortunately, the degree of damage to the console was very small. After the electrical board was repaired, the entire control interface was lit up.

Kogoro Mouri immediately raised the altitude of the plane, and the risk of the crash disappeared, and he was relieved.

At this time, Fujiko said: "Kogoro, come and help me, my shoes seem to be stuck!"

Kogoro Mouri turned his head and saw a big butt twisting at him.

Fujiko who was repairing the communication panel was really stuck. Her pair of Roman high heels stepped into the gap of the wire frame and couldn't pull it out.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Then you can take off your shoes and come out again?"

Fujiko looked at the pair of Roman shoes wrapped around his calf. There were more than 20 buttons on it, and he was really exhausted.

"Kogoro, come and help me!"

Fujiko is very powerful in acting coquettishly, not to mention that she wants to pull her feet up, causing her body to twist, her plump buttocks seem to provoke Kogoro Mori.

Mouri Kogoro immediately got up, and said to the small V in his mind: "Little V, help me fly this plane."

"As you wish, the host, one thousand points have been deducted to enter the autopilot mode!"

Item 0108

This Roman shoe is troublesome. With more than twenty buttons, it is troublesome to fasten, and troublesome to untie. Now Fujiko's heel is stuck in the wire rack and cannot get out, which is extremely embarrassing.

Kogoro Moori put his arms around his chest, with an inexplicable smile on his face.

He watched Fujiko bend his body, grasping his calf with both hands, and was trying to pull it up.

The long burgundy hair hangs down, the black leather coat reveals a white snow back, and the body is still eating, very beautiful.

But all this was in vain. The heel of this nearly ten-centimeter high heel plunged into the wire frame, and Fujiko couldn't pull it up no matter how hard it was.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward, and from behind, he hugged Fujiko's soft waist, his whole body pressed against Fujiko's back.

Perceiving Kogoro Moori's body temperature and his majestic chest, Fujiko couldn't help feeling happy, thinking that he would be out of the predicament soon.

Unexpectedly, Mouri Kogoro was not here to help, but instead came to play the black hand!

He pressed Fujiko down, and the heel of the high-heeled shoe that had been pulled out a little was completely submerged in the wire frame. This time, he really couldn't pull it out.

"Well, I really can't get up now!"

Hearing this proud voice, Fujiko frowned and said, "Kogoro, what do you mean?"

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "I heard that a woman with bad gambling wants to repay her bill. There is no other way but to give her a small punishment."

After that, his big hands with Fujiko's soft waist began to swim flexibly, and soon he climbed onto the heavy and soft things.

Fujiko suddenly panicked, and slapped Kogoro Mori's body with his hands back, but it didn't hurt at all.

"Kogoro, what are you doing, let go of me, or wait for me to get out of trouble, I want you to look good."

Kogoro Mouri laughed triumphantly: "Fujiko, haven't you seen the situation clearly? You are trapped now, it's my turn to talk, but I can't show it anymore."

Kogoro Mori also patted Fujiko's thigh, "Don't please me, say something nice, it seems that the punishment has to be heavier!"

Speaking of these evil words, Mouri Kogoro suddenly became excited.