Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 754

Such a big beauty is stuck, let it be his hands, give and ask, think about it, I feel very good.

Fujiko bit her teeth lightly and continued to bravely said: "Huh, Kogoro, I don't think I will kill you if I get out of trouble."

She bent down, trying to untie the Roman high-heeled shoes around her calf, but the shoes were knotted too much, and she couldn't take it off for a while.

Seeing that Fujiko wanted to save herself, how could Mouri Kogoro give her a chance, he smirked and grabbed Fujiko's hands on her back, and then tied them with an untied tie.

The limbs were trapped, and Fujiko was really at a loss.

Mouri Kogoro let go of Fujiko's body and walked in front of him, and saw that the beautiful burgundy eyes contained anger.

When Fujiko saw Moori Kogoro, he opened his mouth to bite, but Moori Kogoro grabbed the jade neck.

He stretched his head, his pretty face flared with teeth and claws, but he couldn't bite Moori Kogoro.

Seeing the great beauty making various expressions in front of her, Mouri Kogoro became more and more happy.

After admiring it for a while, he held Fujiko's cheeks in both hands, and with a slight force, the open mouth was closed, and his red lips puffed together, which was really cute.

Kogoro Mori greeted him, bit by bit, pecking Fujiko's lips like a woodpecker.

With a peck, the anger in Fujiko's eyes disappeared.

After pecking twice, Fujiko's small face suddenly flushed.

After pecking three times, Fujiko's panting sound became heavy.

With one peck and one peck, Fujiko's heart gradually opened.

Seeing the blurry color in his eyes, Mouri Kogoro thought that the time was right, so he let go of the hands covering his cheeks and kissed deeply.

The two embraced and kissed on the plane.

After a long time, "Ouch!" Mouri Kogoro covered his lower lip and took a step back, blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Not Erko smiled triumphantly: "Xiaogoro, now you know how good I am, huh, you can't help it if your left hand is injured."

It's not that Fujiko reminded that Moori Kogoro almost forgot the injury on his arm, and the healing technique was performed, and Su Su's energy reverberated in the wound.

After a while, the injuries on his left hand and lower lip recovered.

Kogoro Mori raised his eyebrows, licked his lower lip, and smiled evilly: "You woman, it seems that you can't really teach you a'profound' lesson!"

After that, Kogoro Mori turned and walked behind Fujiko.

Mouri Kogoro disappeared in sight, and Fujiko suddenly panicked: "Kogoro, what are you doing?"

However, Kogoro Mouri did not answer, pushing his soft back to push his body forward, Fujiko's hands pressed on the communication panel, and the whole person was in an inverted shape, extremely graceful.

"Hey, the two of us are on the plane now. What if you don't fly the plane and wait for the plane to crash?"

"If you really crash, you will die together. I don't mind going to hell in this way."

Kogoro Mori once again hugged Fujiko's plump body from behind, took a sip of the fragrance from his jade neck, and breathed a sigh into his back ear, and said domineeringly: "Fujiko, I will eat you tonight. Jesus can't save, I said!"

Fujiko with his head down, his face flushed, and countless goose bumps appeared all over his body, and his heart was numb.

She had predicted what she would encounter next, and she couldn't even speak.

Although Fujiko has a bold style, he has never experienced these things. When he heard that Kogoro Moori was about to come true, he immediately persuaded him.

"Little... Kogoro, you let go... Let me go, let's go down, it's too dangerous here, oops!!!"

There is a big fiery hand in her leather jacket, which is constantly making trouble.

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Fujiko, who is not afraid of heaven and earth, now tells me that I am afraid of danger. I don't believe it."

"A woman like Fujiko is the most suitable place for this kind of excitement!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Mouri Kogoro kissed Fujiko on the back of the neck.

Chapter 0109

The moonlight pouring down, through the broken windshield of the cabin, swayed on Fujiko's graceful body, reflecting its beauty back white.

She was wrapped in black Roman high heels around her calf and stepped on the wire frame.

Leaning forward, turning his head in a prone position, his blushing face turned around.

But when she saw Moori Kogoro behind her, her beautiful eyes were full of panic, and she quickly turned her gaze.

Fujiko gritted his teeth and said, "Kogoro, if you really do this, I will not let you go!"

Fujiko didn't notice the slightest tenderness in his tone.

Kogoro Mouri kept patrolling Fujiko's body as if appreciating an artwork.

The blazing flames in his eyes became more and more turbulent, and a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. His big hands lightly covered Fujiko's soft back, and he slowly walked away.

Mouri Kogoro said, "If you don't let it go, let's let it go. Let's hurt each other."

After saying this, his sanity gradually faded, leaving only his instinct to lead everything.

Not long after, under the moonlight and above the clouds, a magnificent and beautiful ballad was played in the broken airplane, and the singing was loud and loud, spreading far, far.

The plane that broke a big hole circled in the Pacific for a full three hours, and the battle lasted three full hours.

The direct killing turned upside down, the sun and the moon were dull.

In the air traffic control hall, Mikako Sato, Officer Megume, Conan, Haibara and others all looked anxiously at the satellite map.

As for Xiao Lan, neither Hui Yuan nor Conan told her what happened here. Hui Yuan also fabricated a lie to ask Xiao Lan to go home and rest first, so she did not appear here either.

As soon as Qian Xingxing entered the river to hunt, he still failed to catch Lupin.

After he got the news, Dimension Dajie in the Metropolitan Police Department had been robbed and rescued, and he hurried to the Metropolitan Police Department again.

The red dots on the satellite map were spinning, and Mikako Sato asked the staff on the side anxiously: "What's the matter, why is the plane starting to circle again? Is there still no communication yet?"

The staff replied: "I don't know, the communication on the plane is still disconnected, and there is no way to determine the situation on the plane."

At this time, the police officer Mumu who had just answered the phone said: "We just received a call from the Gilamba Embassy and they demanded that the plane be shot down immediately."

Sato Mikako immediately panicked and said, "How can it be? Kogoro is up there too!"

Officer Megome hurriedly said: "I also told Matsumoto Police, and Matsumoto suppressed the order to shoot down."