Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 757

Xiaolan looked suspicious and wanted to ask. Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Xiao Ai is joking. Ms Fujiko was attacked and passed out. I am afraid I will wake up tomorrow morning. I will take her back. Let the room rest, I will tell you the details later!"

Kogoro Mouri carried Megumi Fujiko into Huihara's bed, covered it with a thin blanket, and then closed the door before returning to the living room.

Xiaolan in the living room had already started making tea. She knew that Kogoro Maori liked to drink Hua Guo tea, so she paid attention to learning Hua Guo's tea making techniques, and now she is making tea like this.

Soon, three cups of tea were prepared on the tea tray, which was fragrant.

Mouri Kogoro sat down next to Xiaolan, and saw that Little Lori on the single sofa next to him was still looking at him with a smile.

With a fierce heart, he hugged little Lolita and fell in his arms, not facing her.

Little Lori was about to struggle, but found that one of her hips was held, her face flushed.

The critically attacked Hui Yuan cursed a big pervert in his heart, snorted and bulged his face, folded his hands on his chest, and made an angry gesture.

But she didn't struggle anymore, obediently curled up in Kogoro Moori's arms.

Temporarily quelling Haibara, Kogoro Maori felt relieved and started drinking tea, telling Xiaolan what happened tonight.

"Ah! What, I didn't expect it to be so, Mr. Luciano turned out to be a member of the Mafia!"

"Emilio and Claudia are really poor!"

"Ah! Lupin also showed up tonight, and it is related to Ms Fujiko!"

"What, dad, you ride a motorcycle to chase the plane to save people? Are you okay?"

Hearing this Xiaolan immediately pounced on Moori Kogoro, with a concerned look on her face, and her little hand was rubbing all over Moori Kogoro to determine whether it was innocent.

Maori Kogoro hurriedly said: "Xiaolan, don't be nervous, dad has nothing to do, don't touch it, do you want to keep listening?"

Hearing that it was all right, Xiao Lan was relieved, and Kogoro Mouri continued.

"In the end, those bad guys died. It's great. Dad, you can still fly a plane. I don't even know it. It's amazing!"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Xiaolan, there are too many things you don't know. Next time Dad will let you take my big plane, it will definitely be cool!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan was stunned, then her small face flushed red, her hands were on her thighs, and her head lowered and said, "Dad, you are so bad, and Xiao Ai is still here. How can you say such a thing? Teach bad kids."

Huihara's pupils shrank upon hearing this, Nani?This reaction is a bit wrong!

Maori Kogoro couldn't laugh or cry, and quickly explained: "Xiao Lan, what are you thinking? I'm talking about a private jet, the private jet I personally drove!"

Although Xiaolan seems to be right, but Xiao Lori is still here, and Moori Kogoro must explain clearly.

Hearing this Xiaolan was stunned, only then did he realize that he was thinking of something bad.

Seeing the cold eyes of little Lori patrolling, Xiao Lan lied in her heart, but pretended that nothing had happened, and continued to make tea calmly.

Huihara looked at Xiaolan suspiciously, and finally withdrew his gaze, and turned his offensive towards Kogoro Mouri...

She checked her body just now while Fujiko was sleeping, and she knew exactly what happened on the plane.

Little Lolita pretended to be innocent and spoke, and the cute Lolita sound came out.

"Uncle, uncle, do you like big breasts or poor breasts?"

Hearing such a hot question, Mouri Kogoro couldn't hold the tea in his mouth and sprayed out all of a sudden.

Xiaolan lowered her head and glanced at her chest, silently replied in her heart: Of course it is big breasts!

His face turned red all of a sudden, and even the tweezers couldn't hold it firmly. The teacup fell onto the tea tray, and it alarmed Huiyuan aside.

Hui Yuan looked at Xiaolan's flushed cheek suspiciously. It was clear that this problem had nothing to do with her, so why did she blush again?

Hui Yuan's heart became more and more muttered.

Maori Kogoro wiped the tea from the corner of his mouth and coughed slightly: "Sai, you are still a child, this is not the question you should ask!"

Little Lori snorted coldly: "No, you must make a choice, otherwise, Sister Xiaolan, I have something to tell you."

Haibara intends to share her discovery of "Fujiko and Mouri Kogoro have a leg" with Xiaolan, and join Xiaolan to Mori Kogoro's trial.

Mouri Kogoro saw through his intentions and quickly said: "I like it all, I like it all, uncle won't pick it."

Xiao Lan and Hui Yuan frowned at the same time, obviously neither of them were satisfied with the answer.

Huihara asked again: "The second question, uncle, do you like Yujie or Loli?"

The directional nature of this question is too obvious, and it's completely rushed to the best.

Xiao Lan frowned slightly when she heard that neither of the two options had herself.

Hui Yuan snorted again, and said again: "Sister Xiaolan..."

But before Xiao Lori's words finished, she was covered by Moori Kogoro's mouth, and Moori Kogoro carried her to the bathroom.

"Little Ai, it's so late. It's no good if you don't take a bath. Uncle will answer your questions while helping you take a bath, okay?"

"Lan, I'll help us pick up our pajamas and put them at the door."

The little loli in the arms of Kogoro Maori kept flapping her hands and feet, but she couldn't escape the fate of being pulled into the bathroom.

Seeing the two bathing together again, Xiao Lan pursed her mouth again: I knew it wouldn't be so fast!

The little loli who was taken into the bathroom was swept away by Moori Kogoro after three times.

Item 0112

Hot water spilled from the shower head and hit Moori Kogoro's sculptural body to wash away all the dirt.

Little Lori Huiyuan Qiaosheng stood aside, watching with cold eyes, she clasped her hands on her chest, and occasionally hummed and cursed, showing her existence.

"Huh, it's stinking, big pervert!"

"Fancy carrots!"

"Big color embryo!"


Moori Kogoro heard Huihara's Mengmeng scolding and cleansed himself very quickly, but then when he came to Xiao Lori's side, he heard the words "Buck!"

He hugged Huihara up and went on a blind date. Little Lolita's milk-like smooth skin was really addictive.

Maori Kogoro said: "Sao Ai, then you have wronged me, how could uncle be a guilty man!"

Huihara turned his head, like an angry little wife: "Don't touch me, go find the big cow."