Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 758

But the little Lolita in her arms did not struggle.

Hearing this title Moori Kogoro couldn't help but smile wryly. It was a big milk orchid and a big cow. It seemed that little Lori was resentful.

His head gently rubbed against Hui Yuan's little head: "How can it be done? Uncle is going to give Xiao Ai a bath for you, how can you just leave like this!"

Huihara said coldly: "I can wash it myself."

"No, I don't worry. My Xiao Ai is so cute. If you fall in the bathroom, your uncle doesn't know how much it will hurt. I must help you wash it myself."

The corner of Huihara's mouth turned a little with a smile, and it quickly converged.

"Furthermore, Xiao Ai, I haven't answered the question you asked me just now, Yu Jie and Lori, uncle..."

Huihara couldn't help but prick his ears to listen.

"... I like Xiao Ai the most. Xiao Ai is Loli. Uncle loves Loli. Xiao Ai grows up to become Yu Jie. Uncle loves Yu Jie."

He gently approached Hui Yuan's little ears, and his voice filled with magnetism spoke to the south: "In this life, no matter how Xiao Ai changes, my uncle likes you!"

A warm breath hit Hui Yuan's ears, little Lolita trembled all over, and half of her body turned red.

When Hui Yuan heard this answer, he was extremely satisfied, and the scruples he had always had disappeared a lot.

What she fears most is that when she returns to the appearance of an adult, she will lose the love that Moori Kogoro is so doting.

If so, she would rather not develop an antidote, and just stay with Mouri Kogoro as a legal loli.

Little Lori's ice-blue eyes returned to softness, her head turned, and her little hand finally put her arms around Kogoro Mouri's neck.


"Of course it is true. Uncle deceives no one will deceive Xiao Ai."

Maori Kogoro kissed Huiyuan’s little pink lips, and then said: "But today, my uncle made Xiao Ai feel wronged, what should I do? I can only give Xiao Ai a gift in advance."

"what gift?"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "I know that Xiao Ai in my family has always been super fashionable, and I like Prada. Uncle, who has made a lot of money by investing in starting a company, used a little trick to buy Included 53% of Prada Group’s shares."

"The name of the stock is your name, Xiao Ai, now Xiao Ai you are the helm of this top Italian luxury goods group."

Hearing this, Hui Yuan's eyes suddenly lit up.


"Of course, the contract is in the bottom cabinet of the bedside table in Xiao Ai's room, but Xiao Ai, you seem to be very careless, you haven't found it."

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "In addition, I also asked the top designer in this Prada Group to design a series of leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc. for my family. "

"The name of the series is [Sorrowful Story]. It should be able to catch up with this summer exhibition. When the finished product comes out, my uncle will take you to the exhibition."

The world's top designers designed an exclusive series for themselves. Others are lucky enough to buy this series of luxury goods because of themselves. This is not a dream!

Huihara's eyes were full of intoxication. She was so excited, she screamed and kissed Moori Kogoro's face. Little Lori kissed Moori Kogoro passionately, forgetting about it.

Hui Yuan is so satisfied with this gift!

In the future, what collector and extinct Prada bags would she want, bags that are not available on the market.

Pull out the production line directly, let the people in this group rebuild, and then send it personally.

Maori Kogoro and Haibara kissed deeply, caressing little Lori's soft back with his big hands, feeling quite contented, the old driver never overturned the car, this is not just talking.

After a kiss, Huiyuan Xiaomeng's face flushed and her eyes were full of mist. She gasped and said, "Uncle, is this the surprise you said before? I like it very much."

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly, stroked Hui Yuan’s calf like a white lotus root with his big hand, and said: "Sai, you are wrong. The surprise that Uncle prepared for you is not so simple. It's just an addition, the real surprise must be kept secret."

Hearing this, Hui Yuan's eyes became brighter and brighter. This is just an addition. Is the surprise the shares of groups such as Hermès, Anima, and Gucci?

That's crazy!!!Am I going to become a fashion godmother???

Little Lori was very passionate in her heart, but she wanted to force her to calm down, and she kept breathing deeply, which made Moori Kogoro look cute.

In the end, Haibara couldn't restrain himself, staring at Kogoro Mouri with piercing eyes, and firmly said: "Uncle, let's start the experiment!"

Mouri Kogoro laughed, his heart full of accomplishments.

Hearing that little Lolita, who was originally angry and jealous, took the initiative to say these words, she felt as if she had eaten ginseng fruit and felt comfortable.

He directly held Little Lori Huiyuan into the bathtub, which was already full of hot water.

The experiment is to be done, but the bath is also necessary.

It's comfortable to wash in vain, wash incense!

Kogoro Moori's big hands covered in shower gel walked gently on this tender little Lori, not letting go of every inch of skin.

Little Lori leaned in the arms of Kogoro Maori, her body trembling constantly, and Xiao Meng blushed with blood.

After a long time, the bath was finally finished. Kogoro Mori, who was sitting outside the bathtub, wiped Huihara's body with a towel. The child was weak and didn't dare to let her catch a cold.

Then Kogoro Mouri wiped off the water stains on his body, and he lay on the non-slip mat next to the bathtub.

0113 Anonymous

When Hui Yuan turned on his horse, Xiao Meng's face suddenly showed a smile.

With the sound of rushing and killing, there was a sound of joy, and the little female rider continued to gallop, rushing from left to right, having a great time.

But it didn't take long for Huiyuan to be exhausted.

In this horse riding game, Maori Kogoro, the big horse being ridden, held up Lori's hips with his fiery hands, and chuckled lightly: "Spin!"

Little Lolita turned around, and under the intense stimulation, the little Lolita's pupils kept shrinking and she couldn't help screaming.

Xiaolan, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room and opening the letter, heard the scream and shook her head.

These two guys are getting into trouble again, and they can have so much fun after taking a bath. I don't know how long they will take this time.

Huh?this letter?The school badge of Mihua University?Dad's school girl?

Xiao Lan frowned slightly, distinguishing this invitation letter from the fan letter.

Xiao Lan's speculation was indeed correct. It took a full hour and a half before the bathroom door opened.

Maori Kogoro, braving the water vapor, had a soft little loli on his shoulders. Both of them were dressed in pajamas and looked intimate.